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Hey guys I’m back with the next episode.I know guys that you want me to update regularly.I’m happy that you love my ff so much that you want to upload regularly.But as I’m in class 10 I go to school in the morning and come home at 5 then I get sometime to type and then I’ve to go for tuitions and at night when I returned I don’t get that much time to type because I’ve to do self study.So I cannot complete an episode in 1 day.That’s why there is a gap of a day between the updates.I hope you can understand guys.

Link for previous episode: Episode 45

episode 46
Naina reaches office and sees Karan there who is waiting for her.When she reaches he smiles at her while she gives a faint smile.Karan senses it but stops for the time being as clients are present there.Soon they both sign the contract but Naina is sad as she had to leave Naira and come.
Karan:So all the formalities are done.So we can start the work as soon as papa comes.
Client:Ya of course but when is Mr.Mittal coming.
Naina:He is coming soon.I’ll talk with him about the date and inform you as soon as possible.
Client:Okay then we will be waiting.
They shake hands and exchange greetings and then clients leave from there.
Naina is thinking about Naira.
Karan sees her and turns her towards him.He cups her face.
Karan:What happened Naina?You don’t seem okay.
Naina:Its nothing Karan.Its just a slight headache.I’m fine.
Karan gets concerned.
Karan:What?You’ve headache and you didn’t even tell me.You’re so careless about your health.Now wait here I’ll bring medicine and you’ll eat it without any arguments.
Naina smiles at his concern.She holds her hand to stop him.
Naina:Believe me Karan I’m fine.And the headache is just because of flashes.
Karan:What?Again you got flashes.
Naina:Ya.But leave it.Where is Sanaya?
Karan:She went to her friend’s house to play.
Naina:Okay.Lets go we’ll take her and go to home.
Karan:Just now she went there.We’ll pick her up later.And you were also having headache na.
Naina:Arrey but it is…
Karan:It may be because of anything you sit here.He makes her sit on the chair.
Karan:Now this will give you relief.He starts pressing her head.
Naina holds his hands to stop him.
Naina:Karan no need of it.I’m fine.
Karan:Can’t you just keep quiet for a minute.
Naina(smiles):You know I can’t.
She stands up.
Karan(angry):Now why you got up?You never listen to me Naina.If something ha…
Naina hugs him tightly.
Naina:I know till my Karan is with me.Nothing can happen to me.I love you so much Karan.
Karan:I love you too Naina.He kisses on her head.
Naina:Achcha now can we go?
Karan(tightening the hug):No I like to stay like this.We’ll go after some time.
Naina:You know something…
Karan:Ya ya I’m mad etc etc.
Naina(smiles):I also like to stay like this.She pecks his cheeks while looks amused at her.Naina winks at him.They both stand there hugging each other.

The scene shifts to the mall.
Akshara:Wo Gayu…
Naira:Ya mumma tell na.You’re telling about Gayu di.How is she?When will she come.Tell me anything about her.I’m very happy today.
Akshara looks at Naira who is very happy and excited.
Akshara:Wo beta Gayu..Gayu..is die.
Naira’s smile vanishes.
Naira:What happened mumma?What are you telling?
Akshara:Wo wo..Gayu is dying to meet you.
Naira(sighs):Thank God.You almost gave me heart attack.I thought Gayu di..Its good nothing like that happened.Even I’m dying to meet her.Tell her to come fast.Now lets start shopping.
Akshara nods and thinks to tell afterwards.
Akshara and Naira are shopping and Naira is confused which saree to choose.Akshara sees her confused.
Akshara:What happened Naira beta?
Naina:Wo mumma I’m confused which one to take?
Akshara:Take both of them.(She thinks she is confused between two sarees which usually happen)
Naira:No mumma I’m confused which one to take from so many.
Akshara looks at her and sees her seeing all the saree stocks confusingly.
Akshara(surprised):You are confused which one to buy from all these sarees?
Naira:Ya mumma.
Akshara:You always are confused like this or just today?
Naira:Wo toh I’m always confused.That’s why Karthik choose for me.
She bits her tongue realising what she said.
Akshara(chuckles):Oh so my daughter wears the dress selected by her husband.That’s why I was thinking how come your choice in clothes became so good.But I must say my damad’s choice is very good.
Naira:Thanks for the compliment mumma.
Akshara:I complimented my damad’s choice not yours.
Naira(naughtily):That’s what I’m telling you are complementing Karthik’s choice na.And I’m his choice only na.
Akshara:Hey bhagwan .I thought that after 10yrs you’ve become more mature and less naughty than childhood.Yes its true you became matured but (pulls her ears) you became more naughty than childhood.Don’t know how Karthik controls you.
Naira:Simple he doesn’t control me.I control him.
Akshara looks and Naira then they both chuckle.
Akshara:I’m very happy today Naira.I always wanted this.To do shopping with my daughter,discuss about fashion,new clothes,plan her wedding.
Akshara gets sad as she says the last word and remembers that she didn’t get to see Naira’s wedding.
Naira(guilty):I’m sorry mumma.I know you’re feeling very bad.Every parent has the dream to watch their daughter’s marriage,to do her kanyadaan,do shopping for her,dress her and many more but because of my misunderstanding you all were deprived of this right.I’m really sorry.
Akshara(teary eyed):Its okay beta.It was not entirely your fault also.But Naira you didn’t remember us at the time of your wedding also beta.I know you were miffed with me but at least for your bhai and papa…..
Naira:I’m sorry.But you don’t know mumma how much I tried.I even took my wedding card and wrote your address on it and was about to send you but..just at that time I remembered the misunderstanding and tore away the card.Truly saying I missed you but not that much because I didn’t want to remember and my family…
Naira(turning around):I mean to say Karthik,Ishaan and also Naina bhabhi,Karan bro…
She gets teary eyed thinking about Karan.

Naira is roaming tensely in her room.
Naira’s POV
Today K’ll have to tell bro about the man in my life other than him and Ishaan.The one very special.The one I love to the core.My Karthik.Ya its not today that I realised how much I loved him but i hided it from bro.Arrgghhh I am dying of this guilt that I’ve hidden something from my bro.I myself don’t know why?Maybe previously it was because I and Karthik were so close that I didn’t understand whether his care,his love towards me was as a friend or something more than that.The special feeling which I feel.When i came to know what all he feels by accidentally reading his diary one day which was filled with I love you Naira,I was very happy and wanted to first run to bro and tell him everything but then I came to know he has been loving me since the first day he saw me.My mind was filled with anger.Arrgghhh what an idiot! Duffer,monkey everything.If he loved me so much then why he didn’t confess.Now I’m not going to tell him.I’ll only say when he proposes me.Till then ignore him.Ya crazy but that was what I thought then.I hope every girl out there will understand me.Everyone will want a beautiful proposal from her lover right.At least I want that.But I didn’t tell my bro about it.Maybe because he’ll not let me wait for my so called elaborate proposal.Ya I told bhabhi about it and even she supported me in my thinking.”The most unromantic person” was what she called him.Maybe because he just went to her and directly said I love you.Ya bhabhi was little angry on him for that so I helped him make up to her by what he called a “cheesy way of proposal”.Ya after falling in love he might have become romantic.The effect of bhabhi I guess but still he believe that proposal should be straight.Just I love you is enough.Arrggh what the hell I’m thinking now.Maybe due to tension my mind is already preparing lame excuses to present in front of bro.But where is this Karthik now?He was so afraid to tell my bro that he loves me.Fumbling hundred a times during rehearsing.I was very confident then but now I’m the one who is most tensed.How will I face bro?Okay not I Karthik will.He is the one to seek my hand.I’ll push him in battle ground.Don’t think me selfish.Girls are little shy in matters of marriage you know.

My chain of thoughts are broken by the ringing of my phone.Its Karthik’s call.I excitedly lifted the phone.
Karthik:I reached your home.Wish me and our love luck jaan.
I happily cut the call. Jaan. I really loved hearing it from his mouth.Since my dreamy elaborate proposal from my lover boy he has been calling me this only and I’m loving it.Oh god I’ve really become mad in love.Now lets go and see what my lover does to make himself my fiancee from lover and finally husband.Oh god thinking too far but can’t help it.Effect of love you know.
I went downwards thinking about Karthik and just then saw bro was about to call me.
I:You don’t need to call bro.I’m here only.
Karan:Oh good you came.Karthik you can talk with doll in her room.
Karthik(fumbles):Actually Karan..wo..actu..ally..I..
Karan:Tell clearly Karthik why are you fumbling?
Right why the hell is he now fumbling in front of bro?Pyaar kiya toh darna kya.
I stamped his foot and signalled him to say something. while he gathers both words and courage to speak.
End of Naira’s POV.

Karthik’s POV.
I don’t know what other boys feel like when they’ve to ask their love’s hand in marriage from their loving and possessive brother.Ya really Karan is possessive when it comes to his doll.I’m nervous as well as afraid due to this.As soon as I came I called her the result of which she came down before her brother could call her.Wow how beautiful she looks! Just like an angel coming from heaven.Chi Karthik.Very cheese lines indeed.I thought to myself.
Her brother was about to send me to talk with her.I wish if only talking to her would have lead to marriage and I didn’t have to talk with anyone else.But as it can’t be so better not think about it.

I wanted to tell him that I want to talk with him but due to fear and extreme nervousness. I started fumbling.But my love is getting really impatient I see.Oh god she stamped my foot.She is behaving as if I’m experienced in doing all this.I mean asking a girl’s hand for marriage.I‘m in love first time and also doing this first time.Maybe she is thinking that I’m loving her since so many years so I’d also made myself ready to present myself in front of her brother.Silly me.I really should have thought about it before.Ya its not that Karan doesn’t like me but just as a friend of my Jaan.Ya jaan.I’ve been calling her since the time of our proposal and she kinda likes it.Okay now Karthik just take a deep breath and blurt everything.Jo hoga dekha jayega.Jai mata di.
I:Karan I love your doll and want to marry her.She also loves me and I promise to keep her happy forever.
I said in one go and stood there shutting my eyes even jaan too did the same.We didn’t dare to look at him and crossed our fingers expecting…Actually don’t know what to expect lol.
End of Karthik’s POV.

Karan’s POV
What an idiot they both are!Especially my doll.She knows very well that she can’t hide anything from me then how she thought that she’ll hide her love from me.The truth is I knew well before she realised her own love that she loves Karthik.Ya it may be because she is not only my sister but like my daughter.From childhood I’ve known her feelings before her.Then why not this time.And moreover she told Naina that she don’t want to tell me now as I’ll not let her wait for her so called elaborate proposal?What the…Okay maybe she is right.I never understood why girls want this so called cheesy way of proposing and my Naina also agreed to her calling me the most unromantic person in the world.How does she know?She has gone to her father’s house and I’m already missing her so much.Isn’t it romantic?Okay it is just my love but let her come back I’ll show her what romance is.My beautiful wife has to pay for what she told.
But for now I’ve to handle these two idiots.They’re thinking that I may react angrily knowing it.Oh god they’re so afraid of me.Maybe because of my possessiveness and love for my doll.But I really like Karthik.I’ve seen the love for my doll in his eyes which is just like or maybe more than my love.In heart I’ve already decided to say yes but…Lets play with the two idiots for sometime.So when Karthik came to talk with me I very formally asked him to go and talk with doll which I usually do.He tried to tell that he wants to talk with me but Oh god he is fumbling.And my doll is getting impatient and what she is doing she stamped his foot!Oh god only I know how I’m controlling my laughter and keeping a serious face.
Finally our lover boy Karthik got some courage and blurted out in one go that they both love each other and he’ll keep my doll happy.
Of course He have to keep her happy or otherwise I’ll kill him first and then think about finding the reason for hurting my doll.Am I sounding dangerous?I should be.
Now I got to know how much these two are alike.Both have closed their eyes and crossed their finger.I mean really?These two are too much.Now I can no more control my laughter.I bursted out laughing.They both are looking surprised and staring me as if I came from another world.My doll came to me worried.
Naira(worried):Bro you’re okay na why are you laughing?I know it is shocking for you but….
Shocking!Really!My doll is thinking I received a big shock and have gone mad.I started laughing more loudly and saw my doll getting angry and irritated.Now I should better tell them else my doll will be mad at me.I somehow controlled my laughter and started speaking.
I:I know you both are confused seeing me laughing but I can’t control it.You both are too much.And doll what you thought I’ll not come to know that you love Karthik?For your kind information I knew well before you yourself realised it.
My doll and her lover got double shocked hearing me.Oh Naina if only you were here and could have seen their faces.
Naira:Bhai you knew it?
Karan:Ya and coming to the point I don’t have any problem with it.I like Karthik.
I went towards Karthik.
I(dangerously):Remember Karthik petty fights between husband and wife are common and I’ve no problem with it but if ever my doll gets hurt or she is heartbroken because of you then I’ll not leave you alive.Get that thing in your mind.
I expected him to get afraid but instead he smiled.
Karthik(smiling):Don’t worry Karan.If I really hurt her anytime break her heart then I myself will kill myself.You don’t have to do anything.I promise to keep her happy always.
This boy is really very good.He really brought tears in my eyes by his love for Naira.I hugged him tightly and called doll also to join in the hug.And my doll’s marriage finally got fixed with a boy who truly loves her.I’m very happy for her.
End of Karan’s POV.
Flashback ends.

Recap:Sorry guys can’t tell.Just will go with the flow.

Guys how did you like the episode?Tell me through your comments.And in coming episode I’ll show parts of flashbacks and love story of both Karthik-Naira and Karan-Gayu and after some episode it will merge and then some episodes will be only of flashback.Tell me if you are okay with it.

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