yrkkh a new start (episode 3)


Really sorry friends, i promised 15 episodes , but i am in a position , that i cant even continue this ff .i have ended all my other ff’s so i am ending this ff wid fifth episode . really sorry about that . i will make these other three episodes long and interesting .here is the third episode

Aastha and akshara leave for rishikesh . akshara says aastha thank u so much for coming wid me beta. Aastha says ma why r u thanking me . i also wanted to pray dfor naira that is why i came . akshar says u have not even seen naira , u saw her only in photos , but u like her very much . she says ma i dont have mother or anybody except my father , when i came to this house u treated me as a daughter . i have not seen my mother but i got a mother after marriage . so if u r my mother naira is also my sister no . akshara says han beta . ahall we go to daramshala now . aastha says ok .
Akshara and aastha reach daramshala .aastha says ma i will go and get ready , u also get ready , we will visit the temples here , then we will visit ganga , then we will talk wid the pandit ji about pooja , tomorrow is the pooja right . akshara says han beta , u go and get ready , i will also get ready . akshara gets ready in a beautiful green saree while aastha gets ready in a red saree . akshara says ab ganga maiya ke pas jakar prarthna karte hai ki hame hamari naira vapas mil jaye .

They go near ganga and pray , just then she hears a man calling her , he says madam ji , i am negi , negi ashram’s owner .akshara says what can i do for u negi ji . negi tells actually i run an ashram , there are fifty children there , there is a rival who wants our ashram to be closed , we r financially unstable right now , so if u can do any help . akshara says sur negi ji , can u tell where ur ashram is , so that we can visit ur ashram . negi gives the adress. He goes back to his ashram , he sees naira thre , he says i have told many people about our ashram tina , they can help , i have told a lady who was looking rich , she asked our ashram’s address also . naira says that tejanican not do anything negi uncle . negi smiles.
The next day akshara is doing pooja near ganga river . naira comes there but akshara is doing pooja the other side so she is not able to see akshara .
Naira goes to ashram , it starts raining and cool winds blow , akshara and aastha r in daramshala .

Akshara says aastha beta we promised negi ji to come by today , so u go and give them the dhan and money and everything we bought for ashram people . i am not feeling well because of thebreeze here , i am not feeling well because of my asthma . aastha says ok ma , i will give them

Precap: aastha meets naira .
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Credit to: varshini

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Loved aastha Akshara talk.Aastha loves naira so much like a sis without even seeing her.Akshara n aastha plan 2 go to d ashram 2 give them financial support preventing it from closing it.But bcz of rain n breeze Akshara cant go there.Oh!wish she had gone there n seen Naira.Aastha will go alone.She meets naira too.But will she recgnize naira as she has seen only her teenage pics?

    Sad that u r going 2 stop writing bcz of busy schedule.Rly i mean it.I feel very sad.Guess u r busy with studies.all the best.
    But u havent finished ur Ishra Naksh ff,Ishra Rivanya ff n Naksh ff

  2. really sorry yar and thank u too , ur comments so far in each of my ff’s has inspired me to write . I will also miss ur comments . the other ff’s are too old but the ishra and rivanya ff I will continue it after some days ok , wid some interesting plot

    1. even I would also like u to continue ur ishra and rivanya ff . I was eagely waiting for epi 2.
      anyways this story is interesting

  3. jasmine Rahul

    u did’nt tell why u r not able to continue ur ffs.plz tell.plz continue ur ishra Naksh ff too.I want 2 read it

    1. What u guessed is the reason ,I will continue my ff’s after some days for sure ,so don’t worry

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