YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 79)

Guys I’m back with the next episode.Hope you liked it.I know all of you wanted Mishti and Ishaan’s moments.So this episode is dedicated to all of you.

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episode 79
The episode starts with Kaira coming back home.
Naira:Emi Vitki looked so happy na when they met their friend?
Karthik:And they even convinced you to let them go for a sleepover in their friend’s home.You know I was actually surprised when you said yes.
Naira:And why is that?
Karthik:As if you don’t know the reason?You and your kids..you all don’t leave each other for even a minute.You remember Emi and Vitki’s first day to school?O god…you three were crying as if Emi and Vitki are not going to school but on a war.For 4hrs of school you were behaving if you are not going to meet them in 4..no.no..40yrs…
Naira:So what is wrong in this?I’m their mother okay?Every mother wants her child to be in front of her eyes always…You know when we lived in cape town bhai was going for a foreign exchange programme for 3 months and from the day before his departure mumma was crying so badly that seeing her face the next day some people even called and asked papa if there was any bad news?
Karthik:That was for 3 months and you’re crying more badly than your mother just for 4 hrs.
Naira:Oh hello at that time bhai was 20yrs old and my babies were merely 3 yrs old.
Karthik:So what suddenly happened to you today?Your babies are only 5yrs old..
Naira(sadly):Ya..I know even I was not willing to send them but they were so happy and excited while mentioning about their little party that I could not deny them.And they so cutely asked permission that I melted seeing them…(turns to him and speaks sweetly)..Karthik…
Karthik:Oh hello..if you’re thinking that I’ll call Mrs.Mehra every now and then to ask about Emi and Vitki then forget..Neither I’m doing anything like that nor I’ll allow you to do so..Come on Naira its so embarrassing.What will she think?
Naira:But Karthik…I’m in tension na..what if while playing they fall down…what if Vitki eats something that has mushrooms in it.You know na she is severely allergic to mushroom…she does not even has her anti-allergic tablets with her…what if…
Karthik(holds her):Jaaann…Relax…breathe in..breathe out..
Naira does so..
Karthik:Now the answer to your questions..if they fall down then Mrs.Mehra has first aid box in her house..you know its a very useful thing..if someone gets hurt we can apply the antiseptic and..
Naira(angry):Stop joking…
Karthik:Achcha okay baba…now don’t get angry and about Vitki’s allergy.Then if you remember you’ve already told Mrs.Mehra that Vitki is allergic to mushrooms and Mrs.Mehra told that she will take care of it…And moreover if you’re so tensed then you shouldn’t have melted for their looks na…and now when you’ve given them permission then stop taking and giving tension..
Naira:Arrey you’re telling that if I’m deliberately taking tension..
Karthik:Okay so lets divert your mind.Its been many days since we went out together..So lets go for a long drive today…(he encircles his arms around her neck)..I want to spend quality time with my wife.
Naira(removes his hand):Come on Karthik..Here I’m tensed and you’re thinking of romance?
Karthik:So what is wrong in this?Here I’m trying to divert your mood and you…
He turns around and keeps an angry face.Naira looks at him and smiles.She goes and back hugs him.
Naira:How about long drive…and then dinner..
Karthik(turns around happily):Really…
Naira:How can I deny my cute husband(pulls his nose)..(They hug each other).Does not matter how much tensed you always know how to make me stress free…
KarthikArrey now this is the thing na..I was born for..
They smile.
Karthik:Come lets go.And I’ll also inform Ishaan..btw where is he?
Naira:Don’t worry wherever he is he’ll be fine actually more than fine..no..no..more that that..ahhhhh…he’ll be so happy..I hope my plan works..
Karthik:And what is this plan of yours?
Naira:I’ll tell you that..but not now..afterwards..Now lets go..
They both leave hand in hand.

In Mishti’s room.
Mishti:What di was telling?Is there really someone special in that defect ki dukaan’s life?Does he really have some girlfriend…No no no..what are you thinking how can he have girlfriend?And what if he has…She feels sad but realises it.Wait a minute why am I feeling sad?
Now two well known friends of Mishti appear suddenly..You know who they are…They’re none other than brain and heart…
Heart:Oh idiot you’re not feeling sad you’re feeling jealous…You like him..
Brain:Mishti….don’t listen to this heart…how can anyone like that defect ki dukaan..
Mishti:You’re right brain..I only gave him that name..
Heart:Arrey Mishti..he is not any ordinary defect ki dukaan he is just your defect ki dukaan…and why are you listening to this stupid brain..he does not know anything..
Brain:Hey..whom did you call stupid..what do you know…you know anything about newton’s laws,reasoning,…leave all that you even know addition subtraction you stupid heart..I know everything…
Heart:Ya…ya..you know everything but not love,emotions and feeling..They’re my area of specialisation.So you better stay out of it…Mishti don’t listen to him..
Brain:You stay out of it..Mishti from childhood whenever you face some difficult maths sum you always relied on me for answer and I always gave you correct answer..
Heart:Mishti from childhood whenever you were confused about taking decisions regarding someone close to you you always relied on me and I always give you correct answer.So listen to me..
Brain:You stupid heart..you go away..Mishti listen to me..
Heart:You’re stupid brain you go away..Mishti you listen..
Mishti gets irritated.
Mishti(shouts):Both of you’re stupid.Both go away..
Heart and brain gets afraid and disappears.
Mishti(angry):Whatever it is..I’ve to find him to apologise to him so that I can be free of this guilt.Lets see di told he went to the place where he met someone special(everytime she thinks of it she burns in jealousy but won’t accept)..okay a place where a boy meets a girl….it can be anywhere na..even some road….but ya..its his favourite place and whenever he is sad he spends hours there..he is defective but not so much that he’ll stand on some random road for hours..it is not possible…so a place to sit…maybe some hotel or restaurant..but there also he cannot stay the whole time without ordering or eating something and di told that Ishaan does not like hotel food very much so its obvious he does not visit them often…and they’re not such places to become someone’s favourite where one can always go when they are sad…Then…normally a person will want peace when he or she is sad…so some temple..naaa..he is not that sanskari..so maybe some garden or some park…(remembers)..I also met him in a park where he brought Emi and Vitki for playing…maybe he is in that park…
Brain:Arrey but your di told its the place where he met someone special but he met you there..
Mishti:Ya that’s true…
Heart:Why not?Maybe you’re only his someone special…Remember how your di was telling who can know it better than you…
Mishti:No..no it is not possible..Neither I like him nor he likes me..I can’t surely fall in love especially with that defect ki dukaan.But whats wrong in checking..Lets go and check.
She goes to the park and searches Ishaan here and there and finally finds him in an isolated corner sitting sadly.She feels more guilty seeing him.She goes to him and keeps her hand on his shoulder.Ishaan turns around and sees her.Ishaan gets up and tires to act normal.
Ishaan:Hey mannerless…why are you here ha..following me..
Mishti(smiles):Actually…you’re right this time..I actually kinda tracked you down..
Ishaan:And who gave you my location…moti..right..
Mishti:Actually she gave me a riddle and I solved it to find you..
Ishaan:So much effort for finding someone like me..I mean a defect ki dukaan..where has the sun risen from today?
Mishti:From where it usually does…Actually I came here to..
Ishaan:To apologise?Am I right or am I right?
Mishti(with guilt):Ya..I’m sorry Ishaan..
Ishaan:Its okay Mishti.I know you didn’t mean to hurt me..
Mishti:But I did…I’m sorry again..
Ishaan:Oh god miss.mannerless why are you showing over manners..
Mishti:Over manners….
Ishaan:Ya like confidence..overconfidence..same way..
Mishti:Okay I understood..
Ishaan:Then understand this also that I’m not at all angry or having a pinch of any negative feelings against you and believe me it was not your fault.Now stop repeating this sorry sorry..I feel very awkward..
Mishti(smile):Thanks Ishaan..
Ishaan:Anything else..
Ishaan:Then I feel you should go now.
Mishti:Are you not coming?
Ishaan:I’m not in a mood.I’ll go afterwards..You leave.
Mishti turns to leave.Ishaan again sits back to his corner and worse Mishti can see tears forming in his eyes.MIshti don’t know why but she feels that she can’t leave him alone.
She goes and sits beside him.Ishaan sees her.
Ishaan:You’re not going?
Mishti:Not until you decide to leave with your good mood…
Ishaan:I told na you can go I’ll come after sometime.
Mishti:Better then lets go together.You can drop me home and one more thing I can also help you to cheer you up..and you know I like helping..
Ishaan:I don’t need your help..
Mishti:Have I asked your permission?Get this thing straight in your defected brain that I’m not going anywhere until you’re back to your cheerful always nonsense mood.
Ishaan who is on verge of tears thinking about his parents tries to escape but Mishti stops.
Mishti:Someone told me sharing pain decreases it…So why don’t you try it..
Ishaan:I’m not so weak Mishti.I can handle it.
Mishti comes in front of him.
Mishti:Who said you’ll become weak if you share you pain and let out your feelings..It will only make you more strong.
That’s was it for Ishaan.He hugged Mishti tightly and let out all his pain.He also told how much he respects Naira and Karthik as they’re like his parents and especially Naira whom he considers above his mother while Mishti was only listening to him and consoling his rubbing his back.While telling everything he was also about to tell that how helpless he felt seeing Naira’s condition after Tanu’s death and Karan’s blame and Karthik breaking down seeing Naira but controlled himself at the right time.He realises that he is hugging Mishti tightly and leaves her.They both look here and there embarrassed.
Ishaan:I think we should go home..Come I’ll drop you..
Mishti:Ya…I mean no..its okay..I’ll go alone..
Ishaan:Its already dark..I can’t leave you alone at this time. So please don’t argue..
Ishaan drops Mishti home.When they reach home Mishti is about to leave when Ishaan stops her by holding her hand.Mishti turns around..
Ishaan:Thank you…
They both smile.Just then Mishti gets some sound from the house and their trance is broken.Ishaan releases her hands and bids bye to her.Mishti goes to her room.

Kaira’s side
Karthik is driving the car and Naira is leaning on his shoulder.They switch on the radio and a romantic song plays on it.They look at each other and smile.
Karthik:So my jaan is happy now isn’t she?
Naira:Yes very happy…
Karthik:You remember jaan our long drives in London?
Naira:How can I forget?Those are one of my most beautiful memories associated with London.And you remember our engagement night when you took me to our old school where we first met and showed me our love story?
Karthik:Of course I remember.
Naira:Haaa…there are so many memories associated with London na..I wish I could go again..
Karthik:Jaan we have settled in India that does not mean that we can never revisit London.That place is equally special for both us.All our memories are associated with that place?We can go there whenever you want?
Naira thinks something…So why not we all go for a visit to London.Even Emi and Vitki’s vacation are starting…
Karthik:Ya nice idea jaan…
Naira:I have better idea in fact…We can also tell my family to come with us.In this way they can also see the place where I was brought up,my school,our wedding place,our house and lots more…
Karthik:Great idea jaan.Okay then we will talk to them and then I’ll call the London house servants to clean the house and then we can all go their.I hope in your family everyone have their passports…
Naira:Of course they have..We’ll talk to them.It will be so much..
Naira smiles widely..
Karthik:Okay okay jaan..but everything tomorrow..But now I want to spent time with my wife and there should not be any other talks….only..romane…romance…romance…
Naira blushes and Karthik smiles.

Recap:Kaira’s romantic dinner.Mishti thinks about Ishaan.Naira learning about Naina’s accident in childhood and gets suspicious.

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  2. Vedanshidwivedi

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