YRKKH ff New Beginnings(episode 43)


Guys in today’s episode I’ll spread light about Gayu based on SM members pov.And guys one more thing,I know many of you’re waiting for gayu but the question is will you all be able to recognise her when she comes?Hehehe might be thinking what stupid things I’m blabbering.You’ll understand it in some time.So wait for the right time guys.

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episode 43
The episode starts in SM.
Everyone is sitting in the hall and talking.
Devyani:Yesterday was so much fun na.After so many years raksha bandhan was so happy happy.
Bhabhimaa:Yes Devayani.First Naira went.We all were so sad due to her departure.But Gayu was there.She took care of everyone.But see what fate did our Gayu was also snatched from us.
Karishma:When Naira asked about Gayu I was so worried what to tell her.But Naksh managed everything well.
Naksh: i had to do it.She returned after so many years.I didn’t want to give her such a big shock and that too on raksha bandana.
Akshara:But we’ll have to tell her.Sooner or later she’ll come to know it.I think we should not delay and tell her.She has the right to know.
Naksh:Maa how can you say like this?You know how upset she’ll be if she comes to know about it.
Naitik:I think Akshara is right Naksh.It may happen also na that we didn’t tell her and she gets to know from somewhere else.Think then how bad she’ll feel.She’ll have to go through this feeling one day or the other.So we should tell her now itself.
Naksh:Ya papa I’m not telling that we shouldn’t tell her.But now itself she came back.She is so happy.I don’t want to give her any sorrow.
Akshara:But if we don’t tell her duggu she’ll get much more pain later.
Naksh:Ma what will we tell her.That GAYU IS DEAD.I myself can’t believe it till now then how come we tell her.
Akshara:I know duggu even I can’t believe that.
Bhabhimaa:An accident snatched my daughter and grand daughter from me I till remember the day.
Devyani:That was such an auspicious day we thought.We were going to celebrate Rashmi and Sameer’s anniversary and we planned to go to a resort to celebrate it.
Akshara:All of us were very happy that day specially Rashmi & Sameer but more than them was Gayu.She was so happy on their anniversary.All day she was busy planning what to do to make Sameer and Rashmi’s special day more special.Then came the time when we all were going to leave for the party planned in evening.Everyone of us were so excited.I still remember I myself dressed Gayu to make her look special.
Bhabhimaa:And I dressed Rashmi.Both mother and daughter were looking like princess.
Naitik:Then came the time for leaving.We all decided to leave but Sameer told that he would bring Rashmi and Gayu..

All are ready and are leaving for party.
Akshara:Gayu you come with us there is space in the car.
Gayu:Mami but I want to come with mumma and papa.
Sameer:Its okay no bhabhi my daughter will come with me only.
Gayu gets happy and hugs Sameer.
Akshara:Okay as you wish.We will leave.
Rashmi:Yes bhabhi we’ll also leave lets go.
They were about to go when Gayu’s dress get caught in car’s door and got torn a little.
Gayu:Mumma my dress got torn how I’ll go like this?
Akshara:Its okay Gayu.Sameer Rashmi you both go I’ll stitch Gayu’s dress and go afterwards.Gayu gets a little sad.Sameer and Rashmi understands it.
Rashmi:Bhabhi you go na.I’ll make Gayu ready and bring her with me.
Akshara:Arrey Rashmi it is your day na.You..
Sameer:Its okay bhabhi its our day and we will come with Gayu only you leave.
Akshara:Okay but come soon.
Akshara and everyone reach the party and are waiting for the trio when suddenly Naitik get a call.
Naitik:Yes I’m Naitik Singhania.
Naitik gets shocked and mobile falls from his hand and he falls on the floor with a thud.
Akshara and everyone get worried seeing him and runs to him.
Akshara:Naitik:What happened?
Everyone gets shocked to hear it just then police comes
Police:I’ll tell you all.Actually their car met with an accident with a truck and all three of them died in it.While we found the body of your daughter and son in law we couldn’t get the body of their daughter.We assume that she fell down the cliff which was very close to the accident site but it is very deep and a strong flowing river is beneath it therefore finding her body will be difficult or it might happen that we can’t find her body at all.
Naksh:But how can you assume that she is dead.Maybe she is alive.
Police:Mr.Singhania even if she survives the accident it is not at all probable that she will survive the fall from the cliff on top of that survive in a strong flowing river.Miracles generally do not happen Mr.Naksh.We suggest you to collect the bodies from us and close the case.
The police leaves from there.
Everyone sits there in shock and cries very badly.
Flashback ends.
Bhabhimaa(crying):I still can’t believe that fate played such a game with us.
Naksh:Even I can’t badi dadi.Mumma at least I don’t have the courage to tell Naira the truth.
Akshara:Its okay duggu.I’ll try to tell her the truth.I’ll call her to meet her.

The scene shifts to MM.
Everyone is getting ready to meet Naina.
Naira comes.She is wearing a beautiful saree and has open hairs.She is looking very beautiful as always.Karthik gets mesmerised seeing her.
She comes in front of the mirror.
Karthik back hugs her from behind and keeps his chin on her shoulder.He inhales her fragnance.
Karthik(whispers in her ears):You always make me crazy for you.
Naira blushes hearing him.
He begins to give wet kisses on her neck while Naira closes her eyes enjoying the moment.After sometime Karthik turn Naira towards him.Naira is blushing really hard and her face has become red.He stares at her lips and leans forward.Naira closes her eyes.Soon he placed his rough lips on her soft lips and began kissing her lovingly and passionately.Naira too responded with equal passion and love.It was long lasting kiss broken due to lack of oxygen.Karthik looks at Naira lovingly while she is blushing really hard and her face has become red like tomato.Just then Naira’s phone rang and they came to their senses.
It was Akshara’s call.
Naira:Hello mumma..
Akshara:Naira how are you?
Naira:Fine mumma..
Akshara:Are you free today beta actually I wanted to meet you.
Naira:Actually mumma I and everyone is going out for for..shopping.So can you meet me in xyz mall at 11:00?
Akshara:Ya beta sure I’ll meet you there.
Naira:Okay mumma see you.Bye love you.
Akshara:Love you too beta.
Karthik:What she told?
Naira:Actually mumma wanted to meet me.So I thought we’re going outside to meet bhabhi so she can join us too.
Karthik:Ya good idea but what will you tell about bhabhi.
Naira:I’ll tell that she is some friend or something or better tell her bhabhi only.You know na in India calling bhabhi is very common.
Karthik:Ya right.
Naira:And today even Emi and Vitki will meet bhabhi.They’re so excited.
Karthik:Is Sanaya also coming?
Naira:Don’t know Karthik.Depends.I so want to meet her.(Guys forgot to tell you Sanaya is the daughter of Karan and Naina).
Ishaan come there.
Ishaan:You guys are ready.
Naira:Ya we’re toh ready what about you?
Ishaan:I’m toh ever ready.
Naira(teasing):For Mishti?
Ishaan blushes.
Naira and Karthik sees him.
Naira:See Karthik someone is blushing here.And we used to think that only girls blush.But see na some boys are better than girls in blushing.
Ishaan:Stop it okay.Tease me afterwards.Now lets go.
Naira:Ya but before going one last thing.
Naira:Nothing a good news.You know chachi is impressed by you.Soon she would tell me that she wants Mishti to marry you.

Ishaan gets excited and goes to Naira.
Ishaan(excited):How did you know that?
Naira:Relax Ishaan.Relax.Actually I understod yesterday only.Chachi was continuously trying to give me hints regarding your jodi like how you both look cute together,and Mishti’s age is of marriage and your age too and you both are compatible etc,etc.Actually I was quite enjoying it.But acted like I didn’t understand anything.You see within this week her phone is going to come or ot may happen she herself comes to talk about Mishti and you.
Ishaan(feels happy but does not show it):It may happen na that she was telling casually.
Naira:Ishaan stop acting okay.Man mein toh lade foot rahe hain.Then there is no problem in showing it.
Karthik:Ya you know when I loved Naira I also used to feel like you but big b..
He gets sad remembering him.Naira understands it.
Naira(holds Karthik’s hand to support him):And then what Karthik?What jiju told?
Karthik:He used to tell that I don’t have to hide my love or feelings.Ab pyaar kiya toh darn kya.
Naira smiles at him.
Ishaan(to lighten the situation):Oh and bhai took this suggestion extra seriously therefore you both start your romance anytime anywhere and in front of anyone.I know you both are shameless but others have shame na.Think about them also.Everyone don’t like to see ragini mms.
She goes and beats tim.
Ishaan:Aaah moti moti okay I’m sorry leave me please I’m really sorry.Leave me please.Someone please save me.
Karthik laughs seeing them.
Karthik:Okay guys know stop we have to leave also.
They stop fighting .
Ishaan:Oh god finally.
Naira:I’ll see you afterwards.

They all leave from there and come to xyz mall.
The reach the mall and enter the cafeteria as Naina told them she is waiting there.
They reached the cafeteria and search for Naina.They spot her on a table and goes towards them.Emi and Vitki get happy seeing her and rushes towards her.
Emi and Vitki(together):Mamiii….
Naina turns to then and gets happy seeing them.
They go to her and hug her.
Naina happily hugs them back.
Naina bends down and kisses on their cheeks.
Naina(happily):How are my dear bhanja and bhanji?
Emi and Vitki(act angry):We are angry on you?
Naina(smiles):And why so?
Emi:You came to meet us after so many days?You know how much we missed you?
Vitki:Yes mama we missed you a lot didn’t you miss us?
Naina:I missed you all very much but couldn’t come.Sorry.(She holds her ears).
Emi:Its okay.
Vitki:We are not angry on you.We were just angry.
Naina smiles at them.
She looks at Naira and others.

Recap:Naina and Naira’s bonding.Akshara meets Naina.Akshara tries to tell Naira about Gayu.Will she be able to tell her?

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