yrkkh a new start (episode 4)

Aastha goes to ashram , she meets negi . he asks where is ur ma , she did not come is it . aastha says she is my saasu ma . negi says it looks like u r mother –daughter . aastha smiles . she says negi ji i have brought check , for donation and i want to buy new dresses for ashram children too , ma was not well so she told she will directly come to shop if i come wid children there , so shall i take children , actually can u also come . negi says i will send tina wid u,she is also a part of this ashram ,

she knows everyone here , that is why . aastha says ok , call tina no . naira comes there , aastha feels she has seen naira some where . aastha says tina i have seen u some where . naira says no didi , u r from out station no , then how will u know me . aastha says fine shall we go to shop now .naira says teek hai and goes wid aastha . aastha thinks , this girl is so nice , i have not even met her so far but whhy do i feel connected to this girl . she says tina , have u seen me somewhere before actualy i feel like i have seen u before . naira says what is ur name didi . aastha says aastha . naira says pura nam to bataiye . aastha says aastha singhania , aastha naksh singhania . naira is shocked . she says u r naksh singhania’s wife , the one who’s father has a very big diamond business . i think they also have a restuarent am i right . aastha says ya but how do u know all this tina . naira is shocked , she sits down in shock . her chain in which , naitik and akshara’s photo is there falls down . aastha picks it up and is shocked to see naitik and akshara’s pic . she says tum naira ho and faints . naira is shocked ,

she says bhabi what happened to u and puts water on her face . aastha does not get up . naira is worried , she thinks this is bhabi , aastha bhabi , baiya’s wife , so mumma also would have come to rishikesh , i think i should leave her here itself , somebody else will see her and take her away , then she thinks , no no i should not leave hre like this , dont know why she fainted . she says fungi take these kid s back to ashram and tell negi uncle about this incident . pungi says okay and goes goes wid the kids ,. Naira takes aastha in a call taxi and goes .
In daram shala , akshara is very worried . she thinks aastha went to ashram long ago , it is 7 o clock now , i should goto ashram .

Naira takes aastha inside the hospital . doctor takes her inside . naira cries . she sees a chain in her hand , she opens the chain ,and sees aastha’s and naksh’s photo in it , she gets emotional seeing naksh’s pic . she says bhaiya u got married also , aastha bhabi is soo nice , perfect life partner .

The doctor comes out , naira goes to doctor worriedly and asks aastha bhabi how is she . doctor says why r u so worried , she is fine and there is a good news , she is pregnant . naira gets very happy , she says thank u doctor can i meet her now . doctor says she is still not conscious , she will get conscious after some time , u can meet her then .
Akshara knows that aastha fainted from the ashram children and gets worried , she gets the address and comes to the hospital

To be continued

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  1. Its nice . So this is the 2nd last epi of this ff. Plz post the last epi soon. Eagrly waiting for it and thanks for the ff….

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Aastha met Naira.Seeing the pic in the chain she understood that its Naira n Naira too realized who Aastha is.gud that she doesnt hold any grudges 4 her.Aastha fainted n naira took her 2 hospital like a caring SIL was nice.Aastha is preg.wow!Akshara rushes to hospital knowing that aastha is in hospital.No she will meet Naira.Waiting 4 Akshara Naitik Naksh reunion with Naira.can u plz show some romantic scenes of Naksh n Aastha as they r a new pair?

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