YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 80)

episode 80
Hi guys I’m back with the next chapter.this is the 80th chapter of my ff and I’m sorry for the late upload guys.I’m really busy these days.

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Kaira’s side
Karthik closes Naira’s eyes and brings her to a poolside dinner area.It was beautifully decorated with red rose petals.A table was laid with food arranged on it and two wine glasses and wine bottle was kept.Karthik removes his hand from Naira’s eyes and she slowly opens them.She is mesmerised to see the decorations and smile happily.Karthik bends down in front of her and extends his hand asking for a dance.Naira happily gives her hand in his.They dance beautifully on a slow romantic no.Then Karthik took Naira to the table and made her sit and then sat himself.The table was decorated with Naira’s favourite food items.Naira gets happy and smiles.Then they feed each other lovingly.Then Karthik carries Naira and takes her to the bed near the pool decorated with rose petals.He comes close to her and Naira closes her eyes.They soon get intimate.

In Mishti’s room
Mishti is thinking about Ishaan.
Mishti:Ishaan told that he didn’t mind but I’m still feeling bad for him…And after whatever happened today…he was so sad and was crying so much..He must have missed his parents very much in all these years but then also he stayed so strong..It never looks seeing his face that he has such sadness in his heart.He always makes the people around him happy…(thinks about him)..I was right about him..He is not normal..as how can a normal person be so good like him?(thinks of all the moments spend with him and lastly their hug)..Wait a minute why am I thinking so much about that defect ki dukaan?Am I really in love with him?No no no..Mishti..you’re thinking too much..Its just that you’re feeling bad for him and nothing else…
Heart:Is it
Mishti:Of course it is..I better sleep..
She tries hard to sleep but both her brain and heart both are occupied with Ishaan’s thoughts.

Next Morning
Kaira’s side
Naira gets up and finds herself wrapped in Karthik’s arm.Karthik also opens his eyes and they have a loving eye lock.
Karthik:Good morning jaan.
Naira:Good morning Karthik.Achcha lets leave now.
Karthik:What is the hurry?There is still time.Come and sleep for some more time now with me.(pulls her and hugs her tightly.)
Naira:Karthik please na..We also have to pick Emi and Vitki..so..
Karthik:Oh..so that’s the matter..That’s why I was thinking why you’re in such a hurry..I thought you forgot all tension..
Naira:Whatever it may be..I can never forget my kids..Okay..Its true you can reduce my tension but still I don’t see them in front of me this tension will always be there..
Karthik:Jaan I must tell you..you’re very talented in spoiling my romantic mood..How you always do it?
Naira(hits him lightly in his chest):How mean?…
Karthik:I’m…So lets go we have to pick up Emi and Vitki..
Naira gets up but looks at Karthik and goes back to him.
Naira:I think Emi and Vitki might be sleeping now..So..
Naira(touching his face sensuously):So you still have 1hr Mr.Malhotra.
Karthik smiles and pulls Naira with him and pulls the comforter above them.

After sometime they get ready and pick up Emi and Vitki.

In car
Karthik is driving and Naira is sitting on backside with Emi and Vitki on her lap.
Emi:Mamma you know we had so much fun..
Vitki:Yes mumma it was fun but we missed you very muchhhh…
Emi:Me too…
Naira:Awww..my babies missed me…(she kisses lightly on their cheeks)..Mumma also missed you..
Emi:Mumma from next time na we’ll do this party in home only.
Vitki:Yes mumma we won’t go leaving you..
Karthik(from front):And why is that?You both had fun na..
Emi & Vitki:We want to be with mumma always..
Emi:Yes and from today we’ll sleep with mumma only.
Karthik shockingly applies brakes.
Naira(happy):Reallyyy…okay then from today you both will sleep with mumma and papa only..(looks at Karthik’s shocked face and smirks):Right Karthik…
Karthik is about to say no but Emi and Vitki look at him cutely and he melts seeing their faces.
Karthik(sighs and puts up a smile):Okay.Alright.You both will sleep with us only..Happyy..
Emi and Vitki get up and hugs Karthik from back seat.
Emi and Vitki(happily):Thank you papa.We love you.
Karthik:I love you too.
Naira:Okay then its decided.Now lets leave.

Naira and Karthik reach home with Emi and Vitki talking and laughing.But when they enter they’re shocked to see the scenario.Ishaan has turned on a romantic music and is dancing with everything he is getting here and their like vase,cushion,etc.
Karthik(seeing Ishaan):Jaan you’ve mental asylum no..
Karthik:What do you mean by why?Can’t you see the situation in front of you.
Emi:Mumma what happened to chachu…?Why is he behaving like that mad person which is shown in films…
Vitki:Mumma tell no what happened?
Naira who have understood everything smiles within herself.
Naira:Just a minute.
Naira goes and switches off the music.Ishaan gets out of his trance and turns to see who has switched off the music.He gets shocked seeing Naira standing with her hands crossed.Then he looks at the door and finds Karthik,Emi and Vitki looking at him shocked.
Ishaan(shocked):What are you guys doing here?
Naira(giving him unbelievable look):Excuse me.If you’ve forgotten then let me remind you that this is our house also..Remember..
Ishaan:Ya..Of course I remember.I was toh..toh just little bit shocked to see you all suddenly..Nothing more.Btw where were you four for the entire night…
Naira:I’ll tell you that later first tell me how was your day..(keeps hands on his shoulder and smirks)..
Ishaan(blushes):Moti..you..how do you…
Naira:Oh idiot…I know you’re idiot but at least you can understand that it was planned by me only..I gave her the riddle and made her realise that you’re very sad..That’s why she went there..
Karthik:Will you both tell us whats happening?
Emi and Vitki:We also want to know.
Naira:So will you tell or I ask..
Ishaan blushes and runs to his room.Naira smiles seeing him and turns to find confused faces of her husband and children.She made some excuse and sent Emi and Vitki to their room.
Karthik:Now tell me..
Naira tells him everything.
Karthik:Oh so that’s why he was so happy…
Naira:Ya..Karthik..Now seeing his face it looks like my plan was a super success and this means..
Karthik:This means maybe Mishti also has feelings for Ishaan but does not understand it..
Naira:Ya maybe…I hope she understands soon.
Karthik:Or else we’re toh always there..
Naira smiles and just then she notices the time.
Naira:Shit..I forgot..Karthik I’ve to leave now..
Karthik:Arrey but now only toh we came..where are you going now..
Naira:Offo Karthik..you forgot I told you yesterday na that Naina bhabhi’s birthday is coming..
Karthik:Ya I remember but what of that?
Naira:Arrey so like every year I and Mittal uncle plan a surprise for her on her birthday..
Karthik:But Naira..
Naira:Don’t worry Karthik.Like every year this year also bro will not get to know.Everyone will tell him that the surprise is from Mittal uncle’s side alone.
Karthik comes to her and hugs her.She hugs him back and they depart after sometime.
Karthik:Take care and..
Naira:Don’t worry you give me your gift I’ll make it reach Naina bhabhi.I know you consider her your sister.
They smile at each and Naira bids bye to him and goes to Mr.Mittal’s home.

In Mr.Mittal’s home.
Mr.Mittal:So Naira everything well in home na..And how is our lover boy Ishaan?
Naira:Don’t ask uncle..
She tells him today’s incident and they both have a great laughter.
Mr.Mittal:So our lover boy has finally drowned in the sea of love…Really no one..however good swimmer he may be..when falls in the sea of love is sure to get drowned..
Naira:You’re right uncle.
They both sit on the sofa and start discussing the birthday surprise for Naina.
Mr.Mittal:I’m toh totally blank Naira.Now you only give some wonderful idea..
Naira:Its okay Mittal uncle.I already have a nice idea in my mind.Why don’t we make a collage of the photos of all the moments right from the time she was born till date to show her journey.It will be really a memorable one.For that we’ll need all her childhood photos.Mittal uncle you have her childhood album na..Give me.
She looks at Mr.Mittal and find him tensed.
Naira:Mittal uncle are you okay?..
Mr.Mittal:Ya..ya.ya…wo..wo Naira..I don’t have got any picture of Naina before she was 12yrs old.After that all pictures are there.
Naira:Why Mittal uncle..You got Naina bhabhi directly at her 12yrs age or what?(Naira says and laughs).
Mr.Mittal look at Naira shocked.He gathers courage and tell her truth.
Mr.Mitta:You’re actually right Naira.I got Naina when she was 12yrs old and before you think I’m joking let me tell you it is the truth..Naina is not my biological daughter.
Naira looks at him shocked.

Recap:Naira learns of how Mr.Mittal got Naina.

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