yrkkh a new start (episode 2)

The role of aastha is played by shrenu parikh
At night akshara i sleeping , when he hears the door bell , she opens the door , she sees aastha and naksh , she says u both enjoyed . naksh says han mumma , we enjoyed , thank u and hugs akshara . aastha asks did u eat ur tablets . akshara says i promised u that i will eat my medicines , i will never cheat ok . aastha says very good , and ok good night ma , see u in morning and goes . akshara comes to her room and sits near naira ,she says everytime somebody , knocks the door or i hear the calling bell , i think u have come back but , no . at last my guess would be wrong it would not be u , it would be some body else and cries . aastha comes there , she says ma now sleep , i knew u would be crying that is why i came back . akshara says i too knew u would be worried for me and would come here . aastha laughs . akshara says our family is together and happy because of u and gayu only aastha , u make everyone happy , i dont know how .after naira went away , i was broken , then u came , as a daughter to me . aastha gets emotional , she says bas ma , now sleep . the next day akshara is cooking while somebody comes to singhania sadan . akshara hears aastha saying hi tara and goes outside .she says tara tum chai logi ya coffee. Naksh comes there he says hi tara how r u . tara says hi aunty ,hi naksh , hi aastha , i am fine how r u all . akshara says we r fine . tara asks u got some info about naira . naksh says no tara we did not get any info about naira ,police is still searching her . akshara says thank u tara . tara says aunty why r saying thank to me , i should say thanks to u , that day when i left marriage and ran away , u did not even scold me after that , u accepted me . naksh also accepted me as a friend . god wanted this marriage to stop , this was only good for all of us right . akshara nods her head . tara says aunty i came to give u some good news . akshara says what is the good news . tara says voh , i am pregnant and gives sweet . akshara says are vah congrats beta . aastha says congrats tara. Tara says okay aunty sidharth is waiting for me , i came to tell u this news , bye . akshara says okay beta keep visiting ,bye . akshara says han aastha ,thank god that marriage stopped , other wise , i could have not a good wife for naksh and a good daughter like u .
A beautiful girl is seen near ganga , she is praying , she says hey bagvan , help me . yesterday i was fine , today again i am rememberung mumma , papa and udaipur , mumma did so much to me . she was very bad , i want to forget udaipur , this ashram is my family , negi uncle and the ashram children r everything to me , i should not remember ,mumma, papa or anything about udaipur , give me that shakti ganga maiya .
At home akshara is seen praying to god , she says hey bagvan , please give my naira back please .
Aastha comes there ,she says ma , u were telling u want to do pooja in rishikesh , i have got the tickets ,i and u can go . devyani asks akshara , where u r going akshara . akshara says choti ma voh , i wanted to do pooja for naira . i asked aastha to book tickets for rishikesh , two people r needed , i thought i and aastha would go . devyani says very good idea akshara , go and pray to ganga maiya that we should get our naira back . akshara says pr bhabi ma naitik has gone to honk kong , he will be busy , he is coming day after ten days only , my ticket is after five days . devyani says so what i will inform naitik . akshara says aastha after five days we will go to rishikesh . aastha says teek hai ma . i will get the things of pooja ready and goes .

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to be continued …..

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  1. there are many spelling mistakes , some letters are missing also , sorry for the typing mistake . please don’t forget to comment .

  2. jasmine Rahul

    shrenu as aastha.gud.in IPK EBF also Shrenu was aastha.Rly loving Aastha Akshara scenes.Sad that everytime bell rings akshara feels its naira.but naira thinks akshara is bad n she is praying 2 4get her family.she is in ashram.what is her look in this ff?Akshara is going 2 Rishikesh 4 puja 4 naira.Will she meet naira there?Surprised 2 c tara there n behaving normally with them.then it became clear that after she ran away from d mandap akshara did’nt scold her n naksh accepted her as her friend.She married one Siddarth n is preg?If she was willing 2 marry someone ekse y didnt she marry Naksh?

  3. jasmine Rahul

    plz check d last part again.Instead of Jasmine Rahul by mistake it became Ka while posting my comment

  4. I think you stole the name from the ff saathiya a new start by ragini

    1. It’s not stealing… There can be same names with different people!!

      1. thank u so much for supporting mariyah

    2. anu sorry if the name was same actually the same , the title was appropriate so only I kept it , I did not even remember ragini’s ff when I was keeping the name ok .

  5. Anu which name are u talking about.

  6. nice one plz continue….

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