yrkkh a new start (episode 1)

A beautiful middle aged women is shown getting ready in a beautiful yellow cotton saree . she goes down and wakes up someone , she says beta ut jao . a girl gets up , she says ma ap ,what is the time now . i would have got up on my own . the lady is none other than akshara , she says aastha beta it is ok , today is Sunday atleast today u get up late , everyday ,sharp at 6 u will get ready and come to kitchen . aastha says par ma . akshara says no par var . now get up and and get ready . aastha aks where ma . akshara says dho movie tickets hai . aastha says par ma gar mein . akshara says i am there no beta , i will manage .aastha says thank u ma , u gave me so much love and affection , if my mother would be alive no , she would have also not given me so much love and affection ma .akshara says bas aastha now go and get ready , have lunch outside , enjoy and come back .

Aastha says ma , gayu told me to wake her up early , she has some important work it seems . akshara says ok and goes to gayathri’s room . gayathri is seen . akshara says ut jao beta , gayu ut jao . gayathri gets up , she says mami ap . akshara says ur bhabi told u to wake u up , she said u have some work . gayathri says han mami and hugs her . akshara says i have kept the coffee here , have it and get ready ok . gayathri says ok mami .

Akshara after doing all the work comes to her room where , naira is standing . akshara wished the statue was naira , but it was not . it was just a statue which she talked wid everyday . she goes and sits near the statue and says naira when will u come back beta , why did u go away from me , from papa , who loved u soo much , papa is not at all happy widout his princess beta , come back no . he does not come homeat all , he keeps travelling everypart of this world to improve and expand his business it seems , but only i know , he goes away from home only because he misses u naira beta , he tries to hide the pain but he is not able to hide it from me . come back naira . just then she hears a voice , akshara . akshara says choti ma , is everything set , bhabima is ready shall we leave for temple now . devyani says u were crying right , then why r u changing the topic , akshara hugs devyani and cries . devyani says daily u pray to god to back naira , he will hear it someday u dont worry . actually i came to tell u that bhabi ma is not feeling well , so only we both will go to temple today . akshara tried to hide the pain in her heart and smiled and went wid devyani .

Mishti comes that way , she says tai ji where r u going . akshara says temple beta why . mishti says shall i come wid u . akshara says ok u also come wid us . karishma says bhabi she has some studies to do no need to take her . mishti says no mumma , i finished evrything , every home work , and i revised for the test too . karishma says bas mishti , u will not go to temple . akshara says bas karishma , bachhi hai why r u scolding her . karishma says because of u only bhabi she behaves badly wid me . she thinks u will save her everytime . akshara is hurt by her words . she says ok mishti bad mein mandir chalenge and goes wid devyani

precap:naira is in rishikesh in an ashram

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  1. Awesome episode

  2. akshara is such a nice MIL who is like a friend to her DIL Aastha.loved their scene.sad that akshara is talking 2 Naira’s statue n asking her 2 return.even naitik keeos travelling 2 b away from his pain.hope naira understands akshara’s luv n returns home soon.

    sonam suits d role of aastha.but i feel shrenu is much better than sonam in acting n looks to match Naksh.Akanshka looks older than naksh.

    What happened 2 Tara?plz show Tara also

    1. thank u for telling ur opinion , I will keep shrenu parikh as aastha , I will show tara in next epi . thank u for commenting

  3. jasmine Rahul

    I;m sorry Varshini.Instead of Jasmine rahul by mistake it became Ka

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