yrkkh a new start (intro)


Hi this is varshini i wanted to unite naira and akshara in my own way . jasmine rahul gave me this idea of starting this ff , a big thanks to her . if u like it please comment . this ff is only of 15 episodes so please try to comment in each epi if u can
After naira leaves the home ,the whole family is shattered .
Naksh is married to a girl aastha , who is very good . he loves aastha very much
Aastha also loves naksh very much .she is like akshara , she likes akshara the most next to naksh , she considers akshara as her mother as she does not have mother .
Akshara does not wear modern clothes unlike the show . she wears simple sarees in this story
Gayathri stays wid akshara aand naitik as her parents died in an accident .
Naitik is always searching for his princess , he is always abroad , he does not like to come home at all , he still loves akshara a lot .
Akshara’s nani is dead . Mishti has also grown up unlike the current story .
Kuhu is loved by varsha and shaurya.
Ananya and ranvir are settled in abroad , they have a baby named sana .
Jasmit and anshu also have settled in abroad with nannu .
Muskan and alok have a daughter called aasha , they live in delhi with alok’s family.

My story starts exactly after the leap , please comment

Credit to: varshini

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  1. It’s really amazing

    1. thank u dimple

  2. sarayu (honey)

    it is very nice, please continue dear

    1. thank u sarayu

  3. jasmine Rahul

    thx a lot 4 starting this ff as per my request.but as i told u b4 i;vent watched ye rishta,have seen only d promos.from promo i understood that akshara naira got separated bcz of some mu.still i don’t know why.if u can plz tell me why they got separated.from ur intro i understood that all ther characters r living happily.but i duno any of them,but no prob.Tho Tara ditched Naksh he got a loving wife named aastha.can u plz suggest an actress 4 d role of aastha to imagine her while reading?

    1. jasmine Rahul , can u suggest one or two actress for the role of aastha . I am not getting any idea . and I will tell u who r the characters , jasmit and anshuman are akshara’s cousin brother and his wife . ananya is akshara’s brother’s daughter . muskan is akshara’s nanand , she is the daughter of devyani , naitik’s stepmum ok , I think u know the characters now

      1. akansha singh
        tanya sharma

    2. actually they got separated because a girl named sukanya did suicide when naira was with her . police thought naira pushed sukanya out of train . when police came for questioning , akshara told she will send her daughter to jail also , if she had done mistake . naira misunderstood akshara hearing this . she dreams some bad bad things like akshara handing over naira to police . so she runs away from her house . she calls her father naitik and asks him to come and pick up her alone without akshara . naitik also comes to the place . when naira is about to come to naitik she sees akshara wid the police and misunderstands her that she brought police to send her to jail actually the case has been solved and the police had already found out that naira is not responsible for sukanya’s death . akshara has brought police because the place that naitik had come was dangerous place where accidents could happen . naira runs away from there , she boards a train then and goes somewhere .
      hope u understood the story now

  4. nice one varshini

    1. thank u sureka

  5. nyz strt… n wanna to know who play the role of aastha n othr new entrys….. plz make it clear n keep going

    1. thank u aami , can u suggest any actress for aastha’s role if u can

  6. good intro, excited for it. can’t wait

    1. thank u pari miss

    1. thank u so much Mariyah

  7. good start… go ahead.. go ahead

    1. thank u Lehar

  8. hey varshini its really awesome keep updating daily

  9. varshni how about if asthaa from ippknd ebp plays the role. the actress is called shrenu parikh

  10. she is the same age as naksh so it wil be a good chemistry, but u decide

  11. jasmine Rahul

    thanku so much 4 explaining everything varshini.i have no idea which actress 2 b suggested.but i suggest avika gor or digangana as u asked

  12. I suggest for role of Astha Tina Dutt from Uattran
    , Jennifer from Kasoti zindagi as sneha

  13. hey guys I have three names of actress for the role of navya select any one name . I will choose the one who has many comments
    sonam lamba
    aakansha singh of gulmohar grand
    shrenu parikh of ipkknd

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