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Guys many of you guessed that Naina is Gayu.Guys I can’t tell you that now..Achcha now I want to ask you something do you want me to reveal Naina’s secret or as I planned you want me to first show London track first as both cannot occur simultaneously.But let me also tell you guys that London chapter is a bit long as it had got many twists packed in it but don’t worry I’ll give Gayu’s track in between.So I leave you to vote.Comment and tell me what I should do?And one more thing guys I just wanted to tell you that Gayu’s accident occur 6yrs before 4 yrs after Naira left according to my ff.
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episode 44
The episode starts with Naina seeing Naira and others.She goes towards Naira and hugs her tightly and happily.
Naina(with teary eyes):How are you doll?
Naira(teary eyes):Fine bhabhi.How are you and…
Naina:We all are fine.Even he is fine but only physically as you know that the man who has anger in him can never be mentally happy.I tried a lot Naira to explain him but…
Naira holds her hand.
Naira:Its okay bhabhi.I understand and bhabhi how is Sanaya?You didn’t bring her.
Naina:Wo actually Naira Karan took Sanaya with him to the park.So I thought..
Naira:Its okay bhabhi.You did good by not bringing her.She can spend time with bro and he will also be happy.
Naina(teary eyed):After so much happened doll still you’re calling him bro and thinking about his happiness.
Karthik(taunting):What to do bhabhi.She can’t see the truth na.
Naina gets hurt hearing Karthik as though she knows what he is telling is right but…
Naina stops Naira.
Naina:Its okay doll.He did not tell anything wrong.It is the truth no matter what we tell right?
Karthik comes to her and hugs her.
Karthik:I’m sorry bhabhi I don’t have any offence with you but I can’t forget what all your husband did and is doing.
Naina:I understand Karthik.Its okay.I didn’t feel bad.
Ishaan:Arrey someone hug me also.Everyone forgot about me or what?
Everyone laughs hearing Ishaan.

Naina goes to Ishaan and pulls his cheeks.
Naina(pulling his cheeks):No one forgot about you chotu.
Ishaan:Bhabhi please at least don’t call me chotu na.See I’m grown up now.
Naira:Yes bhabhi you know he is so grown up that he fell in love also.
Emi:Yes and you know she is very beautiful and you know we saw her before mumma and papa.
Vitki:And you know what she calls him?
Emi & Vitki(giggling):DEFECT KI DUKAAN.
Naina(laughs):Reaallyy.Ishaan hahaha..you defect ki dukaan..hahaha but why?
Emi:Because first time when he met her he collided with her so defect in eyes and then when she was scolding her then he was not listening and just staring her so problem with ears and lastly when he begins to say something he started to fumble so problem in talking also.So she called her defect ki dukaan
Naina:Achcha but who is she?
Naira:She is my sister Mishti.
Naina hearing the name gets some flashbacks and holds her head.
Naina(holding her head):Aaahhh.
Everyone get tensed seeing her.

Naira goest to her and hold her one hand and Karthik holds her other hand.They make her sit on the chair.
Naira(concerned):Bhabhi what happened?
Naina:Its nothing doll.You know that flashes.
Naira:Again you got flashes.
Naina:Ya but leave it na.Show me the photo of the girl.
Naira:Ya bhabhi sure.
Naira takes her phone and shows Naina the photo.
Naina likes t very much.
Naina:Wow she is so beautiful.But whatever may my doll is more beautiful.
Ishaan:Actually bhabhi is right.
Naira widens her eyes in disbelief hearing Ishaan praising her.
Naina:Don’t do that doll.You know na there are only some instances when Ishaan agrees with me about you.This one is one of them.My doll is the best.

Ishaan:Bhabhi its not fare you call her so cutely doll and call me chotu why?
Naina:Because she is my doll and you’re chotu as simple as that.
Ishaan(pouts):Not fare bhabhi.Do I look like chotu.
Naina(thinks):Actually no you don’t look like chotu.Ishaan smiles.She goes towards him and pulls his cheeks.
Naina:You’re chotu.Okay.
Emi:Ya chachu you’re chotu.
Vitki:You’re more chotu than us and mumma is doll.
Ishaan pouts while everyone laugh.
Naira:Waise bhabhi you remember the first time when bro heard you calling me doll.
Naina:Ya how can I forget?

Naira and Tanu are talking just then Karan comes.
Karan comes there irritated and mumbling.
Naira and Tanu sees him.
Naira(teasing):Bro your lady love is coming or what?
Tanu(joins her in teasing):Naira leave na why are you troubling him?See na he is so much tensed as to how to present himself in front of his lady love and create good impression.
Karan:You both stop okay.How many times I’ll have to tell you she is not my lady love.I just hate her.(Actually at that time their relation was like shivaye and anika from ishqbaaz or air and khushi from its pyaar ko kya jaa doon though both are rich.)
Naira comes to him.
Naira:But I love Naina di or soon to be bhabhi.
Karan(shouts):Doll how many times I’ll have to tell you she is not going to be your bhabhi.
Naira(fake tears):Bro you shouted on me?
Karan gets worried thinking that he hurt her.
Karan(worried cups her face):I’m sorry doll.I’m so sorry.I was a bit irritated by her.I didn’t mean to shout at you.
Naira controls her laughter while Tanu starts laughing loudly.
Karan(angry):Tanu what is this?Doll is angry with me and you’re laughing?
Tanu(laughing):Bhai you really think she is angry on you?She is just acting.
Karan looks at Naira who is giggling.
Karan:What is this doll?Now you’ll tease me like this ha.
Naira:What to do bro?You’re so cute.(pulls his cheeks)You’re saying sorry because you shouted that too because I was teasing you.Brooo anyone in your place would react in the same way.
Karan(cups her face):But I’m not anyone else and you’re not anyone to me.
Naira:I know bro.You love very much and that’s why I’m telling you you have the right to scold me.You don’t have to feel sorry for it.
They hug each other.

Tanu smiles seeing them.Just then Naina comes and first time she notices this side of Karan and gets impressed by him.Another person enters with her and he also smiles seeing them.
Person(smiles):Its really nice to see your love and bond with your sister Karan.
Karan turns to him and smiles.
Karan(smiles):Mr.Mittal come inside na.Why are you standing outside?
Mr.Mittal:No no Karan I’m getting late.Actually I’ve an important meeting.But don’t worry as Naina is handling this project she will brief you about everything and I hope you both cooperate professionally(mockingly) not like kg kids.
Naira:You’re right uncle and don’t worry I’ll take care of it or else due to their fighting earthquake will come.
Tanu:Ya uncle you don’t worry.
Mr.Mittal(joking):I’m counting on you both young ladies.Now the lives of numerous people are in your hand only.
Karan & Naina(together):Mr.Mittal/papa.
Mr.Mittal:Okay okay baba.Naira and Tanu you always instigate me.See don’t do this again else they’ll kill me.
Naira and Tanu laughs.
Naina smiles and hugs Mr.Mittal.
Naina:Papa.. you’ll never change.
Mr.Mittal:You want me to beta.?
Mr.mittal:Okay beta.Call me when you’re finished working (teasingly) and fighting also.
Before Naina can say anything else he leaves from there.

Naina comes and hugs and Naira and Tanu.
Naina:How are you Tanu?And how is Rishi?
Tanu(blushes):We are fine Naina di.
Naira sees her blushing and teases her.
Naira:Kuch zyada hi theek hain.
Tanu leaves from there blushing.

Naina:And how are you doll?
Karan hears it and immediately come there.
Karan:What you called her?
Naina:Couldn’t you hear?
Karan:You called her doll?
Naina:When you know then why are you asking me?
Karan:How did you call her doll?
Naina:Just like this.Doll.Understood or I’ll have to show you again.
Karan:Oh hello only I can call her doll.Doll she is calling you doll and you’re not saying anything.
Naina:For our kind information I already took permission from her and she also insisted that I can call her doll.
Karan:Doll how could you permit her?I thought only I had the right to call you doll.But you gave that right to her also.
Naira:Arrey bhai no one is snatching your right.You are also calling me doll na.Let her also call.
Karan:No.Its not okay.I thought that only I’m the person who have the right to call you doll.You didn’t give permission to even Tanu for calling you.You used to get angry when anyone else called you dall because it was only your bro’s right.But today you gave her the right to call you call you doll.
He gets teary eyed.Naira feels very bad and guilty for hurting me.

Naira:I’m sorry bro.I didn’t mean to hurt.Wo actually Naina di don’t have sister and she considers me her sister.So when she told me that she so wanted to have a sister whom she wanted to call doll I asked her to call me only as now I’m her sister.If I knew it would hurt you so much.I would never had done it.(holding her ears)I’m sorry bro.Please forgive me.
Karan hugs her tightly.
Karan:I’m sorry doll.I should’ve understood that my doll can never hurt me.I’m sorry.
Naina:Actually I’m sorry.I shouldn’t have come between you two.I’ll not call her doll.You’re right Karan.Its your right.
Karan:No call her doll only.
Naina(shocked):But you..
Karan:Ya I know I only told you not to call her but I’m only telling you now.At that time I thought you’re calling her hearing me and snatching my place but now I understood that its not because I call her.Its because you wanted to call your sister doll.And Naira is your sister by that relation you also have the right to call her doll.
Naina(smiles):You know you’re not that bad.Wy don’t you show your emotions more often to others?Why always acting as an arrogant and angry young man?Whatever may be the reason thank you.
Karan:You’re welcome.And ya I don’t show my emotions because in this world no one values emotions everyone only know to play with them.

Naina:Naira told me everything about her past and its obvious that you’re angry because of that only.But do you really think no one values emotions?I don’t think so.I can prove it to you also.
Karan:Oh really.Where is the proof?
Naina:Sometimes proof is in front of us but we’re not able to see it.See yourself and Naira only no.You both don’t have any blood relation between you but still you value her emotions more than anthing in the world and vice verse.Same about Tanu and Naira,now even me and Naira and me and y…
Karan:What?Complete it.
Naina(fumbles):Wo..wo..I think this much example is enough for you to understand.
She comes to him and holds her hand.
Naina:Karan I know every one in this world is not good but is it right that because of some bad people you’ll overlook the good people and their goodness?Think about it.Now lets get to work.
Naina goes and sits and starts arranging her work while Karan stands there thinking about Naina’s words.He then looks at Naina with some emotions and smile.
Naira(teasing and whispers in his eyes):Struck by cupid bro?
But this time Karan did not retaliate.He stood there still seeing Naina and thinking about her words.
Naira sees them and smiles.
Flashback ends.

Naina and Naira smiles remembering it but get sad also.

Recap:Akshara meets Naina.

Guys I thought to make Naina and Akshara meet today but then I thought to show a flashback sequence.I’ll make them meet in next episode.

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