Yrkkh ff- my take on current track (P3)

Hi guys ..

It started with all of them having breakfast and 2day was their flight at 12 they rushed and got ready and left for the airport . They checked in and were seated , so as u know our kaira r sitting together where as naitik and akshara r sitting together and gayu wid some stranger . Naira was very sleepy and her head was resting on Karthiks shoulder , seeing this gayu felt as if some1 had slapped her .
Soon they landed and dropped Karthik and went back home as all were tired they slept . The next morning Karthik came to Singhania mansion to meet naitik and give him some imp files , when he arrived he saw naira had just got up , when no 1 was there he went and met her and gave her a beautiful necklace,
He than met mishti

M-hi bff ! What happened over there kuch hua??
K-ha bahut kuch hua, there’s a surprise for u !!
And he handed over a box of chocolates seeing which mishti got excited and went jumping all around .
Karthik went to nairas room and they were just talking
K-gm jaan. How are u did u have ur beauty sleep ??
N-gm yes I had a good sleep ❤️
They were just hugging and mishti entered and saw them , she than shut the door and got inside the room

M- mmm bff y did u not tell me and di u also ?
K/N-sorry na mishtu.. Pls forgive us and don’t tell anybody na we want to give them surprise !! Will u help us
M- ooh if ull are asking wid so much love than I will not tell and it’s ok I forgive ull ?
But ull have to promise me that whenever I ask for something my wish has to be completed . Are u guys ready to accept my deal??

N/k – yes we r !!
Mishti we love u❤️❤️
Gayu was searching Karthik as she wanted to meet him and give him some files , so she called for him
Karthik hurriedly got out of nairas room wid Mishti ..

Guys how was it
Was it very short pls tell
Comments awaiting …..
Do ull want to c a pair for naksh or gayu??
Stay tuned ❤️❤️

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  1. Nice.
    Ya also show a pair of naksh.
    It was awesome ff.
    Post the next soon. And make it a litttle bit long

  2. luv ur ff
    post next one soon

  3. Thank u so much ..
    Will try and post by 2day ..❤️❤️

  4. Hales

    Its nyc dude …all things u described feels so like kaira! Keep writing ☺
    Would love to see a pair with naksh

  5. Ya loved it
    may be u can add some mire dialogues btw for kaira
    make it long if possible only
    thank u so much dear

  6. I would but than ull wld feel it’s 2 cheesy
    Will make it long
    Thank u?

  7. keep it up ..vry nice

  8. post the next part soon
    simply super update but story going on fast mode sopls can u add mere dialogues and little bit long if only possible
    waiting 4 ur update

  9. Thank u so much !!
    Do ull want me to write this part again and show after 2nd part or do ull want me 2cont from this part only
    Pls say fast so I can try and update 2day only as now days I’m having holidays !!
    And I’m free now to write 1-2 parts
    Pls say
    And ya 2day it’s our dear Karthik aka Mohsins bday !!
    Happy birthday MOHSIN?

  10. I have written the next part ..
    It should be uploaded in a while

  11. Sethidisha002

    very short but still i love it and next should be longer plz and lot scene of kaira

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