YRKKH – Fresh Story -Episode 1


Guys, i forgot to tell one thing, karthik’s sister who is introduced on the serial is not there in my ff, lets just concentrate on kiara for few days and then i will introduce karthik’s family later.

It is dinner time.
All are sitting there and waits for gayu, Mishti says i think she is not going to come, akshara says i will give her food and come. Naira says i will also come, bua dadi says did anyone ask you, you don’t need to go. She will not like to see you after what you did to her. Naira cries. Rama dadi says don’t feel bad naira, gayu might remember everything seeing you.

Just then gayu comes there. Everyone gets shocked seeing her.
She is wearing a sleeveless tight t-shirt and small shorts and loose hair, she says hey guys, I am Hungry, can I get some food please…When Bua dadi is about to say something naitik stops her and says yes, eat this and gives some food.

In the middle, she gets a call, she says No, sweetie, I am going to stop jewelry designing, I want to join my family business because it is also related fashion right, naitik asks gayu, why do you want to stop this beta, gayu says DAD, I lost my interest on it. Everyone gets shocked listening DAD word from her, gayu looks at them and can’t I call dad to him?

Naitik and akshara says you can call him dad and smile.

After sometime, naira takes milk to gayu’s room and knocks the door. Bua dadi says we told you to stay away from gayu right then again, why are doing this. Naira says I…, both bua dadi and rama shouts akshara and shouts at her, she asks akshara to handle her daughter, you also don’t go near gayu, you are not her mother.

Gayu shouts dadi, she says how dare you talk to my MOM like this, she was my mother, is my mother and will be, did you both get it looking at Bua dadi, I will not tolerate anyone misbehaves with my mom, if someone talks to my mom or sister like this then they can leave from this house, she points at the main door and says here is the main door, anyone can leave ,she turns towards naira and takes milk and says tomorrow onwards i will drink any fruit juice and goes.

It’s morning, Mishti comes running and clashes with bua dadi and she gets hurt. Bua dadi yells at her and holds mishti ears. Gayu comes and stops her saying, it is paining for her. Leave her ears. Bua dadi, now I can not live in this house anymore and tries to leave. Akshara and others try to stop her, gayu goes near naira and says phir se nautanki shuru, this happens everytime, you go and enjoy with karthik, naira gets surprised and says no, gayu says come, I will select a good dress for you. Naira smiles.

Precap: karthik gets a call from an unknown number and gets shocked, later karthik and naira dance romantically.

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  1. Summaya

    What happen to gayu anyways awesome episode

    1. Ishram

      My exact thoughts

  2. lOvely episode but trY to maKe it lOng anD try to include kaiRa scenes

  3. Its a lovely episode.. I think this should be taken on the real script too…anyways I read ur updates regularly… But don’t have time 2 comment…I’ll keep in touch..

  4. Anyan

    I have also same question. But i love your episode..
    And try to make it long

  5. Sarayumane

    Guys I will reveal later, what happened to gayu

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