Yrkkh ff- my take on current track (P7)

Hi guys hope ull liked the previous part .. Here goes the next part –

So kaira went for lunch
At the resto-
K-Naira what would u like to have ..
N-whatever u order with love?
Karthik called the waiter
K -ya so I want 1 tepansoma noodles with exotic vegetables in burnt garlic sauce and 2masala cokes.

W-yes sir
The food arrived
N-Karthik c na I’m to lazy to eat I’m not eating
K-accha tho aaj hamari Naira madam mood mein nahi hein .
K-ok so u wait and watch mein bhi Naira Se kam nahi hoon ?
N-try ur luck mister

Karthik took a spoon and put it near nairas mouth
K-aaj hum Naira ko feed karenge
NAira was excited
She took the first bite
N-prince Karthik ko hamare taraf se bhi prize milna chahiye.
She also started to feed him
Both were feeding each other , Karthik ordered a chocolate mouse and they shared it
After finishing everything Karthik paid the bill
K-come I’ll drop u home
N-ya Come
Kaira were in the car
K-Nairaaa I’m waiting for 2m it’s r first date , means today we spent time but 2m is our original date
Naira blushes

N-accha what r u wearing 2m we should be colour coded ..
K-hmm abhi Se hi preparation
N-tell na
K-ok whatever u wear the same colour
N-fine I’m wearing black

They reached Singhania mansion
K-we reached
N-chalo bye Karthik
K-Naira wait !
N-what ??
K-give me a hug and kiss
N-wth Karthik
K-okay then I’m not wearing black 2m ?
N- ok ok wait on condition
K-ab kya ??
N-I’ll give a hug now and kiss 2m ..
K-not fair

N-ok than I’m going
She was abt to open the door
K-accha baba chalega! I’ll wait till 2m .. Abhi itne time se tho wait hee kar rahe thhe. Nobody cares only ?whatever happens
N-oyye don’t do so much acting .. Sir ji . I’m giving u something na . Something is better than nothing ?
K-ok do fast before anybody comes
She hugged him it was a long hug .
She whispered to him , thank u for everything and u will get a gift and she kissed him on his cheek ??
Karthik to himself -waah yaar thank u Krishna ji today tho I have lottery
K-obviously thank u so much .

K-bye love u
He gave her a flying kiss
She entered home smiling to herself , all ladies were present
Akshara-what happened Naira why u smiling
N-nothing ma nothing
Devyani-beta where were u so much time ??
N-Dadi u know na I had gone to office with papa so I met Karthik and was working with him only , we finished our work till lunch and there was no food at office nor did mama send lunch today so I and Karthik went for lunch as papa had to go out
D-accha u must be tired go rest .
Gayu was feeling jealous that she missed such a good chance to spend time alone with Karthik .

Naira went to her room and Mishti followed her
M-Naira Di Karthik ke saath akele akele ha .. Ik
Naira was just blushing Mishti saw it
N-ha say na
M-where r u lost
N-In Karthik ☺️
M- now days some 1gas forgotten me . I’m not talking to her
N-sorry , and she kissed her on the cheek ?
M-ok but I will forgive u on 1condition

M-I’m going to sleep with u today
they changed into their night dress and were about to sleep . Mishti slept but Naira got a message from Karthik saying – I love u waiting for 2m
N-me 2im excited
they chatted for a while , when Mishti said in half sleep
M-Di for 2day it’s enough romance lets sleep I’m tired .
N-sorry dear

Naira messaged Karthik- ur gf is doing lots of drama in sleep also ! She is getting disturbed as light is on
K- go sleep bye even I am tired
N-bye gn
K- love u
They both slept remembering each other ..

Guys how was it hope ull liked it
Sorry for posting late ?
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