Yrkkh ff- my take on current track (P1)

Guys I’m writing for the 1st time hope ull like it
I will be writing from where Karthik proposed Naira and she accepted it

K-I L❤️Ve u Naira I just love u
N- I love u 2 i have always loved u but was scared to tell
K-I was waiting for the right time to tell u and I thought this was the perfect 1 .
I want to ask u if u want to tell the family or not ??,
N- I think let us not tell it will be nice to surprise them !
K – ya ur right

After a while gayu calls them they hug each other and then leave
It’s night time they were very tired all had dinner and then went to their rooms .
Kaira were not getting sleep and that’s y Naira was in Karthiks room .
(Chill guys nothing like …)
Naira was sitting wid her legs crossed and Karthiks head was on her legs they were holding hands and talking .

K-u know Naira when I saw u I thought u were irritating but then slowly slowly I started to develop feelings and then always thought of u !
N- ik Karthik , but I’m worried how will the family react . I don’t want to tell them now I want to give time to u and me
K- chill baby everything will be perfect don’t worry . Let’s go to sleep its late
N- ya challo I’m going they hugged each other and went to sleep and thought of each other only ..

Guys how was it !
Feel free to tell me and pls tell if I should continue or not
Now days I’m free so if u what I can post it regularly .. Pls tell
Waiting for comments

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  1. Amazing….. Please continue……..

  2. zarneen fatima

    Yar tum Indians ki sooch romance sy shru ho k usi py khatam ho jati hai.
    How CHEEP Thinking.

  3. Awwww so sweet lovely start keep writing when u posting next episode

  4. Sethidisha002

    awweee so swt

  5. Thank u so much guys ..
    Will try and post today only ❤️

  6. Thank u so much
    Will try and update 2day only

  7. Write more of chupke chupke romance with misthii teasing them like that dear let them talk about past and all help each other
    keep it up dear

  8. thank u so much
    pls cont it
    want to c chup chup romance with mishty hiding them and gayu jelaous also
    keep rocking

  9. Thank u so much
    Happy of getting appreciation ❤️
    Will surely show that
    Thanks for over over whelming comments
    Have posted next part pls check it out

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