Yrkkh ff- my take on current track (P8)

Hi guys ..
Today is the date special ……….

Naira got up in the morning
N-gm every1
N-mama papa I want to ask u something .
A/n-ya bolo
N-actually today my friends are meeting out at 8 pls can I go ?? Pls
Nai-ya beta go na what’s there to ask ..
N-thank u and she went up .

She messaged Karthik -I got permission for today ..❤️
K-I’m waiting
Mishti was there only
M-mmmm koi frnds Ke saath nahi Karthik ke saath ja raha hein ..
N-Mishti how U know ??’
M-what do u think I c tv serials only for tp or what .. I know everything .
M-sorry , waise where r ull going ??
N-it’s a surprise for me also ..
M-ok enjoy , I have to go ..
N-bye ..

Time passed it was 7 Naira was going to get ready .
K msgd her -I’ll come to pick at the car shop near ur house ..
N-ya I’m going to get ready only ..
She went to get ready
She came down
N-bye everyone I’ll be lil late don’t wait for me I’ll try to come early
M softly-enjoy ha ?
N-shut up and safe went
Karthik was waiting there in his car when he was mesmerised to c her and was lost in her beauty .
She was wearing a plain black dress above her knees and till her elbows , with her hair open and silver earring sparking on her ears . R Karthik was also not less , looking hot in a black blazer with trousers and polished shoes. He got out of the car to give her a hand and made her sit in the car .
K-ur looking gorgeous my lady love
N-thank u , u r to looking hot and dashing ha
N-where r we going ??
K-wait madam

They reached a hotel called IN THE CITY ..
They entered and the whole hall was empty with only a table and “2 chairs …
Karthik opened the seat for Naira abs both were seated
N-not bad mister very fab arrangement .
K-chalo atleast arrangement tho u liked ..
Karthik got out of his chair and asked her – may I

They both romantically danced on the title track of ADHM
Karthik was holding her from the waist and her hands were just on his shoulders . They both were just lost in each other Nothing else seemed to click them except each other , taking through eyes was just so cute , today the Jai Veeru jodi who fought so much were just silent .. What spoke was only their eyes and body gesture .
After a long time they realised what it was like and broke their lovely eye lock
The food arrived and they were eating ..
K-Naira how is it

N-I’m being pampered so much . Wow I’m so happy and hope this happens whenever we come out .
K-it will ! Always at ur service . I am always there just ring me and I’ll be there .
N-Karthik u know ur really cute and caring hope u stay the same always ..
K-I will always and u r no less always sweet and u love me so so much ❤️
They discussed all sorts of things from favourite colours to favourite books from tv shows to food recipes and boring parties . In thus 1dTe only they spoke so much imagine how would it belayer on
N-Karthik I wanna go and eat ice cream
K-eat here only na

K-come lets go and they went
They stopped at a parlour near by
K-which flavour
N-chocolate chip
K -I’m getting it
Karthik got the ice cream ,
He was eating chocolate mint , Naira was trying it she loved it a lot and asked him to exchange
N-give me that na
K-no it’s mine
K-no it’s mine
N- ?made a puppy dog face

K-ok ok take and they started to laugh..
Naira was eating and suddenly the ice cream came on her nose
Karthik saw it and put his hand on her nose and moved her hair behind . Naira was touched and a current passed through her body …
Kaira were done

Karthik dropped her home , they smiled at each other , it was not late it was 11and she told them that she will come by then only ..
She entered her room , Karthik had also reached and he also entered his room both changed and were blushing like tomatoes thinking of each other both slept only in each other’s thought

That’s it guys only this much for now
Hope ull r liking it
Comments pls
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  1. I like it very much? keep writing like this all the best

  2. Awesome
    A fantastic date description given..

  3. So cute I just loved it kaira were awesome and mishti scene was really good

  4. Viratkohli

    Thank u guys
    Hope ull r enjoying these romantic moments .. Theres a surprise waiting ,, but chill not 2day atleast …:

  5. Awesome date dear keep it upppp
    loving it
    get back naira shernii this girly is too much I feel just a suggestion ya its ff so ur wish
    waiting for the surprise

  6. Viratkohli

    Thank u so much !!shilpa-thanks will keep in mind …

  7. I just read all ur ff parts its all very good dear
    widen ur imaginations whatever it is as its ff u need not be binded with serial

  8. Anyan

    Really nice

  9. Thank u so much ❤️❤️

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