Yrkkh ff- my take on current track (P10)

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So here goes the next part –

Days passed , kaira enjoyed their office romance and gayus jealousy was increasing day by day ..
One day naira took off from office and she was at home
A-Naira u remember ur friend Ragini and her father Arnab
N-yes mama , but why what happened to them
A-actually beta they are coming here , so I just spoke to them they want to meet u so they are Coming home 2day in the evening .
N-oh wow mama , that’s gr8 news I was remembering her yest only ,
A-ok be ready they will be here today for dinner .
N-ya mama
Naira went to her room and messaged Karthik .
N-try and come home by some excuse 2day evening I want u to meet my bf
K-arre Naira I’m your bf what r u saying
N-means my best friend
K-accha acha I’ll try and come , btw what time ?
N-they are here for dinner.
That day even naitik had not gone to office
In the evening by 7 Ragini Arnab came
Both came and hugged each other
Naira introduced Ragini to every1
Now Naira and Ragini went inside to talk To each other and refresh memories
N-accha tell me what’s up to u
R-no yaar nothing is up with me
N-is there some 1 lucky
R-no not any more …, who’s with u
N-there is some1 u will get to meet him 2day , but in the family no one knows and u better not open your mouth
Ragini was laughing
R-you are tho very fast ? who is this mister jo tere jaal mein fas gaya
N-wait be patient in life , and tell me how’s your dad and his business going ??
R-all is going awesome , listen I’ve to give u some news
R-I’m thinking to permanently shift here .
N-that’s good news !!
Naksh came -enough of gossiping come out
K messaged n-where are u yaar I’m in the hall just entered
N-chill baba coming
N to Ragini -cone fast and meet him he has just come
R-waah yaar I’m coming
Ragini and Naira came out
Ragini saw Karthik , she told Naira
R-this is Karthik na ,
N- yaar u know him ?
Arnab was shocked , and so was Ragini

Ragini just went and hugged him , she was just like not loosening the grip only and Karthik was standing not responding to anything , there Ragini was just crying and crying …
Karthik just stepped behind and turned his back to leave
Arnab spoke
A-Karthik . Beta what are you doing here
K-wo wo actually I ….. I na , Karthik was just stammering
Naira and every1 else were totally clueless to what was happening
A-Karthik just speak
K-papa I work with Singhanias
Every1 www shocked to hear papa from Karthiks mouth
A-why did u not tell me this Karthik
Ragini over there in her mind was like wth
K – I know you all are very shocked and confused to what is happening , but there’s a big reason behind all of this , actually I am The Arnab Malhotras son , that Arnab who is one of the best businessman and the tycoon , and Ragini is my sis , my mum died when rags and me were very small , once when I was a kid rags and me fought and papa only supported her so I always felt left out and in the fight papa shouted at me so much that after that I rarely even spoke to him , I hid my identity because than I could not do anything . Once I left home I never contacted anyone , I thought to start a fresh .
Ragini was standing like a lifeless body she was about to faint when Karthik screamed Di and went and held her , and put her on the bed he got water and sprinkled it on her she woke up
K-I’m really sorry pops and Di I will never ever do anything so bad and he went and hugged her .
Akshara -ok come now the reunion is done come have dinner
R-ya aunty coming
K-aunty actually I have to go over there they all must be waiting
Ak-no u have just met Ragini u stay here I will call and tell maa
K-thank u aunty
They all sat for Dinner
Nai-waise Arnab I must say ur son is really committed to his work and is my best employ .
A-thank u naitik , and very happy to hear that he is working in your company .
They completed their dinner
Ak-gayu beta go and get the desserts for every1 they are kept in the Kitche
G-yes mami
Ak-accha till then Ragini beta Karthik and u can go inside with Naira and talk
All said yes and went to nairas room
Gayu came out and could not spot the 3of them
Ak-they all have gone to nairas room , they will come out in a while u come and sit with us
Gayu was feeling j that Naira went inside with them and here she is sitting and doing all the work .

In the room
R-waise since how much time are you’ll 2gether
K-Di how u know
N-coz I told her
R-tell na
N-from like 2weeks
K-yaar help us na pls, no body knows
R-ok ok I’ll play Cupid for you
N-thank u yaar, btw u never told me u had a brother
R-arre I never thought to tell u anything coz anytime I talk of him I start to cry ?
N-accha forget all that , let’s make a plan to meet only 3of us
K-ya lets think of something
N-where are u staying ??
R-u remember we had a house here , papa told Ramu kaka to clean it and we are staying there only ..
Gayu came In
G-come guys have something sweet
They all went out
They finished eating
K-aunty can u tell in Maheshwari house that I will be staying with Di
Ak-beta I know u would be saying this that’s y I already told them .
K-thank u aunty
They all went , Naira had gone with them to drop them till out
Kaira were holding hands and walking and Rags had kept Arnab in her talks
N-Karthik u never told me anything
K-sorry na and I wanted to tell u but I did not get time only
Naira showed fake anger
K-sorry na babes
N-chalega ?
They hugged , Karthik sat in the car and they reached home Naira on the other hand was sleeping .???

Karthik reached they changed and we’re all sitting 2gether
All 3 of them sat together
A-Naira is. A very nice girl
They discussed for a while and Arnab went to sleep .
Now only rags and Karthik was there
Rags was munching some chips and Karthik was snatching it from her
R-sach bol how did u and Naira meet aur ye love ka kya chakar hein ?
K was blushing
K-we met in Rishikesh and we used to fight a lot never agreed on anything then her parents got her back home and I got a job than I stayed in her nani house and we kept meeting and still we continued to fight , soon I started to fall for her and had some 33 dream sequels with her we went to Zurich for a business trip and there I confessed it to her and she accepted it , this is just a jist and now I’m sleepy so I am going to sleep . Bye
R-hmm nice love story . Gn
They both slept

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