Yrkkh ff- my take on current track (P4)

Hi guys
I will make this epi long and show more of kaira love and dialogues ..……

After Karthik exited from Nairas room he sat on the sofa and started to study some files .. he than went to naitik and said –
K-sir shall I leave for office , or u will come with me ?
N- Karthik I was thinking to discuss Mehras business deal wid u so u stay hear only we will discuss it & finish it 2day only
K- ok sir i have studied the file and I’m starting to make the presentation now only so once u r free we will discuss the deal .
N- yes Karthik and he leaves ..
Karthik was sitting with his laptop Nd started to make the presentation , he then met Mishti and was talking 2 her

K-bff I forgot my charger at home and my laptop is low battery can u help me
M- I don’t think so let me think
K- ok
M-idea !! Naira dis laptop is like urs only so u can get the charger from her room na ..
K-ur v v smart ha !
! (In mind ) issi bahane Naira ko bhi mil loonga..??
He went to Naira room and just entered without knocking . He entered and saw Naira making her hair , he closed the door and put his hands on her eyes ? she got scared and was abt to scream when he put his hand on her mouth ..

K- kya yaar jaan , u did not even realise it was me now u should start getting used to my hands ??
N- sorry na baby I got scared from now I won’t and they hugged each other .
K- jaan are u free this weekend ? We can go for a date if u want
Naira blushes -yes baby for u I am always free ! Where shall we go
K- do u want to go for a movie date or a dinner date ??
N- baby I want to go for a dinner date ! ?But what will u tell every1
K- jaan u chill I will say that I am too tired and will take a days off
N-good idea and I will tell that my friends are meeting so I also wanna go
K- accha be ready on Saturday at 8 there’s a surprise waiting for u ❤️❤️
Now give me ur laptop charger I came here for that only .
N- ok I will give it , and she went to remove it and handed it to him
K- I love u jaan !! Thank u
N- I love u to baby
They hugged
K- I might be here the whole day I have something really imp to discuss wid sir ..
Naira gave him a flying kiss and threw him out of her room
He came out and was smiling to himself when Gayu came
G-Karthik why r u smiling ?
K-I’m in love with ur sister and from that day I smile unknowingly .(said this softly)
G-what ?
K- nothing nothing
G-accha come mamaji is calling u
K-ya I’m coming
Gayu I went
K to himself -aaj tho baar baar Bach Gaye ..?? and he went
When he went Naira was talking to devyani
N-dadi I’m going out to do dance practise ?
D-ya but come in some time and have lunch .
N-ji dadi
And Naira went
Karthik and naitik were discussing the project when suddenly akshara called naitik and Karthik went because he got a call .
Karthik on call

S(speaker) -hello
K-hello ya who is it
K-hello anybody there .
And then Karthik cut the call .
He saw Naira dancing and was lost in her

He then realised that she was going to fall and he went to her rescue she was In his arms and they both had a cute eyelock .
They than realised their position and stout strait
K- Naira what r u doing if u would have fallen and I wouldn’t have come then ?
N- baby chill . Nothing happened to me na c I’m fine and u r always there na to save me
K- accha ok anything happened to u ?? Ur fine na ? U want I’ll apply medicine ? Shall I tell sir ? Or anybody else that u got hurt ??
N- baby chill nothing has happened lets go inside everybody must be waiting .
They went inside .

Ok guys
This is it for now !!
How was it
Pls comment
Will try and update 1 more after wards so it can be uploaded by tonight
Thank u ?

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  1. Ur ff was very nice☺☺☺

  2. Aww lovely episode dear,,..keep the nok jok just like that
    Thank u dear

  3. Nice update
    A small suggestion if u dnt mind that in show naira and karthik are very desi type so jaan nd baby type words dont suit si much in traditional family its just my opinion

  4. ????????great job dear

  5. Thank u so much guys
    Sona what ur saying is right ! Will keep in mind pls give suggestions
    Have posted the next part now only ❤️

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    Gr8 one !!?

  7. Viratkohli

    Thank u guys
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