YRKKH New Beginnings (episode 86)

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episode 86
The episode starts with Naina fainting.Karan holds her and take her to the room.They call the doctor and ask her to come as fast as possible.The doctor comes and everyone wait out side as she checks Naina.
Naitik:Mr.Mittal we decided that we won’t tell her anything then this..
Mr.Mittal:Even I don’t what is happening?
Karan:Really papa..you don’t know what is all this?
Mr.Mittal:Of course not Karan.None of knows.
Karan:Oh really as if you don’t know who has made this presentation…
Mr.Mittal looks on shocked..
Mr.Mittal:Karan please…Naira would never do this..
Karan(shouts): I very well know what all she can do..
Mr.Mittal:Karan please…At least not here…(pointing to the Singhanias who look on confused).
Just then Naira enters.

Naira(entering):Sorry Mittal uncle..Actually I..
Before she can say anything further Karan goes towards her and slaps her hard making everyone present shocked.Karthik and Ishaan hold Naira to save her from falling.They get angry.
Karthik(shouts and holds his collar):How dare you slap my wife?
Karan(with same intensity):How dare she to hurt my wife?
Karthik is about to talk further but Naira stops him.
Naira:I didn’t do anything that could her your wife nor will ever do?But since you’ve put such an accusation on me there should be some reason.(to Mr.Mittal)What happened here Mittal uncle?
Mr.Mittal tells her everything that happened there while Karan turns his face away.
Naira(sighs):Mittal uncle the truth is that I didn’t send any cd..Infact that was what I about to tell when I was entering that I got late in bringing the cd.
Karan(smiles sarcastically):See the great liar speaking.Do you think I’ll believe you..
Karthik:Of course..How can you believe her?If you had to believe you would have believed that day itself when she was yelling and requesting you that she didn’t kill..(Naira stops Karthik from saying further by pointing towards Singhanias.)You would’ve believed her if you had but when you couldn’t at that time how will you now?
Ishaan:Leave him bhai its wait to talk to a person like him..we must worry about bhabhi now.
Before Karan can say anything else the security incharge enters.He informs everyone that he checked the footage and in it a mysterious man entered with a cd but before he can see anything further the camera was turned off most probably by the man.The time of the footage was 5:00 p.m in the evening.
Karthik(smirks):So Mr.Karan what you’ve to say now and before you can blame us for anything else I inform you that at that time all three of us were busy in a meeting in our office.If you want I can present to you the cctv footage of that time and not to mention everyone in our office including our clients are witnesses to the fact.
Karan:Okay then it may be someone else.
Just then the doctor comes.

Doctor:Naina is fine.Its just stress.I’ve given her injection.Soon she will get fine.You all can meet her now.
Mr.Mittal thanks the doctor and goes to leave her.
Naitik:What all is happening here Karthik?I can’t understand anything?You told us that you know Naina and Karan because of business relations but here..
Karan(laughs sarcastically):Business relations?I’ll die before keeping any relations with them again..Leave behind business..
Akshara:Will you tell us whats happening and how dare you behave with our daughter like this?
Karan:Daughter?Oh..so you’re her so called mother..Nice..Till some days before this girl(pointing towards Naira) considered you her biggest enemy to the point that she didn’t want to even invite you on her marriage and see..how fast she changes colours..now you became her mother.
Karthik:Don’t compare my Naira with yourself Karan..You’re the one who changed colours..The one who claimed to love her and trust her the most was mislead by just a mere and bullshit evidence.Just because anyone said anything..you put such cheap blame on her?
Karan(feels bad inside but keeps up his angry look):The blame was and will be on both of you..and its not just a blame its the truth..its your reality.
Karthik about to say further.
Naira(shouts):Shut up..shut up..both of you..Its not the time to discuss past incidence.We’ve to think about Naina bhabhi first..Lets go to her.
They go to Naina’s room and see her gaining consciousness.
Naina gets all the flashes of her past and wakes up shocked putting hand on her head.She looks up to find Karan,Mr.Mittal,Naira,Karthik,Ishaan,Naitik and Akshara standing there looking worriedly at her.
Naina looks emotionally at Akshara and Naitik and call them mama mami.They go to her and hug her tightly.They share an emotional hug.Mr.Mittal sees this through tears and begins to go away.Naina sees him going away and calls him..
Mr.Mittal turns and looks at her.She comes up to him.
Naina:Where are you going papa?
Mr.Mittal:I’m sorry Nai..I mean Gayu.Since so many years I kept your identity a secret.I couldn’t tell you the truth..I just want to say that all I want is your happiness.And this is the same reason I kept quiet for so many years.I never knew or thought that you might also have some family.(joins his hsnads)I’m sorry.
Naina(holds his hand):For what are you asking sorry?For making me your daughter.For making me what I’m today?For not leaving me to die?For loving me more than someone can love their daughter?I don’t know why you’ve hidden the truth and even I don’t want to know.I just know one thing(holds his hands and makes him cup her face) that you’re my papa and I’m your daughter.And no one not even god can change this truth.
Mr.Mittal smiles happily and hugs her.Everyone else also look on happily.
Naina comes to Naitik and Akshara.
Naina:Mama mami I..
Naitik:You don’t have to say anything beta.We understand.Even we also didn’t want that you and your father’s relation breaks.
Akshara:Yes beta you did the right thing.
Naina:Thank you for understanding me.Because of you all I didn’t have to choose between my loved ones like I had to do..She stops herself and looks at Karan.She then notices that Naira,Karthik and Ishaan are also standing there.She first gets happy thinking everything got fine between Naira and Karan as he is not reacting to her staying there.She happily goes towards her.On reaching close she observes that Naira’s cheek has the imprints of five fingers on it and it has become red.She looks at Karan but he turns his face.She sighs and looks at Naira apologetically through tears and fold her hands.Naira stops her and signals that she is fine.
Karthik asks permission to leave and because of the events that occurred everybody agreed but not before Mr.Mittal ask apology on behalf of Karan who was still standing hardening his face.The trio leave and so does the Singhnias in order to let Naina rest.Mr.Mittal also goes away to leave Karan and Naina for a moment to talk to each other.
Naina looks at Karan.
Karan:I don’t want to talk about it Naina.
Naina:Don’t worry I won’t as I know it is of no use.(She said rather crossly).
Karan(cups her face):I was worried about you Naina.
Naina:Ya right..you were so worried that you without knowing anything you went ahead to slap the girl who cannot even think of doing something like this..and without even thinking that how would I feel when I’ll get to know about this.(smiles sarcastically)..You didn’t even think how I’ll face her after this.
Karan turns his face.

Naina:Why I’m even telling you anything?When did you even care Karan?She turns to leave but
Karan holds her hand but she removes it and lays down to rest.She soon sleeps due to medicine effect.
Karan sits by her side and holds her hand.
Karan(teary eyes):I’m so sorry Naina..I’m so sorry.I never wished to hurt you and doll..but they blackmailed me..again..
Just then he gets a call.
Voice:Well done Karan.You did a nice job..
Karan(shouts):You blo*dy..Where is my daughter?If you dare do something to her I’ll tear you apart..
Voice:Don’t worry I made her go to deep sleep.She is in her room.
Karan gets shocked and rushes to Sanaya’s room in Mittal Mansion..He finds her closing her eyes.He breaks down and holds her and cries.Just then..
He looks up to find Sanaya completely fine and looking confused at hi.She wipes her tears.
Sanaya:Why are you crying papa?
Karan hugs her tightly and kisses her forehead.
Karan(with concern):You’re okay na.
Sanaya:Yes papa but why are you crying..
Karan(wipes his tears):Its nothing..
Sanaya:You know papa something strange happened.In the party waiter uncle gave me juice and i drank it and then suddenly don’t know what happened to me?Everything got blurred.When I woke up I was in my room and you’re crying.
Karan(clenches his fist):Its nothing beta.Don’t worry too much about it.You were just tired that’s why you fainted.Now you rest and don’t tell this to anyone else or you know na everyone will get worried.
Sanaya:Okay papa.I promise I’ll not tell anyone about it.
Karan kisses her forehead lovingly and after making her sleep walks out of his room.
He picks up the phone.
Voice:How was the surprise Karan?I never lie.Do I?She was in deep sleep just because her father listened to me.If he became naughty and played games with me then you know na …What I’ll do..I’ll put her to an eternal sleep.He laughs devilishly and cuts the call before Karan can say anything.
Karan then takes his another phone and messages Naira secretly.
Karan:I’m sorry.She is fine.
He sees Naira’s reply.
Naira:Its okay.Anything for her.
Both quickly deletes the message.

A person is standing outside Mittal Mansion.
He calls a person and a person picks up the phone.Its the same voice with which Karan was talking.
Person:Don’t worry about anything.I’ve free access to both Malhotra and Mittal Mansion.There is no scope of any doubt on me.And because of today’s drama my acces has increased.I’ll keep you informed about all the happenings in here.
Voice:I trust you that’s why have placed you there because both our mission is the same.(smirks)Nobody would’ve thought in their worst dreams that a family member can also become one’s biggest enemy.
Person:Family my foot.They aren’t my blood and whatever I’m doing now is for my blood.
Voice:What they sowed they’ve to reap now..The crime they committed they’ll be punished for it.
Person:You’re right.
The person cuts the call.He turns around and is revealed to be Naman.

Who was the voice?What crime is he talking about?Why is Naman supporting him against his own family?What relation he has with them and most importantly who has committed the crime and why?
To know more stay hooked.

Woooffff..Finally posted this episode which i wanted to from so long.But my laptop stopped working and had to be repaired and when it was finally repaired durga puja was around the corner and I got busy in the celebration.Next episode will be posted soon by Thursday.Till then keep guessing.

Recap:Singhanias demands to know the truth.

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