YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 82)

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episode 82
Karthik and Ishaan get shocked to hear Naira’s statement.Karthik comes to Naira and holds her.
Karthik:What are you saying Naira?Naina bhabhi is what?
Naira is herself shocked and thinks about all the times she have felt a strange connection with Naina and same goes for her.She remembers the time when she told Naina about her family and that they were Singhanias.

Naira is crying loudly remembering everything she had just told Naina and Naina is consoling her.She herself is teary eyed.
Naira(crying):I’ll never forgive her Naina di.(At that time Karan and Naina were not married and all so Naira used to address Naina as di).
Naina:Its okay doll don’t cry..See now we all are with you..We all love you very much.Now she won’t be able to do anything..I just can understand how can a mother do this with her own daughter…If I ever meet Mrs..what was her name..
Naina:Mrs.Akshara Naitik Singhania…
Naira looks at Naina shocked…

Naira:Ya di..you’re right..but how did you know her name..I never told you..and you toh even told my father’s name,i.e.Naitik Singhania…
Naina gets some blurred flashes of her childhood with Naitik and Akshara but it was enough to cause such a severe headache that she held her head very tightly and started writhing in pain..Naira got worried seeing Naina and immediately went to call doctor.Just then she saw Mr.Mittal entering..
Naira:Mittal uncle..you came..See naa..what happened to Naina bhabhi.She suddenly got severe headache…
Mittal who had understood everything asked Naira to go and bring water for Naina…As soon as Naira went he fed a tablet to Naina which is a medicine used to destress her nerves and control her headache..(That medicine though was able to destress Naina’s brain so that the nerves may not burst due to high stress which they’re unable to control but due to its side effect Naina’s brain will calm down and all the memories that were threatening to come will fade away from her mind..So guys I hope its very clear now that inspite of repeated mention of Singhanias by Naira in front of Naina why she never remembered anything)
After sometime when Naira came with water Mr.Mittal made some excuse of Naina’s headache and took her home.Naira felt very strange at that time and not only at that time …slowly ..slowly she got to know that Naina has some flashes due to unknown reason(as of then) and whenever the flashes come she starts feeling severe headache and the strangest thing that she observed is that Naina mostly gets this flashes when Naira mentions about her childhood and her family…

Now everything became crystal clear for Naira.Why Naina always felt a sisterly bond with Naira?Why there was this deep connection between?Why Naina always got flashes when Naira mentioned about her family?It is all as clear as mirror.

Karthik sees her lost in trance and shakes her which brings her back to reality.
Karthik:Jaan what happened?I’m asking something?
Naira:Wo…Karthik..Gayu di.she is..she is alive..
Karthik:What?She is alive but how..i mean..how did you know?
Naira:Because Gayu di is none other than Naina bhabhi…
Karthik(shocked):What..what are you telling Naira?How can this happen?Naina bhabhi is your…no no you must be mistaken.She is toh..Mittal uncle’s..
Naira:No Karthik..she is not his real daughter..he..he adopted her..
Ishaan:What Naina bhabhi is adopted?
Naira nods her head in yes to Ishaan.
Karthik:Okay I can understand Mittal uncle adopted Naina bhabhi..So whats the big deal in that?..How can you say that she is your Gayu di…

Naira:Because I heard from Mittal uncle’s own mouth that how he got Naina..He got her in an accident when her car collided with a truck.Her parents died in the explosion but she was thrown out of the car due to impact and therefore she was saved but she lost her memory..And you know what Karthik the pace and date time Mittal uncle told me..during which Naina di suffered from the accident..it is exactly same as the location where Rashmi bua and fufa suffered from an accident and…their car was also burnt and most importantly..the police were never able to find Gayu dies body..They assumed that Gayu di must’ve fallen down the hillside and git carried away by the strong flowing stream beneath..Tell me Karthik..can all this really be a coincidence….
Ishaan:Bhai I think moti is right…
Karthik thinks about everything.
Karthik:Ya I also think so..all these facts point in the same direction only…So lets go and tell your family the truth…(smiles)They’ll be so happy
Karthik holds her hand and turns to go but sees Naira rooted to her place.
Karthik:What happened Naira?Why aren’t you coming?
Naira:Because Karthik you both are thinking about how happy my family would be knowing Gayu di is alive but I’m thinking what will be the result when Naina bahbhi comes to know about it?
She sits on the sofa

Naira:Just think Karthik what will she feel when she gets to know..that the name that she believed as her own for whole life is not hers but someone else’s,the father whom she considers above God is not even related to her and moreover the life that she is leading till now is nothing..but a lie..How will she be able to handle herself…and Mittal uncle..he is toh living his life just for her sake only..only by seeing her face..she means the world to him..how will he react when my family will come to him claiming back his daughter as theirs..and moreover I told you about her condition na..her brain cannot overcome such amount of stress..If God forbid something happ..no no no..I can’t do this..i can’t tell this truth to her..I can’t..(she encloses her face in her palms and cries)
Karthik comes to her and sits down on his knees in front of her.He holds her in a manner of consoling.
Karthik:I can understand Naira what you’re trying to tell.But think about your family..Your Gayu di is also their family’s daughter.They’ve the right to know about her…Think how happy they’ll be when they know that their Gayu is not dead.

Naira:I know that Karthik..but what about Naina bhabhi and uncle’s feelings..what about uncle’s rights..what about the live and relation they share since so many years..This one truth will break everything..Everything will be scattered..How will they accept it.
Naira:I understand Karthik..but you tell me what I can do..on side is my one family’s happiness and one the other my another family’s…Whatever the decision we may take we have to sacrifice with one of their happiness.Don’t know what to do..(holds her head)
Karthik(cups her face):Its okay Naira..I know it is a difficult situation..Its like choosing between two wrong things..Either way we’ll be ending up doing wrong with someone..But I trust your decision as much I trust you and I know that you’ll surely find some way in which everyone will be happy.And don’t worry whatever decision you take I’ll always be there with you..
Ishaan:Me too moti..You take your time and then take decision.We will always support your every decision.
Naira smiles at both of them.
Naira:Thank you both of you.You know I’m very lucky to have such a supportive family.But for now I need to stay alone…
Karthik & Ishaan:But

They sigh and agree to Naira as they know that she need piece to be able to think about to it.
Naira goes to the room while Ishaan and Karthik go to the study.Naira is engulfed in deep thought.She never thought that taking a decision can be this much difficult.All her life she had taken decisions based on whether they are right or wrong or seeing her family’s happinnes.But today it is not the case.She has to decide between two rights or two wrong.Its truly said that choosing between good and bad is not as difficult as choosing between two good things or two bad things because there is always a chance of regretting of not choosing the former option.
Naira:What to do now?If I think from Naina bhabhi and Mittal uncle’s prospective then I feel I like the truth should be hidden but if I think the other way round then it appears injustice to everyone in my family.What to do now?God you only show some way

Just then E mi and Vitki enter with sad faces.Naira looks at their sad faces and calls them to her.They sit on either side of Naira still sad.
Naira:What happened to my babies?Why are they sad?You went to nani’s house no..
Emi:Mumma today nani told us the story of Ramayana.
Naira:So what is sad about it?
Vitki:Mumma Lord Ram is considered to be the best man na..best son,best king,best husband,etc..
Naira:Ya of course he is..
Emi:But I don’t like him.
Vitki:Me too..
Naira:And why is that?
Emi:Why did he abandon mata sita if he is the best husband..
Vitki:Yes mumma just because other people said that she is not good he left her..didn’t he know she is very good?(Akshara told them the story in a slightly different way because they were very small to understand that part.She just told them that the praja called her bad like we call children good and bad)
Emi:Yes mumma..If someone calls you bad papa always scolds that person but never leave you..so everyone say papa is very good..then how can god ram be good?

Naira(smiles at them):Beta its not that shree ram didn’t trust mata sita.He also loved her very much.But he was a king therefore he also had to think about his kingdom’s welfare.At that time in his kingdom everyone was opposing mata sita and were unhappy of shree ram keeping her..therefore for their well being he had to leave her..
Emi:But what about mata sita’s well being.She did not do anything wrong.Why she got punished?
Naira:Beta in that case toh both praja and mata sita were right..because the praja did not know the complete truth and went away with their normal thinking..so shree ram had to decide between two right things or two wrong things..
Vitki:If thats the case why he did not choose mata sita?Why he chose his praja..
Naira:Because for the well being of just one or two persons ha cannot neglect the well being and happiness of so many persons..He had taken decision so that the wrong done would be limited to the least possible.
Emi:Oh now we understood.So whenever we have to take such decisions
Vitki: then we have to think of the way in which least people will be affected..
Naira(smiles):Yes you..

Naira realises their statement.Emi and Vitki hugs then and go from there.
But Naira thinks of the words..
Naia:Thank you so much..I finally understood what I’ve to do.Thank you so much for showing me the way.
She comes to the study and sees Ishaan and Karthik sitting tensely.
Karthik and Ishaan sees her and rushes to her..
Karthik:Jaan did you..
Naira:Yes Karthik..All thanks to our two little angles I finally understood what I should do..
Ishaan:But how did Emi and Vitki help you..
Naira:Ishaan it is said na children are god’s incarnation..So just god indirectly showed me the way through them..I’ve decided to..

Recap:What do you think will be Naira’s decision reading this episode..tell me what you think through your comments.

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  1. Shivaya khanna

    Wow what a fab chapter it was great and emi Vitkis part was really nice I think Naira will tell the truth to Singhanias let’s seee eagerly waiting for next chapter pls post asap

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  5. Awesome episode?
    I think naira will tell d truth to d singhania’s…

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