YRKKH ff New Beginnings – MAHA EPISODE – (episode 76)

I hope this chapter answers all your question regarding past.Well all if does not arises any more.And one thing more.Don’t forget to read the author’e note at the end of the chapter.

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episode 76

The episode starts with Karthik coming to Naira’s ward and seeing her sleeping.
Naira(murmurs):Tanu..don’t leave me…I promise you…don’t leave me…
Karthik hears her and silently cries.He then goes towards Vitki’s cradle and sees her sleeping peacefully.He lovingly rubs her head and remembers what happened.

Karthik coming to Radhika.
Karthik:Radhika..What happened?My Naira and my baby..They are okay na..And..and Tanu she is okay na..
He sees Radhika tensed.
Karthik:What happened Radhika?Why are you not answering me?My Naira..my baby..nothing happened to them na..
Radhika:Karthik Naira is fine and congrats she gave birth to a healthy baby boy but because of the stress her condition worsened and we could only save your one child…
Karthik(happy):What I became a father?I’m really so happy..(hugs her)Thanks Radhika..thank you so much..
He still sees Radhika tensed and thinks maybe she is tensed because she could only save one of the babies.
Karthik:Its okay Radhika if you could not save both my babies.I understand in the condition Naira was due to stress it was difficult to save even both baby and mother but see here my Naira and my baby both are safe and sound.I can’t thank Krishna ji enough.(suddenly he remembers)Radhika..Tanu..what about Tanu..she is okay na..
Radhika:Karthik…wo..Tanu gave birth to a healthy baby girl…but…
Karthik:But what Radhika?What happened?
Radhika:You come with me.Tanu wants to tell you and Naira something.I already shifted Naira to Tanu’s ward.She will soon gain consciousness.And rest all Tanu will tell you…
Karthik:But what happened Radhika?You’re making me tensed..It is good news na that Tanu and baby are safe..
Radhika:No Karthik its not the case.I told you that Tanu gave birth to a baby girl who is healthy and safe but the same does not go for Tanu.The accident she suffered was very serious and inspite of all our tries we…(she stops as tears well up in her eyes.She somehow controls herself and continues)..She has very less time left Karthik and she wants to tell something to specially you and Naira.So come please come with me.
Karthik gets shocked but rushes with Radhika to Tanu’s cabin.

In Tanu’s cabin.
Tanu is sitting with her baby daughter hugging her close to her chest and crying.Naira is unconscious and Emi is lying in the cradle beside her.
Tanu(crying):Sorry beta..Your mother is leaving you and going away forever.Both your mumma and papa saw so many dreams regarding.They wanted give you lots of love and do many things for you.But see when you came..we’ve to go away.(smiles)But you know why your mother is happy…because before going away she is able to give your responsibility to your mausi who will become your mother and your chachu who’ll become your father.I know they’ll never let you feel that your real mother and father are not there with you.She kisses on her forehead lovingly.She then sees Naira gaining consciousness.
Naira gains consciousness and looks beside her and finds the cradle where her baby Emi is lying.She smiles happily and has happy tears in her eyes.For a moment the joy of her motherhood makes her forget about her surroundings.Tanu’s voice brings her back to reality.And what follows was worse than any nightmare Naira ever dreamt of.

Tanu:Congrats sissy..You became a mother.And I maasi…
Naira turns around and sees Tanu sitting with a baby girl in her hands..
She looks at her happily thinking everything is well which was just her illusion.
Tanu:A boy for you and..
Naira(happily):And girl for you…I’m so happy..Congrats to you too and me too.I became maasi..
Tanu(giving a sad smile):No Naira you didn’t become maasi.You again became mother.
Naira(confusingly):What are you saying Tanu?I’m not understanding anything.
Just then Karthik enters with Radhika.His eyes travel to Naira and then he sees their babies.He gets very happy but then his eyes fall on Tanu and her baby and all the words said by Radhika comes back to haunt him.
Karthik(teary eyed):Tanu…
Tanu:So Radhika told you everything Karthik.Right.
Naira(confused):Will anyone tell me what is happening?
Tanu:I’ll tell you sissy.I know by seeing me and my baby here you’re thinking that we both are safe and sound.But it is not the truth.My baby is safe but not me.I’ve very less time left Naira..(Tanu tells her teary eyed)
Naira gets shocked hearing Tanu.She feels that god is mocking at her sitting above.
Naira:Tanu..you’re joking right..(cries)Tell me its a joke.It can’t be truth.(looks at Radhika).Radhika Tanu is joking right.Nothing will happen to her..nothing..Radhika..please tell her to stop joking please..(naira cries vigorously).
Karthik feels the worst seeing his life crying and broken in front of him and not being able to do anything..Naira’s each tear seems like stabbing his heart with hundred knife.
Tanu(cries):Naira..if you cry like this..how can I go peacefully..
Naira(stops her):No..no..no Tanu.Nothing can happen to you.Nothing.I’ll do anything.I’ll save you.(She holds her hand tightly)I’ll not let you go away.
Tanu(smiles sadly at Naira):You always can’t save me Naira.It isn’t like Rishikesh.Today you can’t save me even if you want to.

She remembers their first meeting
Flashback(It has been 3 months since Naira left home.She was in Rishikesh and was living with Negi uncle in Sparsh ashram).She was getting used to the life in the ashram and was trying hard to get over the absence of her parents.One day she was passing by the road when she saw a girl crossing the road.She didn’t notice a speedy truck coming towards.Naira don’t know what crossed her mind but she jumped in to save her and rescued the girl and herself just at the nick of time.The girl was none other than Tanu.

Tanu and Naira becomes nostalgic remembering their first meeting.
Naira(cries hard):Please Tanu don’t leave me please.How will I be able to live without you?
Tanu(smiles):I hope I could but before leaving I want a promise for you Naira.
Naira:What promise?
She carefully gives her baby daughter in her Naira’s hand.Naira takes her carefully and looks at Tanu confused.
Tanu:I want you to become the mother of my daughter Naira and Karthik I want you to become her father.
Naira:But Tanu..
Tanu:No buts Naira.I know Naira you’ll prove to be the best mother for my..aha..your daughter and Karthik will also be the best father.Promise me you both.
Both Naira and Karthik with teary eyed promises Tanu.
Tanu:Promise me one more thing.You’ll never let her or anyone else know that she is my daughter.From today she’ll only be yours and Karthik’s daughter.(to Radhika)Radhika please accept this request as my last wish and tell everyone else that Naira gave birth to twins.One boy and one girl and issue my daughter’s birth certificate with Karthik and Naira as parents.
Naira and Karthik cries.Radhika also cries.
Tanu:Radhika please…
Radhika nods with teary eyed.She looks at Naira & Karthik.
Naira & Karthik:We promise.
Naira(sadly):I promise Tanu..
Tanu smiles and closes her eyes peacefully.Naira gets shocked and tries to wake her up.Radhika checks and nods her head in no.Naira gets so shocked that she faints on the bed and Karthik takes Vitki to prevent her from falling from Naira’s loosening grip.Radhika checks her and says that its all due to stress and she’ll gain consciousness after sometime.
Flashback ends

Karthik(looking at Vitki lovingly):I promised your mother to keep you as my daughter and I’ll do it not because I promised your mother but because I really consider you my daughter.You’ll be my daughter..my princess..
Karthik kisses on her forehead lovingly and leaves from there.Karthik comes out of the ward and sees Ishaan and Naina tensed.Naina is continuously trying to call someone from her phone but is unable to do so.Karthik comes there.
Karthik:What happened bhabhi?
Naina:Karthik Karan is not picking up my calls.It has been 3 hours since he went but neither he called me nor he is receiving my calls.I’m getting tensed.
Karthik:Don’t worry bhabhi.I saw him going with the police.Maybe it was something important so he couldn’t come.
Just then they see Karan coming with the police.Naina comes and asks him his whereabouts.But he ignores her and goes straight towards Karthik.He sees him angrily.Karthik get confused.
Karthik:What is wrong Karan?Did anything happen?
Karan:Yes Karthik not something many thing have happened.Many questions have arisen whose answers I don’t know.Only you and Naira can give me the answer.
Karthik:What do you mean Karan?
Karan:How is your wife now?When is she getting discharged?
Naina:Karan why are you talking like this?She is not only Karthik’s wife but also your sister.
Karan(shows his hand to Naina):My answer Karthik.
Karthik:She is resting now.Once she gets up we can take her home.
Karan:How much time?
Karthik:At least 1 to 3 hrs.But Karan what is the..
Karan:2 hrs…I’ll meet you both at your house after 3 hrs.I hope you’ll be ready by then.
Karan then turns and without answering anyone’s questions goes from there.

After sometime Naira gets up and they along with Emi and Vitki go to their home.On the way Karthik tells Naira about Karan’s behaviour but she was so much occupied in Tanu’s memories that she didn’t pay attention.On reaching home Naina does their and Naira takes Emi and Vitki to room,feeds them and make them sleep.She then comes downstairs and wait for Karan.All the while she was neither smiling nor talking well with anyone except for the time when she was with her babies.Karan arrived after 3 hrs as he said.Naira got happy seeing him and saw towards him with love.She went and hug him but he did not reciprocate.Naira realises and breaks the hug and looks into his eyes.She couldn’t find the usual love she sees in her brother’s eyes instead she found some thing else..Before she could ask Karthik asks Karan the reason of his weird behaviour.Just then the police also comes.

Karan:So when you’re already here inspector tell them what you’ve told me.
Karthik:What is the matter inspector?Whats going on?
Inspector:You’re telling Mr.Malhotra as you don’t know anything?Well then let me tell you Mr.Malhotra that your brother Mr.Rishi Malhotra and sister-in-law Mrs.Tanu Malhotra’s death was not an accident.It was a well-planned murder made to look like an accident.
Everyone get shocked.
Naira:What are you telling inspector?
Inspector:Their car brakes were failed intentionally to make them die.
Karthik(angrily):Who did this inspector?
Inspector signals the constable and he brings a man.
Inspector:This is the man who tempered with the car brakes such that they’ll stop working after sometime.That’s why while going to temple the brakes were working properly but while returning their brakes failed.
Karthik angrily goes towards the man and punches him hard.He falls on the ground and his mouth starts bleeding.Two constables come and push Karthik back from him.The man somehow gets up.
Karthik:How dare you?How dare you kill my brother?How dare you?
Naira was also looking at him angrily.
Man(claps):Very well sir very well.How well you act?You only trapped me in this case and now behaving as if you know nothing about it?I must say you act very well.
Karthik(angrily):What do you mean?
Man:Sir don’t think that I’ll stay quiet.I’ll tell the truth.(to inspector)Inspector he was the one who brought their car to the garage and asked me to tamper the car brakes such that they stop working after sometime.I’m poor man sir.He gave me greed of money and seeing so much money in front of me I also got flowed away in greed.Please forgive me sir.
Naira angrily goes and holds the man’s collar.
Naira:How dare you?First you killed my sister and brother in law and now you’re trying to trap my husband by putting false blame on him.
Man:Madam you are saving him because you were also involved with him.I know everything madam.He did all this on your saying only.I’ll tell the truth to everyone.You were the one who came to give me money.
Naira gets shocked.She goes to Karan.
Naira:Bro don’t listen to him.You know me and Karthik na.(holds his hands and makes him cup her face)You know na your doll can never do anything like this.
Karan moves his hand from her face.
Karan:What prove do you have that Karthik and Naira have done this?
The man looks at Karthik silently.
Karthik:Arrey what prove he’ll give.He doesn’t have any.Because I and Naira can never think of doing such cheap things.Inspector you..
Man:I have proof..
Everyone look at him shock.But most shocked were Karthik and Naira.
Man(looking at them):What you both thought that you can trap me so easily?I knew that if I get caught or something then you both will easily back out and put all the blame on me.So when you cam to the garage and gave me the contract I recorded all our conversation.And I also recorded the conversation when this madam(pointing to Naira) came to give me the full payment.I’ll show you.He takes out his phone and shows the video.Everyone gets multiple shocks seeing the video.

Karthik and the mann enter a room and are sitting.
Man:Sir now tell me what is the work?
Karthik:Not much and easy task for a mechanic like you.The car I’ve brought here..You’ve to play with its breaks.It should be such that they stop working after sometime say 2 to 3 hours from the time the engine started.
Man(smilingly):It will be done sir.Easy task for me.But sir some tonic will be needed to do the work perfectly and silently.The man smiles.
Karthik smiles and takes out cheque book from his pocket.He fills a page and give it to the man(The amount which he wrote could not be seen in the video).
Karthik:10 lakhs for now.After the work is done you’ll get the rest.
Karthik gets up and goes from there smiling.
Video ends.

Karthik get shocked seeing the video.
Karthik:Its not true the video is fake.
Man:Yes sir now you’ll tell that you’re not in this video right.
Karthik:No its true I’m in the video but I did not say this things.I told the man to repair the car and told him some modifications Rishi bhai wanted.And I did not five him 10 lakhs.I gave him only 1 lakh because the modifying parts were costly.Trust me Naira I didn’t
Naira:I trust you Karthik.I know you can’t do anything like this.This man is lying.
Man:Madam don’t open my mouth.Its true your husband didn’t do all this on his own.You were the mastermind behind all this.You yourself told me the reason when you came to give me the final payment.I have recorded that conversation also.He shows another video.

Naira is seen giving a money bundle to the same man.
Naira:Here take this and go away from here.
Naira turns to go but the man stops him.
Man:Madam before going tell me why your husband wants to kill his brother and your sister and you’re supporting him also.
Naira(turns):Its not him its me who want to kill my sister and his brother as I want the property my brother kept on my and her name al for myself.
She smiled at him and turned and went away.
Video ends.

Naira slaps the man hard.
Naira:You bastard.This video is false.Its true that I met this man but it did not happen like in the video.This man collided with me while I going and his money bundle fell down from his bag.Si I just picked it up and returned him.I found him suspicious seeing the amount of money he was carrying so I just asked him where he was taking the money and he told me that he wants to make a fixed deposit so taking all his savings he made since many years to the bank.Hearing him I thought he is saying truth so I turned to go.But he stopped me and told me that he does not know the ban’s location and asked me to help me.So I just told him the directions to the bank.In return he smiled at me so I returned the smile.That’s it.
Inspector:Very convincing story Mr. and Mrs.Malhotra but we’ll have to arrest you..
Karan stops him.
Karan(stops him):Stop inspector.I believe them so no need of any case.Just shut this case and if you’ve to leave this man also for this leave him.I’ll come to the police station after sometime and officially close the case.
The inspector leaves with the man.
Naira comes to Karan and hugs him tightly and happily.
Naira:I knew it bro that you’ll trust me.But you shouldn’t have left that man bro..
Karan:I’ve not left anyone Naira..neither the man nor my sister’s murderers.I’ll punish them with my own hands.
Naira(confused):What do you mean bro?
Karan jerks and pushes Naira angrily.Karthik comes and holds her at the right time.
Karthik(shouts):Are you mad Karan?
Karan(shouts louder):Yes I was mad.I was mad to love this girl.Mad to make her my sister.Mad to love her and care for her more than my real sister.But now I won’t do any more such stupidity and I’m not going to become mad another time by trusting her.(pointing his finger towards Naira)MY SISTER’S MURDERER.

Recap:Karan breaking ties with Naira.Karthik and ishaan’s effort to cheer up a broken Naira.

Author’s note:Finally done with the chapter.I hope it was long enough because it was the longest chapter I’ve ever ever written.So the thing I want to tell is that soon I’ll post a teaser about the coming chapters and I’m sure it would surprise you all.And also this os the second last chapter of the past.One more chapter to go then we’ll enter in to the present.So stay tuned.

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