Yrkkh ff- my take on current track (P9)

Hi guys hope ull are liking it , in my free time I only write this in my notes .. So here goes the next part , till the 10th part there will be romance and then starts the real drama , u will get the sherni Naira in coming parts –

In the morning , Naira got up and was smiling 2herself only , she imagined Karthik sitting beside her and admiring her beauty when she was sleeping , or getting her coffee when she came down
Naira to herself -aaj kal kya Ho raha hein muje, y am I so lost , being in love has made me mad yaar , but whatever u say I’m enjoying these cute lil moments ..
Over there Karthik got up and he was also going through the same feeling
Karthik to himself -yaar I tho have had so many dream sequels but being with her in real is so awesome man .

Nairas nani(nn) came to Karthik ,
Nn-Karthik beta today we are going to Singhania mansion to meet akshara and naitik, be ready we will go by evening
K-ha aunty I will be ready
Nn-ok and she goes
There in Singhania mansion

A-Naira listen na
N-ya mama
A-2day nani and every1is coming here to meet me and papa so be ready they will come by evening
N-ha mama ok i will be ready and Karthik is also coming ?
A-ya beta he always comes so he will come today also na
N-ya sorry I forgot
Naira went
N messaged k & k messaged n at the same time she sane message -waiting to meet u ha 😻
Both smiled , and went to eat lunch
At Singhania mansion
M-I was wondering what is Karthik bhaiyas favourite sport so we can play it
Naira answered quickly -it’s cricket and he loves Virat Kohli
Every 1was shocked that Naira answered so quickly without giving anybody to think also , gayus eyes popped out ,
N said to cover up -I guess na now boys like cricket only na
Every 1was like πŸ™„
Mishti new this would happen and did this on purpose
Time was passing by
Maheshwaris came to Singhania mansion , kaira were happy to c each other gayu kaira and Mishti were in nairas room talking about different things and Naira nowadays going to office , at dinner time every1 was sitting

Nn-arre ull now na this week is karva chauth
A-maaa I tho forgot only , good u reminded
Kaira were looking at each other , dinner told was over kaira were in the kitchen and were talking
N- Karthik I’m fasting for karva chauth
K-no u r not , I think I should
N-y should u
K-come on ya ur already so thin what if anything happened πŸ˜‘
N-chill Karthik , accha its r first time na so both of us will first and open it at the same time !chalrga?
K-ok fine baba
Nn-bye Naira we are grunt have I seen where is Karthik ?
N-bye nani

K-ya aunty I’m coming
N WAs laughing -bye go
K-ya going bye love u gn
Karthik went and now our favourite drama queen Mishti entered
M-some 1wants there love grows that’s the reason they are keeping the fast ha
M-accha btw now days tho you’ll meet everyday u guys are new love birds na tho …..
N-mushtu go do ur work πŸ˜‘
Mishti was laughing and she went
Naira slept
(guys from now Naira will show interest in going to office not dance coz she will want to meet Karthik , and gayu has her own cabin )
In the morning nairA got up and came down ready
N-good morning every 1
D-arre Naira u got up so early , what happened ?
N-noting dadi just like that only
N-accha listen papa can I ask u something ??
Nai-say na
N-papa that day I came to office na and I was doing work at home also na so I want to start coming to office and that way also I’m free the whole day nd it will be help for u gayu Di and Karthik also na
Nai-ya beta what u r saying is right but what is there to ask it’s ur office only come any time u want ..

Naira was happy and after break fast naitik gayu and Naira left for office .
At office , Karthik was present and was taking to a client suddenly he saw Naira coming , he thought it was his 33rd dream sequel but he pinched himself , rubbed his eyes and realised it was the truth ..
N-gm Karthik , from today I’m going to come to office every day ..😎
K-gm sir gayu and Naira , that’s good Naira u can help me In the work .
N-yes that’s what I have come to help na
Karthik was filled with joy to know that Naira will be coming to office every day , the day passed with some kaira romance And work in progress

And Now guys even my story is progress , I’m really sorry but I don’t think this part is good ,, not in a mood to write right now
Suggestions pls


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