YRKKH ff New Beginnings – MAHA EPISODE – (episode 75)

Hi guys I’m back with the next episode of the ff.This episode will bring into light many secrets of the past.I’m sorry guys I could not reply to your comments and a bit late.But to compensate here is a long update.Guys I want many comments in this update.So that I can upload the next as soon as possible.

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episode 75

8 months leap
Kaira’s room at night
Naira is sitting in her room caressing her baby bump.Just then her baby kicks.
Karthik comes there hearing her shout..
He comes and sits besides her.
Karthik:So my baby is in masti mood again.Right.Kicking her mumma.
Naira keeps Karthik’s hand on her baby bump and Karthik too feels the baby kick.They smile.
Karthik:I just can’t wait for our baby to come.
Naira:A.a.a.Correction husband not baby..its babies.
Karthik:Ya right our babies.God gave us double happiness.We’re going to have twins.
Naira:I think maybe god was fed up of our fight of boy and girl so he decided to give us double happiness.
Karthik:Hello madam but how did you know that it will be a boy and a girl only.It can be both boys or both girls also.
Naira:No you see we’ll have one boy and one girl only.My heart tells me.
Karthik:Okay baba..Btw I’ve taken holiday for this whole week.
Naira:Holiday?Whole week?But why?
Karthik:What do you mean by why?You remember na what bhai told?Your’s and Tanu’s due date is coming closer.It can be anytime in this whole week.So we two brothers have decided to take leave for the whole week and be with you.
Naira:Okay..I know its waste to fight with you.Btw Karthik you’ve sent jiju and Tanu’s car for repair na.Don’t tell me you forgot.Its Tanu’s favourite car.She won’t travel in any other car except it even if she has labour pains.
Karthik:Of course Naira I remembered.I’ve already sent it and it will be delivered by tomorrow and I’ve asked the mechanic to take special care also.Now okay.
Karthik(smiles):Naira you always think of others..
Naira(giving a huge smile):Okay so now I think of myself and my baby okay..
Karthik(sighs):You want to have ice cream right.
Naira giggles and nods like a small child.
Karthik:Okay lets go.Its already in the fridge.
Naira:I know Ishaan bought it before going.He is so nice.
Karthik(makes faces):not fair.
Naira and smiles and they go to the kitchen and find that Tanu and Rishi are already there waiting for them.Naira comes and hugs Tanu.They both take out ice cream from the fridge and sit on the floor in Indian style and start eating and chatting and laughing while Karthik and Rishi see them smilingly.Its their regular routine to have ice cream like this at night.
Karthik and Rishi also talk about few things.
Rishi:Karthik when is Ishaan going to return from the business trip?
Karthik:Big b I talked with him today he said that the deal is finalised and he’ll be returning by tomorrow’s flight.Though he did not tell me when you know him na..
Rishi:Ya I know.Okay tomorrow I and Tanu are going to temple in xyz place.
Karthik:Big b but in this condition what is the need to go so far.
Rishi:Even I told so but Tanu is adamant to visit the temple and if I say no she’ll take tension regarding this.So its better I take her.And don’t worry I’ll be with her and the place where we’re going also has a hospital nearby and I’ve a friend gynaecologist also there in case of any trouble and besides that we’ll be returning by evening.
Karthik:Ya..okay if you say.But don’t know I’m not having a good feeling about it.
Rishi:Relax bro..You’re overthinking.
Karthik:Okay.Btw Big b your car which sent for repair will come back by tomorrow.Before going you check it once.
Rishi:Its okay Karthik.I know you’ve given special instructions.So no need for me to check again.
They see Naira and Tanu finishing ice cream and coming so they left to their respective rooms wishing each other good night.
The next morning Tanu and Rishi get ready to leave for the temple.Naira hugs Tanu tightly.
Naira:Come back soon.
Tanu:Sissy you’re behaving like we’re going forever.We’ll come back by evening.
Naira:Ya but I’m not feeling like letting you go.Is it necessary to go?
Tanu:Oho Naira you worry too much.I told you na I’ll come back by evening.
Karthik hugs Rishi and asks him to take care of himself and Tanu.Tanu and Rishi leaves.

After few hours.
Naira is sitting tensed in her room.Karthik comes there and sees her tensed.He comes to her.
Karthik:Oh come on Naira.You’re worrying unnecessarily.Don’t take so much stress.Its not good for you and our babies.
Naira(tensed):I know Karthik.But don’t know why I’m having such feeling from the time Tanu and jiju left.
Karthik:Its okay Naira.If you want you can call them and talk to them and they might be coming back anytime.
Just then Naira’s phone rings and it shows Tanu’s no.
Karthik:See I think your sister is also missing you.You both have good connection btw.Talk to her now.You’ll be tension free.
Naira lifts the call.
Naira:Hello Tanu.I was thinking about you..
Os:Are you the relative of the person whose phone is this?I mean Mrs.Tanu Malhotra.
Naira:Ya I’m Mrs.Naira Malhotra.Her sister.What happened?How did you get her phone?
Os:Actually the car in which your sister and her husband was travelling has suffered from an accident.
Phone slips from Naira’s hand as soon as she hears about accident and tears start running from her eyes.Karthik gets tensed seeing her like this and asks her what happened.Not getting any response from her he lifts the phone and the person tells him about accident and asks him to come as soon as possible to xyz hospital.

Karthik gets shocked and looks at Naira.He controls himself and consoles Naira who was inconsolable and convinces her that nothing would happen to Rishi and Tanu.Then they reach hospital soon as it was not far away from Malhotra Mansion.
Karthik and Naira hurries inside the hospital and gets to know where they’re taken.The hospital staff already knows them as co-incidentally it happens to be Rishi and Tanu’s hospital.They meet the doctor and ask him about Rishi and Tanu’s condition.The doctor also knows them.
Doctor:We could not save your brother.His condition was very bad.And about Tanu then Dr.Radhika is operating her.Her condition is also not good.

The floor slips away from under Naira’s feet.Naira faints due to all this stress but Karthik manages to catch her on the right time.He calls for the doctor and they take Naira.Doctor informs him that they have to do her delivery now only as it was her ninth month and due to severe stress her condition has worsened.They take her to operation theatre.Karthik sits on the hospital chair with a thud.He feels his whole world turning upside down in a moment.He lets out a shout in agony and sits there weeping.After he has recovered a little he goes to the hospital temple and joins his hand in front of god.
Karthik:Krishna ji.From childhood I’ve asked only 1 thing from you that is to give me Naira.But after that have I ever asked anything from you?You snatched my mom and dad from me.I remained quiet.And today..today you snatched my big..my big b..who was both my mother and father for me..still I’ll not complain..but you’ve to return my Naira and my baby to me safely…If..If anything happens to either my Naira or my baby..then this Karthik Malhotra who was your best friend would become worse than your enemy.I’ll set fire to the whole world..I don’t know how you’ll return back my everything..I just know that you’ve to return me my Naira and my baby safe and sound..

He falls down on his feet weeping.Just then he hear the crying sound of two babies.He gets up and and sees the both the doctors coming out.
Karthik rushes to them.Dr.Radhika knew Karthik because she was a common friend of Naira and Tanu.
Karthik:Radhika..What happened?My Naira and my baby..They are okay na..And..and Tanu she is okay na..
Radhika tells him something and he goes with her.

After sometime Naira is seen carrying a baby girl in her hand and Karthik is carrying a baby boy.Naira has tears in her eyes and she kisses the baby girl’s forehead lovingly and hugs her close to her chest.Karthik with the baby boy in his hand looks her teary eyed and helplessly.Naira looks at Karthik teary eyed.Karthik comes to her and signals her to give the baby girl.Naira cautiously gives him the baby girl and takes the baby boy in her lap.She smiles at the baby boy and kisses him lovingly.Just then Radhika enters and sees the two and wipes of the tear that has rolled down her cheeks.She enters into the ward.
Radhika:Karthik..I know it is difficult for both of you..but we’ve to issued the death certificate of Tanu and Rishi.And we also have to issue the birth certificate of your son and…
Naira and Karthik(together):And daughter.
Naira gives Karthik a painful smile while Karthik smiles back to her.
Radhika sees both of them and smiles
Radhika:Yes..your son and daughter..I know its not the right time but..but..have you decided their names..
Karthik:Yes my son will be Ehsaan..Ehsaas Karthik Malhotra.And we’ll call him Emi with love and our daughter..
Naira:Our daughter will be Vidha Karthik Malhotra and we’ll call her Vitki
Both the babies giggles hearing their names and brings a smile on Karthik and Naira’s face also.Radhika also smiles seeing how the babies are just born and now only they’re reducing their mother’s and father’s pain.
Radhika:Naira give me the babies I’ll keep them on the cradle for now.Meantime you also take rest as you’re not fully well and once your babies get up then you’ll not find chance to take rest.
Naira:Radhika I’m okay.I don’t need rest.Let my babies be with me only na..
Karthik:Naira Radhika is saying right.Take rest.
Karthik(comes to her):Naira..no need to be afraid.I’m here na.And Radhika is also here.Take rest for sometime.For my sake…
Naira agrees unwillingly and Radhika places both the babies in the cradle next to her and Naira sleeps under tiredness and stress of the whole day and also under medicine effect.Just then Ishaan enters who came to know everything after returning from the business trip and Karan and Naina also enter whom Ishaan informed.
Karthik signals them that Naira is asleep and take them out.
Karthik breaks down outside and tells them how Tanu and Rishi suffered from an accident and Rishi died.
Karan:And Tanu..and her baby..
Karthik turns around and fists his hand.Radhika comes there.
Radhika:I’m sorry Karan bhai.The accident was so severe that inspite of my all tries I could neither save Tanu nor her baby.
Karan breaks down and falls on the fall crying while Naina consoles her.Ishaan hugs Karthik tightly and all of them cry.After they’ve recovered a little the police come as it was accident case.Karan somehow gets and and goes with the police for some talk regarding investigation.The police tells him something on hearing which he becomes shocked and looks at Karthik.Karthik sees Karan looking at him confused.After that Karan rushes with the police while Karthik stands confused.

Recap:Rishi and Tanu’s murder blame on Karthik and Naira.

I hope it was long enough.Accusations and heart breaks and relation breaking coming up in the next episode.So stay tuned.I think by next chapter all the accusations and revelations of the past will be over.I’ll add one more chapter to show how Naira coped up with her brother’s hatred along with her sister and jiju’s death and what Karthik and Ishaan did to normalise her.So stay tuned.

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