YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 74)

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episode 74
The episode starts with everyone getting in the bus for the picnic.The bus has two seats each and all couples are sitting together except for Ishaan who is sitting with Sanaya.The bus starts.After sometime Ishaan gets up.
Ishaan:Okay guys now time for some masti.So tell me how many of you’ll play antakshari with me.
Everyone raises their hands.
Ishaan:Okay then it’ll be a boys v/s girls fight.
Tanu:Okay we’re ready.
Ishaan:To lose
Naira:Idiot I’ll see what you say after your lose.
Ishaan:Okay then let’s start the game.
Ishaan:Baithe Baithe kya kare..

He counts and it stops on Karthik.
Ishaan:Bhai..bhai..it came on you.Now sing a song with starting with m..
Karthik looks at Naira and holds her hand and sings teri meri kahani from film mann.
Everyone applauds for him.
Ishaan:Wow..bhai romantic haannn..
Naina:Doll is really lucky.Everyone don’t get such romantic husbands.(looking at Karan).
Karan:What do you mean?
Naina:Samajhdar ko ishara kaafi hain.
Karan makes aww face and everyone laugh on him…
But little Sanaya whom Ishaan was carrying while standing stretches her arms towards Karan saying pa..pa..pa..
Karan takes her in his lap and kisses her.
Karan:Only my daughter loves me.Right Sanaya.
Sanaya giggles.
Naira and Tanu:We also love you bro/bhai..
Tanu:Ya but it doesn’t change the fact that bhabhi confessed.
Naira:Ya that’s true.
Naina gives winning look to Karan.
Ishaan:Okay okay..now lets continue game..Its moti’s turn now.
Naira sings from handi ban gaye.
Everyone claps.

They continue to play..
Everyone sings romantic songs for their respective partners but our Ishaan sings Koi na koi chahiye from deewana.
Rishi:Don’t worry idiot you’ll also get one soon.
Naira:Arrey jiju why are you giving curse to any girl like this?
Rishi:What do you mean?
Tanu:Arrey don’t you understand.The girl who falls in love by mistake with Ishaan or worse who marries her.Have you thought about her?
Naira:Unluckiest girl in the world…
Ishaan:Will anyone here support me or everyone holds the same opinion about me?
Rishi:Ishaan din’t worry.Your big b is with you na.Let them tell anything.You know na mad people think others to be mad only.
Naira:So in that case jiju you should be more mad right..
Naira:You fell in love with Tanu after all.
Naira and Tanu give high-five to each other.

After sometime they reach the picnic spot.
They all get down the bus.Karthik holds Naira’s hand and takes her down.
Ishaan:So guys we’ve reached the picnic spot.Now lets find a beautiful location for picnic.
Karthik:Why don’t we go in groups rather than all together?It’ll be easier right.
Ishaan:Tell clearly na bhai you want to spent romantic time with your moti wife.Why making excuses?
Naira:Ishaan ke bachche…
Ishaan:Eh..moti..don’t start running now okay.You beat me after the baby is born.
Tanu:Ya Naira don’t worry after our babies are born na we all will together beat him.
Ishaan:Oh god these devils.Bhai and big b take your chudails away with you.I’ll be relieved.
Karthik:Ya lets go find a good place.
Ishaan:After you all are done.Come to this place.(Gives some instructions)I’ve already been here with my friends so I know about it.
Everyone go separate directions with their respective partners while Ishaan directly goes to the picnic spot.

Kaira’s side.
Naira and Karthik are walking hand by hand.
Karthik:So how was the surprise jaan?Now tell me who is your hero?
Karthik folds his hand and lifts his head in attitude saying this.
Naira:Hero…right come to thing of it you’re super mendak..
Karthik’s face drops.
Karthik:Super mendak..Seriously…You would’ve been okay is you’d at least say spiderman..but super mendak..ewwww…
Naira:What can I do for it?If anyone is mendak then I’ll call him mendak only naa..
Karthik suddenly pulls Nairs closer.Naira gets startled.
Karthik:Oh so..I’m mendak right.So do you remember what happens in the story..(caressing her lips)..
Naira(lost in his touch):Which story?
Karthik:Frog prince…
Naira blushes understanding his hints.
Karthik pulls her forward and soon their lips meet.They share a sweet and passionate kiss with each other.They get apart when they get out of breath.They then hug each other.
Karthik(hugging Naira):The baby might be thinking that his papa is really naughty.Not leaving any chance to romance with mumma.(touching her belly)Right baby.
Naira smiles seeing Karthik’s love for her.
Karthik(seeing Naira):See baby mumma is so much happy just by my love so how much happy she will be with both of our love?
Mumma:She would be the happiest person in the world.
Naira thinks something and her face drops.Karthik notices it.
Karthik(cups her face):What happened jaan?
Naira(with tears in eyes):Karthik…I’ll be a god mother no?What if I turn to be like Akshara Singhania?What if I also..
Naira couldn’t speak more as she starts crying.
Karthik(in mind):Her so called mother’s thoughts accompanied by her mother’s thoughts are affecting her.I’ve to do something.
Karthik:Jaan why are you thinking like this?You would surely be the best mother in the world?There is no doubt in it..
Naira(sobbing):But..Karthik..I also have her blood na..what if..
Karthik(puts finger on her lips):If you’re talking of blood no then let me tell you there is more difference between her blood and your blood than is between white and black…Understood.And about becoming like your so called mother..Then I believe a person becomes what he really wants to..It does not depend on blood.Even you know that.And I know that you’ll become world’s best mother because you really want it from the depth of your heart.(Naira smiles.Karthik wipes her tears).I told you na..I don’t like to see tears in your eyes..
Naira(hugs Karthik tightly):I love you Karthik.
Karthik:I love you too jaan.

After sometime they went to the place which Ishaan suggested.It was very beautiful with a lake at side and all trees and greenery around.When they reached they noticed that everybody else have already reached and they were the last one to come.
Tanu(teasing them):What happened Naira and Karthik?What took you so long ha?
Ishaan:Bhai I thought that you planned a family picnic but looks like it was ought to be a romantic one..
Naira blushes.
Naina:Oh ho..doll..look at your face You are looking like tomato.
Naira:Stop it bhabhi..Achcha lets do something else.
Tanu:Okay okay we’ll leave you for now.Lets play damsharades.
they all play and spend quality time with each other.

Recap:8 months leap.Huge revelations.

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