YRKKH – A New Relation (epi-1)

Like after the leap I want to write an ff based on the storyline after naira leaves…since my schools are starting I can write one episode per day…I will only write 10 episodes…this is your basic info…n I am Ananya Sachedev….i know I have never completed any ff…but I promise u 10 episodes for sure…then depending on the time I have left….i will try and complete the plot in around 10 days…thank you…keep commenting…im also writing 2 other ffs on saathiya+yhm and one only saathiya 10 episodes too…so please read that too…your valuable comments are welcome no abuses please…if u like then I will continue…note this is a yrkkh ff…this is episode 1 but its an intro….next episode will we put Tomorrow
Naira really misses akshara a lot…but she doesn’t know what has happened in Udaipur….naitik blames akshara for nairas loss..he shouts at her a lot…she breaks down and leaves the house…she is broken completely…but she still has someone to support her…Tara…yes tara returns and makes akshara strong…naksh angrily breaks ties with the singhania and maheshwari household and warns them from ever meeting him and akshara…naitik blames himself for nainakara(naira,naksh,akshara)s condition …when naksh finally meets akshara he gets shocked seeing tara but thanks her…tara tells him that her family disowned her…akshara asks nakshra to get married they do and have a kid..they name her kiara…but now he hates singhhania and mahsehwarii household and he hates naira too….10 years later
Naksh,tara and kiara are in rishikesh to search for a donor for akshara because she has some problem…only naira and aksharas dad have the same blood group…her dad cant give it because naksh doesn’t allow…so the tour the world and cant find a donor..they decide to visit rishikesh…
So how’s it?

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  1. WOW its awesom ff ever.u comlete nashatra’s lovestory .i m waiting for next episode

  2. No yaar not again leap we won’t this leap plzz Aksharra ko Mila do uski naira sy wo roti hai mjhy b Rona ajata hai

  3. guess. who am I?

    Continue please…

  4. When you post next episode

  5. No I don’t like the 10 year leap and Naitik and Akshara separation please

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