Yrkkh ff- my take on current track (P11)

Hi guys ,,, hope ull are liking my ff and if not pls tell , here goes the next part —

Kaira got up and left for office , rags came with Karthik as she was wanting to meet Naira , today gayu had also come and even naitik was present , today gayus important meeting was there and every1 knew that rags and Karthik wanted to be 2gether as they met after a long time …..

All reached office

R-hi uncle I hope u dint mind I came to office actually I wanted to meet Naira , eagerly was waiting for her and Karthik said that Naira also comes so I just came .

Nait-no beta I don’t mind In fact I was only thinking to give kaira a half day because as u know Naira gets very excited when she meets some 1 and she has eaten my brains and is talking about u only and Karthik must be wanting to spend time with u obviously coz ull met after so long …

N/k-thank u papa /sir
Nai-now u know Ragini beta that u have come she is only going to talk to u Slavs not do any work , Karthik will just come after 5mins I just have to ask him something , u can go home than either our house or your house .

Nairagini went to Karthiks cabin after say about some 10mins Karthik came , they were joking and laughing and gayu passed by , she was feeling that only she has to do the work and Naira is useless ., she went
K-guys where do ull wanna go , whose house
N-I’m fine with anything
K-u come home there we can romance also aaram Se as papa is not there ?
R-u tho only romance in life ..?
Kairagini left and they told naitik that Naira is coming to their house and will be lil late …..
In the car , the driver was driving and they were sitting at the back , Naira was sitting in the middle , her head was resting on Karthiks shoulder and they were holding hands ,
N screamed -bhayiaa gadi roko
Karthini were shocked
K-your fine na
R-what happened
N-chill guys what will happen to me ,I just saw a pani our I wala and I want to eat so I said stop
Karagini gave a u will never change expression ?
They got down to eat pani puri, kaira were sharing a plate and rags was having herself , kaira were cutely making each other eat ?
They finished it and reached home

They all were sitting in Karthiks room
Nairas legs were crossed and Karthiks head was on it and Ragini was just sitting
K-thank God aaj office Se holiday mill Gaya ..
N-you must be so tired and frm now will u be staying here ??
K-I don’t know I might , waise it will be better over here for romance
R-oh hello tu srk nahi ban Gaya hein, don’t romance so much and don’t trouble my nanand (sil) so much
K-accha u support her only …
N-ya she will support me only , u have Mishti na ? ur gf
K-now I did not say anything ha don’t get upset and he took her hands and kissed it .
R-guys stop it , I have a question ??
R-tell na how ur love story started ?? Yest u told it was only a summary .. Pls till ull don’t tell me I’m going to irritate u both and I will tell every 1
K-no meri maa don’t tell anyone we shall tell u , but we will tell u every detail then don’t say it’s long .

They started to say , they told her how Naira went away from home , she reached Rishikesh , there they met each other , their first fight how Naira cried looking at the police then Karthik getting the job and Naira getting back .
K-u know then She went back home and they convincing her to talk to aunty and even I was there , we then became good friends and we became Jai and Veeru they smiled , that time I had fallen for her I had so many dream sequences imagining Naira dancing with me and giving me coffee .
N-then we went to Zurich for a business trip and that time only papa was missing , we went there and found him , Karthik than proposed me there and I accepted it .. They blushed and she put her head on Karthiks shoulder .
K-we started our office romance , surprise lunches and dinner dates .
And that’s it and u came now
R-waah yaar what a love story , ❤️ull are so cute ..
K-thank u

They spoke and had lunch , in the after noon they were watching a movie …
They were sleepy and so while watching the movie only Karthik and Naira went to sleep sitting sitting and they got up by 7 ……
N-Karthik I’m tired and she hugged him
K-chill Naira come u sit here I’ll come
He went out stretched and saw Ragini
R-what happened
K-she’s hungry and tired what to do ??
R-make something for her
K-what yaar
R-Do something yaar show her ur love
K-God Knows pyaar mein kya Karna padta hein …
Karthik went to Naira
K-what Do u wanna eat ?? I’m making ??
N-whatever u make with love ❤️I’ll eat
K-ok thank u
N-I’ll make with u come
Kaira went out and they made a Chinese Behl and were sharing with Ragini …..
R-mmmm it’s very nice ……, ull have made good stuff in love 2gether
Time passed it was 9

Naira was just sitting and she fell asleep , Karagini did not want to disturb her so Karthik told that he will drop her and come .
Karthik went
Karthik picked her In his arms and made her sit in the car , they reached he again picked her and entered
A- beta everything is fine na
K-ya aunty actually u know na she was with me and Ragini so she fell asleep at home so Ragini told me to drop her that’s the reason I came
A-thank u beta , come sit
K-no aunty Ragini must be waiting
He went after putting Naira in her room
Gayu was feeling jealous that firstly Naira took leave and Karthik picked her up
Karthik reached home , he was thinking to himself -my gf looks cute while sleeping .
He also went to sleep

Guys that’s it for 2day
Sorry for delay …

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