YRKKH – Fresh Story (intro)


Hey guys, I am going to start an ff on yeh rishta, it will mostly focus on naira, karthik and his family and also about youngsters. I don’t want to waste time so let’s start the ff.

It is the after the karwa chauth episode, naira decides to sacrifice her love for gayu, karthik comes and the elders talk about gayu’s proposal to him.

Naitik: karthik, I want to talk to you about some serious matter.

Karthik: yes sir, please tell what’s the matter
Naitik: my daughter, gayu is loving you and she wants to marry you, we all are OK with the decision, what about you?
Karthik: he gets shocked and doesn’t say anything and looks at naira.
Naira doesn’t show any expression.
Karthik thinks, arrey what happened, I never saw gayu with this angle, if I say NO then her heart will be broken, what to do.
He looks at naira and with heavy heart, he says YES.
Everyone gets happy and feeds sweets to him. Naira goes to her room and cries.
Just then mishti comes down and says what happened BFF, why is everyone celebrating here.
Bhabhima says mishti, BFF nahi, jiju kaho. Gayu blushes.
Mishti gets happy and shouts did naira didi agree to marry you, akshara says naira didi nahi, gayu didi.
Karthik tries to stop Mishti but she says, but BFF loved naira didi right and looks at karthik
Everyone gets shocked and gayu sits down on sofa.
Bua dadi says what are you talking Mishti
Mishti: I am saying true, BFF always loved naira since beginning.
Gayu cries and asks since when?
Mishti says since yash and rose marriage.
Naksh gets angry and holds karthik’s shirt and says how dare you play with my sister’s emotions, and beats him.
Naitik asks him to stop,but he doesn’t stop stop shouting.
Naira comes running and shouts at him to stop, naksh asks her do you know what he did?
Naira says yes, I know and I also know he did the same as what I want, everyone look at her questioningly?
Naira cries and doesn’t say anything.
Rama dadi says Yes, naira also loved karthik, but when she got to know gayu also loves him, naira sacrificed her love for gayu.

Karthik gets angry and says so naira lied me and played with my emotions to please someone else. Naira says i just did for my sister, she faced so many troubles in her life and I don’t want her to face more because of me.

Gayu who is crying comes to naira and hugs her saying i am so lucky to get a sister like you and gives her hand to karthik, she says may god bless you both and says I am happy for you both. Naira hugs her and they both cry.

Elders are happy seeing them and also sad for gayu.

Gayu runs and goes to her room and cries. All the others ask her to open the door, naira says please gayu di, Bua dadi gets angry and says naira, all this is happening because of you and shouts at her. Gayu says i need some time can you all leave?

Bua dadi asks all of them to leave, I will be with her. Gayu shouts I want everyone to go. Mishti laughs at bua dadi.

Precap: gayu comes for dinner and everyone gets shocked seeing her kaira’s 1st date.

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    Please unite kaira… The start is good.. Keep writing.. All the best… Give a.partner to gayu too..

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    It was really nice.. The start is really good
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