YRKKH – A New Relation (Intro)

There will be 10 year leap in my story instead of 8. My story starts from where Naira (at that time she was just 13 yrs old) left her family & boarded the train for Hrishikesh. There she met Tanushree Sachdev (an orphan but belongs to a very rich family in London) & the 2 bonded as they r real sisters. Tanu took Naira to London along with her where she met Rishab Malhotra (very rich businessman in London & Tanushree’s boyfriend) & his 2 brothers Karthik (Kuru) Malhotra & Ishaan Malhotra. Naira, Kuru & Ishaan became good frnds but Naira was more close to Ishaan which Kuru didn’t liked much. Tanushree & Rishab got married & the 5 were leading a happy life. At the end of their junior year in high school Kuru proposed Naira for marriage. Naira agreed as she too loved Kuru & the 2 got married. At the time of marriage both were 17 yrs old. When they both were in senior year of high school Naira got pregnant & after much discussion both Naira & Karthik decided to keep the baby. Luckily Tanushree after so many trials also got pregnant by that time & at the graduation day of high school both delivered the babies. Naira delivered a baby boy who was named as Ehsaas (Emi) Karthik Malhotra whereas Tanushree delivered a baby girl who was named Anvita (Vitki) Rishab Malhotra. But while giving birth to Vitki, Tanushree died & Rishab too died in shock of Tanushree’s death. Karthik & Naira decided to raise Vitki as their own daughter. Years passed by & Naira, Kuru & Ishaan expanded the business to gr8 heights. Now they r returning to Udaipur, Rajasthan as it is the hometown of Malhotras but first only Naira will come as she has the meeting with the architects who r going to renovate the Malhotras family house which is just near the Singhania Mansion.

On the other side Naksh sorted out his differences with Tara and both got married & now Tara is 2months pregnant. Naksh really loves her. Akshara has kept her promise with Tara to be her mother & not mother-in-law. There rno issues b/w Naitik & Akshara. Gayu is staying with the Singhanias as her parents died in a plane crash. The Singhanias & Maheshwaris miss Naira a lot.

There will be some new characters which will be revealed as the story processes.

Pls do comment whether u like it or not.

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  1. Awsome yr plz update fast yr

  2. Nice episode

  3. Nice episode but why is everyone getting pregnant lol

  4. Ashnoor was the best role for Naira.
    Will miss u ashnoor.

  5. i like it but im amused by the thought that naira got married at 17 which means she is too young to be a wife and mom. otherwise good. plz update it alot. i love ffs.


    superb………..abc……………….plz update soon


    ya n everyones becoming pregy lol

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