YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 77)

Hi guys I’m back with the next episode of my ff.I’m glad that you all liked the teaser.And one more thing the teaser is related to past but it will be revealed in the present.With today’s episode the past chapter is finished and the present will start.

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episode 77
The episode starts with Karan shouting at Naira and calling her his sister’s murderer.
Naina:Karan why are you saying like this?You know very well doll and Karthik can never do like this.How can you blame doll just because of that man and the fake proves he gave you?
Karan:Fake?Tell me one thing Naina.How are you so sure that those videos are fake?(angrily)Just because this girl is telling(pointing to Naira).
Naina(holds Karan):Not just any girl Karan.Because doll is saying.Your doll Karan.How can you even think like this about her?You know very well how much she loves you..and how much you love her…and more than anything else how much she loves Tanu…The girl who cannot tolerate even a scratch on Tanu..you think she can even think of killing her.Seriously…I can’t believe this.There is surely something wrong.
Karan fists his hand and makes Naina leaves his hand.He goes in front of her.
Naira standing all shocked in Karthik’s hand and continuously looking at Karan.She is not able to believe that Karan..her bro..is saying all this..She feels like watching a bad dream.
Karan comes to Naira but Karthik holds her securely.
Ishaan comes in front of them.
Ishaan:Karan bhai please..Please don’t believe those false proves.Please don’t do something for which you’ve to regret later.Bhai and moti can never do this.Both of them loved Big b and Tanu very much (joins his hands)Please bhai understand and see the truth.Moti is already much broken by all this happenings(cries) Please don’t break her more.
Karthik:Karan just once look at your doll.You’ll find that she is as much broken due to Tanu’s death as you’re or maybe more.How can you think that she can kill her sister.
Karthik moves away Ishaan and stands in front of KaIra.
Karan(smiles and claps his hands):Woww…awesome…You played awesome game Naira.With your innocent looks and sweet words you’ve fooled everyone here.Everyone think of you as Goddess.Everyone thinks that Naira can never be wrong.The man is false..plice investigation is false…all the proves are false..why?Why?Just because Naira devi can never be wrong..she is always true.
He pulls Naira from Karthik’s clutches and holds her tightly.
Karan:Tell me Naira why you did this?Why you played with our feelings?Why you killed my sister?In exchange of all the love I and Tanu gave you…You..you…did such a thing..Why?For money…For money you killed my sister who loved you so much..Arrey if you wanted money you could have told me once..I would have given you everything I had happily.Then what was the need to do all this..haan..
Naira writhes in pain as Karan is holding her very tightly.But more than his tight hold his words are paining her.She keeps staring at him painfully with teary eyes.The brother from whose mouth she only heard words of love and care today is blaming her..and that too for Tanu’s death..
Karan notices her writhing in pain and leaves her.
Karan:You did what you wanted to do and now I’ll do what i want.From today onwards this girl will have no relation with me.Today I not just lost one sister but both my sisters.From today you…MRS.NAIRA KARTHIK MALHOTRA YOURE..DEAD FOR ME…My sister..my doll died today.And now only one alive in front of me is my sister’s murdered…who took my sister’s life..And I promise just like you snatched my sister I’ll snatch your everything form you slowly slowly..I’ll make both of your lives(Karthik and Naira) so worse that you’ll beg for death but you’ll not get it.
He turns away to go but Naira holds his hand.
Naira(cries and pleads):Bro..please bro..listen to me once..You’re misunderstanding me bro..please..Please don’t leave me..I’ve not done anything.
Karan pulls his hand back forcefully and jerks Naira..
Karan(with rage):I’M NOT YOUR BRO..I’m just Karan..Karan Kapoor.And I know just one thing you..you’re only my sister’s murderer.
He turns to go again but Naira falls in his feet and holds it tightly.
Naira(cries and begs):Please bro..please listen to me..please..please don’t say like this.I did not do anything..I already lost Tanu..Now I can’t lose you..I’ll die bro please..don’t do like this..
Karan pushes her away and heads outside.Naira remains on the floor and continues pleading.Karthik and Ishaan comes to her and holds her by either side.Naina not able to see her like this goes to Karan and stops him.
Naina:Karan please don’t do like this.At least look at her..See how she is pleading to you..She did not do anything Karan..please..
Karan(cuts her):Naina leave me and come with me to home..
Naina:But Karan..
Karan(shouts):Naina I said leave me and come with me to home or else..
Naina:Or else what Karan?
Karan:Or else you’ll see my dead face.
Naina looks at him shocked and looks at Naira tearfully.Karan holds her hand and takes her away from there while Naina keeps looking at Naira helplessly.
As soon as Karan left Naira breaks down into uncontrollable tears.She cries vigorously.Karthik and Ishaan look at each other painfully and helplessly.Karthik hugs Naira tightly close to his chest.
Naira(crying):Why does it always happen with me Karthik?(shouts)Why does it always happen with me?Why?Why God always snatches the ones I love?Why can I never remain happy?First he snatched my family..then after I got my family..he snatched them also..First Tanu left and now..now bro…(cries)Bro left me Karthik..My bro left me..
Karthik(hugs her tightly):No Naira..please control yourself please..he was also crying..
Ishaan(crying):Hey..moti..if I’m roturu right..Not you..Then why are you crying like this…Hey..whenever anything happened I used to start crying but you..you always used to say na..that everything will be alright..Right..
Naira:No I don’t know anything..(holds Karthik’s collar)Karthik..bring back my bro…Ishaan..please you bring him back..(cries)I promise I’ll never tease you..you can tease me as much as you want I’ll not tell you anything just bring back my bro please..Karthik..Ishaan..bring back my bro..
She faints while saying this..
Karthik and Ishaan gets shocked seeing her.
Karthik and Ishaan(shouts):Jaan/Moti..
Karthik lifts her and takes her to bed and Ishaan goes and calls doctor.
The doctor comes and checks Naira.

After he finished checking he comes to Karthik and Ishaan who is eagerly waiting for him.
Karthik:What happened doctor?Everything is alright?
Doctor:Mr.Malhotra..if everything was alright..she would not have fainted like this.Before sometime only she had her delivery..and seeing her condition I can easily say that she has gone through severe stress.Her b.p. is high and body is very weak..I’ll advice you not to give her any kind of stress and take special care of her..because if this goes on like this..I’m sorry to say her life can be in danger..For now I’ve given her injection so she would sleep for 3-4hrs and then she’ll be alright.But do take care of her..Here bring these medicine and give them on time..
He leaves to go but remembers something..
Doctor:Btw..Mr.Malhotra..Your wife was murmuring something even in her sleep..It was like..Bro..don’t leave.Please Bro…Of course I don’t know what it means but i think it is the reason of her stress.So if you know the reason then please try to destress her..
Karthik and Ishaan sadly look at each other.
Karthik thanks the doctor and Ishaan goes to leave him to the door.
Karthik comes to Naira’s room and sits besides her and holds her hand.
Naira(murmurs in sleep):Don’t leave me bro..please..bro..bro..I..did not do anything..
Ishaan who’ve just come also hears her.He sadly comes to Karthik and puts his hand on his shoulder.
Karthik:Ishaan please be with her..
Karthik says this and hurries out of the room.He comes to the study room and throws things here and there in anger and pain.He breaks the mirror by punching on it hard and his hands start bleeding.He then sits on the floor crying.Ishaan who has just come there by hearing the sound see him and runs to him.He holds his hand which was bleeding.
Ishaan(crying):Bhai what have you done?You wait here I’ll bring first aid box.
Karthik stops Ishaan.
Karthik:This pain is nothing in from of my jaan’s pain.You know Ishaan I have never felt so helpless in life like I felt today.My jaan..is breaking in front of me..and I..I cannot do anything…(cries)..I cannot do anything.
Ishaan:Please control yourself bhai.If you only break like this then what about Naira.Who will handle her?I still can’t believe Karan bhai did something like this?How can he even like this about you and specially Naira..
Karthik:We need to make him understand Ishaan..we have to..You saw Naira’s condition..Even in unconsciousness she is murmuring about him..
Ishaan:I know bhai.Its because she loves him very much.She always used to say that her bro is her God…I’ll go and talk to Karan bhai.You stay with her.I’ll try to convince.
Karthik nods and Ishaan leaves and Karthik comes and sits beside Naira holding her hand.After half an hour Ishaan returns.Karthik hears his voice and goes downstairs and see him bleeding.It clearly looks that he had fought with someone.He comes down and takes Ishaan for dressing.
Karthik:Ishaan how did this happen?
Ishaan:Bhai I went to talk to Karan bhai..sorry sorry..Mr.Karan Malhotra thinking his anger will cool down by now.But there I got to know that whatever he told here was not his anger but his belief.When I went there and talked to him he not only did not believe but also threatened me that he’ll give punishment to moti more severe than death.I also told him about her condition and also about what doctor told me but instead of melting he insulted her and told that she deserves what is happening with her.
Ishaan:Then what bhai I got angry I could not bear anymore and we ended up in a fight.I’m sorry bhai you might be thinking that I messed it up but I could not control myself hearing such bad words about Naira..Bhai believe me I’ve seen him and if you also talk to him na you’ll also realise that he has become mad in his anger and misunderstanding.He is hell bent upon taking revenge.And by his words I can clearly understand that there is only hatred for Naira in his heart now.But if you want you may talk to him also.
Karthik:Ishaan..I knew it already..When he was talking like that in home I understood that there is no chance of him listening to us and clear the misunderstanding.But still I sent you so that even if there is some chances..then..(sighs).Leave it now.We cannot do anything thinking about it.
Ishaan:Yes bhai now we have to think how to keep moti happy.She is the one most affected by it.
Karthik:Ya you’re right.Lets plan something to lighten her mood.
Naira who was woke up was standing near the door and hearing Karthik and Ishaan’s words.She also noticed Karthik’s wound on his hand and understood he might have done it intentionally.She runs to her and goes to the washroom and closes the door.She sits under the shower and starts it and cries hard.She remembers all her happy moments with Karan and Tanu and then today’s incident and Ishaan’s words.After she has let out all her tears.She dries herself and comes out of the washroom.She hears Emi and Vitki crying.She understands that they might be hungry.She takes them and feeds them milk.After drinking both of them fall asleep.Naira looks at their sleeping faces and a smile appears on her face.they’re looking realllyy… cuteeeee..(You know guys I myself find sleeping babies toooooo cute…).She kisses on their forehead and for a moment forgets all her worries.Then she remembers Karthik’s wound and Ishaan’s too.She goes to their room and sees them trying to dress each other’s wound.She goes to them and one by one dresses their wounds.Ishaan and Karthik happily look at her.
Karthik:Jaan when did you wake..
Naira(emotionless):Just now..Emi and Vitki were crying for milk.So I fed them and put them to sleep.They’re sleeping now.
Karthik looks at Ishaan.Ishaan signs him that he’ll try to do something.
Ishaan:Btw moti..not bad haan you became slim trim again…Now again everyone will think me mad when I call you moti..
Ishaan expects her to say something like you’re mad only…and sorts..but..
Naira(without any expression):Dressing is done.(gives them pain killers)If you feel more pain then please just take one.
Ishaan(again tries):Achcha moti..Its not fare yaar.Since Emi and Vitki came here they’re continuously with you.You’ve not given them to me even for a moment..What do you think that you’ll make them in your team by spending more time with them than me?I’ll not let that happen.
Naira:I’m going to make food.Emi and Vitki are sleeping now.You can spend time with them once they get up.Now I do’t want to snatch anything from anyone.
Naira blankly tells and goes away.
Ishaan(cries):Bhai..please do something..Now only you can do something..You saw her..she didn’t eve replied to me.I can’t see moti like this.I want our jhansi ki rani moti back..please do something bhai..please..

The next 1 week Karthik and Ishaan makes several attempts to talk to her and normalise her.But she neither smiles nor talks with them normally.She only seems happy when she was Emi and Vitki.Finally Ishaan and Karthik thought of a plan so that Naira understands her importance in their life.
They send Naira to shop for Emi and Vitki’s clothes and other baby products and Naira agrees.She returns in the evening.She finds the house dark.Suddenly light falls on Karthik who is seen talking to Naira’s smiling photo.
Karthik:Jaan you know you look very beautiful while smiling.Your smile is like sun which illuminates the entire world around me.He then hugs the photo and says:I love you jaan.
The light goes from there and then it falls on Ishaan who has the photo of a angry Naira who is raising her hand to beat Ishaan
Ishaan:Arrey moti will you kill me now for this or what?You are no less then jhansi ki rani.You know I never get bored and remain happy because of our fights.
Then the light goes.Again light comes and this time Karthik and Ishaan are talking moving around Naira.
Karthik:Now my life has no light and is filled with darkness because it no longer has my jaan’s smile in it.
Ishaan:My life has become boring and dull like black and white pictures because there is no one to fight with me and tease.
Karthik and Ishaan:Its better to die.They take out guns from their pocket and shoot at each other and fall down..
Karthik(with pain)Ishaan my brother..I know we will not live any longer but I’m happy that I don’t have to bear the darkness of my life anymore.
Ishaan(with pain):Same here bhai..I’m sad that I’m dying at such baby age but happy also that I don’t have to live this black and white film anymore.Maybe in next birth I’ll again get my colourful action-packed life back..
Karthik:And my colourful life back.
Naira who was looking at them shocked till now now started….started laughing uncontrollably keeping hand on her stomach…And why not Karthik and Ishaan’s drama was such that a dead person would also wake up and start laughing…You guys thinking why I’m saying like this..Because..Because the guns they used were bot real guns but water pistols we play with on holi.
Karthik and Ishaan hearing her laughter slightly opens their one eye and then seeing her laughing they also smile lying on the floor.Naira stops laughing seeing them and smiles.Now will you both stay there only or what?
Karthik:We’ll get up..
Ishaan:But we have one condition..
Naira:What condition?
Karthik:I want my light
Ishaan:And my action packed colourful life..
Karthik and Ishaan(together):Back..
Naira nods in yes smilingly and teary eyed.
Karthik and Ishaan gets up happily.Naira smiles and runs to them and hugs them happily.
Naira releases the hug.Karthik wipes her tears.
Naira(smiles):I’m so important in your lives.
Ishaan and Karthik(together):No…More than this..
Karthik:Jaan..how much important you’re in our lives we cannot express it.This was toh just a small glimpse of it..
Ishaan:Yes moti..Since one week leave behind fighting you’re not talking to me properly..
Karthik:And leave behind laughter you’re smiling only when you’re with Emi and Vitki..We’re not that bad jaan that you cannot talk or laugh with us.
Naira smiles at the seeing their concern.She realises her mistake.
Naira:I’m sorry Karthik..sorry Ishaan..I was so engrossed thinking about the people who left me that I forgot the ones who are still with me and love me so much..I’m so sorry(holds her ears).
Karthik(removes her hands from her ears):Its okay jaan I understand.I’m not telling you to start behaving like nothing happened.I know it will take time.I just want you to be the way you’re and then everything will be alright.
Karthik hugs her.Naira smiles.Ishaan looks at them and wipes his tears.Kaira release the hug.Naira looks at Ishaan.
Ishaan:Okay okay..you’re insisting so much..(forwards his leg)Here is my feet..Touch it and ask forgiveness…I’m very kind..I’ll forgive..
Naira:Oh is that so..As if I won’t break your leg idiot..
Ishaan:What what..say again..what you called me?
Naira:Idiot..which you’re..A true idiot..
Ishaan goes and hugs Naira.
Ishaan:Finally I got my old moti..my best friend back..I’m so happy.
They realise they hug.
Naira:Me too…
They then have a group hug.
Karthik & Ishaan:So lets cut the cake..
They bring the cake to Naira.
Naira:But why cake?
Karthik & Ishaan:To start a new beginning..
Naira smiles and takes the knife to cut the cake.She also takes Karthik and Ishaan’s hand and make them cut the cake with her.
They all feed the cake to each other.But Ishaan while feeding cake to Naira applied it to her face and runs and Naira also takes a cake piece and runs behind him.Karthik smiles seeing them and tries to stop them.They spend quality time with each other and then with Emi and Vitki.Naira smiles seeing Emi,Vitki,Ishaan and Karthik around her and looks at Tanu’s photo in her room.

Recap:Back to present.

So guys Finally done with the past chapter.Now there will be only present.If you have any doubts or did not understand something related to the past then let me know.I’ll try to clear your doubts.And do comments because it is your comments that keep me going.

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