YRKKH – Love forever Episode 1

Guys i am first time writing a ff on yrkkh so pls support me and keep commenting.

Two girls are seen doing classical dance.They dance for 15 minutes and after they are over they go to drink water.

Naira:Today we practiced a lot.
They were going in their room when Naitik stopped them.
They both stop and go to him.
Naira:Papa what happened?
Gayu:Yeah why you stopped us?
Naitik:Naira soon you will complete your college and all the courses so i want that after you complete it then we will start seeing a boy for you.
Gayu:Oh so Naira will get married soon….
Naira:Please Gayu di and Papa isnt it too early to make me married?
Naitik:I know Princess,i will not force you but we will start looking for a boy and when you will wish to marry then only we will make you married.
Naira:Thank you Papa
She hugs Naitik.

Naitik: (getting teary) i wished Akshara would have also been their for our group hug.
Naira too gets teary.
Naira:Papa ma is still alive in our heart and she is forever with us.
Naitik:You are right Princess.
They both get teary
Naira:Papa now its time for me to go for dance class.
Naitik:Bye Naira
Naira:Bye papa and Gayu di.
She leaves from there.

She goes towards the car and sits behind and the driver starts driving the car.She was looking out of the window and was remembering the moment spended with Akshara.
Naira:Ma everyone misses you,why you dont come back?
She gets teary.Suddenly the car stops.
Naira:Why you stopped the car?
Driver:This boy was not riding his cycle properly and came in front of the car that is why i stopped the car.
Naira:Who is the boy?
Driver:He is standing infront shouting at me.
Naira comes out of the car and sees the boy standing.He was angry as his cycle’s handle broke down and his tires were punchered.He was Karthik.
Karthik:See because of you driver my cycle is in this condition!
Naira:Oh hello you were not riding the cycle properly.
Karthik:I was riding my cycle properly but driver was not driving a car,he was driving a plane that is why my cycle is broken.

They started arguing.Naira looked at her watch and got shocked
Naira:Because of you i will get late for my classes.
She sits inside car and Karthik comes near the window.
Karthik:But you have to give money for repairing my cycle.
Naira gave him 5000 rs and said
Naira:Now let me go.
Karthik went to his cycle and Naira went from their.

Precap:Goons try to kidnap Naira.

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