YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 65) ENGAGEMENT SPECIAL

Hi guys I’m back with next episode of the ff.The engagement special episode.

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episode 65
Leap of some weeks..
Preparations are going on for Kaira’s engagement.
Tanu(on phone):Rishi are you all ready?
Rishi:Ya almost.We’ll be leaving in sometime.What about you all?
Tanu:We too will be leaving in sometime.
Rishi:Okay come fast..Btw Tanu you didn’t send me your photo?…
Tanu:Why will I?
Rishi:What do you mean why?Arrey I want to see how you’re looking.
Tanu:See at the time of engagement..And for god sake its your brother and my sister’s engagement not our engagement.
Rishi:Okay..For now send me Naira’s photo and I’ll send you Karthik’s photo.You remember at the time of our engagement they both also did this for us.
Tanu:Ya right..I’ll just send.
Rishi:Btw Tanu soon there will be our sangeet and marriage along with them..
Tanu:Ya I’m so excited..I never thought that I and Naira will marry on the same day..
Rishi:Me too..
Someone calls Rishi..
Rishi:Y coming..Achcha Tanu I’ll go now will talk you letter.Bye.Love.
Tanu:Bye Love you too.
She comes to Naira and sees her getting ready.Naira is wearing a pink lehengas with golden work.The one she is wearing the promo of her engagement in serial.(To watch the promo go to the link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YrPGc-Fk4s)
Tanu:My sister is really looking like princess today.
Naira gets nostalgic remembering Naitik calling her princess.Tears form in her beautiful eyes.
Tanu(applying kajal):Kisi ki nazar na lag jaye.
Tanu’s voice brings Naira back.She quickly wipes off the tears and behave normal in front of Tanu.But Tanu notices it and understands the reason.
Tanu:You’re missing them right..
Naira(trying to act normal):What are you talking about Tanu?Its nothing like that..
Tanu(turning Naira):Then what you will say of these tears?
Naira(trying to cover):Wo..wo just I’m little bit sad that today is engagement and after some days will be marriage then after that I’ve to leave bro and go..thats why..
Tanu:Don’t try to pretend Naira.I know there are very few people who understand whats in your heart without your speaking.Bhai,bhabhi and Karthik being among them and I think ..rather I believe that I’m also one of them who knows you and everything about you..
Naira turns around.
Tanu:If you don’t want to tell then its okay.But i’ll just say that its not some crime on your part to miss your family on the most important day of your life,your engagement.I’m a girl Naira before being your sister and I know just how a girl feels when her family is not with her on her engagement..Naira..sissy..I still think that you should ring them up or at least send the invitation for your wedding by post..
Naira turns around.

Naira:Tanu I know how much you love and you’re right you’re among the people who understand my heart without my saying and know everything about me..So I think you remember the reason for my leaving the house..After all this how can you expect that I’ll call them specially that Akshara Singhania on my wedding.
Tanu:Naira what do you think after knowing what all she did with you even if she is the last person in the world I’ll have even 0.01% interest in calling her?No..not at all..I hate her more than you do just because I love you more than you yourself do.And that’s why inspite of my hatred I’m telling you to do it because she is not the only member of your family right?Even others are there.Specially your papa and bhai..When you used to tell about your family in the beginning when you came to London..you always used to say na that you were his princess right..and your bhai…he loved you a lot and your dada,dadi,badi dadi,nani,badi nani…there are so many others who love you so much and have not done anything wrong and you know that right.This is the reason you went to post your wedding card to send to them but thinking about Akshara Singhania tore it up just when you were about to post..
Naira:Ya its true that they all love me..its also true that they were not at fault…but the problem is for them…Akshara Singhania is Goddess..who can never be wrong.If I call them for my wedding they’ll surely bring her and will try all sort of tricks to make her participate in my wedding which I don’t want at all.
Tanu:But Naira..
Naira:No buts Tanu.You don’t know them.Their bond is very strong.They always say and prove by their action na that they will bear either good or bad together even if it is for a single person in the family?They will share the sorrow and happiness both.Then let them share this weight of their most beloved bahu and daughter’s sins also.Not being a part of her daughter’s wedding was just the punishment of the sin of my so called mahaan mother which the whole family have to bear now.
Tanu(cups her face):And along with them you also..and this is the only thing I don’t want.
Naira(smiles):Tanu sometimes before you only told na that i used to talk about my family in the beginning when I came to London?(Tanu nodes)Ever wondered that in so many years why I never talked of them after wards?(Tanu nodes in no.Naira smiles and holds her)Just because it really doesn’t matter to me now that whether they’re with me or not..I know it will sound very harsh of me or even I may appear selfish to all those members except Akshara Singhania who are hell innocent..But its the truth.The love and trust which I got from my family..i.e.you and bro and also the love of Malhotra brothers made me completely forget that I had anyone anywhere except London.I feel now that I had never been to India only..and you and bro are my blood relations.I’m born here and this is the only house I have since my childhood.Silly it might appear and harsh too but reality won’t change.I love you all and you’re the only family I’ve..and what you told sometime before..haaa..that I don’t have my family with me at the most important time of my life..madam..my family was always there and will always be there with me in all the important moments of my life..and my family is you,bro,bhabhi,Sanaya and of course the Malhotra brothers…understand.I hope now your doubts got clear right..Miss female representative..
Tanu smiles and hugs Naira tightly..
Tanu:You’re right sissy..We’re your family and will always be there for you..
Just then Karan enters and sees them hugging.He smiles seeing them and gets teary eyed thinking that after some days both will marry and will leave him..forever.
Tanu and Naira notice Karan standing at the door and releases the hug.
Naira:Bro why are you standing there?Come inside na..
Karan comes inside and cups Naira’s face..
Karan:My doll is looking very beautiful..
Karan gets teary eyed.
Karan:Doll you remember in childhood I used to say to both of you to never grow up..You know I just said that because I never wanted you to go away from me and I swear if you too didn’t fall in love na I would surely never have got you married..
Naina(entering):Thats the only reason god made them fall in love with their soulmates.
Karan,Naira and Tanu smile at her.
Naina:God knew na that your brother will never get you married by his own will therefore to make you both reach the person you’re made for he made you fall in love with them.
Karan hugs them both..
Karan:Always be happy you both.This is the only thing that your brother wants
Naina:And bhabhi too..
They hug Naina also.
Naina:Karan now lets leave.We’re getting late.

They reach the engagement venue.
Naira is made to sit.Just then Karthik,Ishaan and Rishi enters.Karthik is wearing the same sherwani as in the promo.They’re greeted by Karan.Karan hugs Karthik and makes him sit beside Naira.Then they start the ring ceremony.
Karthik is about to make Naira wear the ring when Tanu shakes her hand.They all smile.Then Karthik makes Naira wear the ring.Naira is about to make him wear the ring when Karthik puts his hand in the pocket.All smile.
Karthik takes out his hand and finally Naira makes him wear the ring.Everyone showers flowers on them and congratulates them.
Karthik and Naira are fitted opposite each other while others get busy attending the guests.
Karthik and Naira talk in whispers.
Karthik:So madam finally I officially marked you mine.
Naira blushes.
Karthik:Don’t blush so much Naira or else I’ll end up kissing you here only.
Naira(hits Karthik’s shoulder):Don’t you have some shame Karthik.
Karthik:Why so?Now toh you’re officially my fiancee so I’ve the right to kiss you right?(winks at her)
Naira smiles.
Tanu:Attention everyone.In the happy occasion of my sister’s engagement I’ve thought of a nice game to play.Through this game it will be proved and how much strong is the love between all the couples present here and how well do they know each other..

Recap:The game.Kaira’s sangeet.

Guys I’m stopping here and as my exams are on I can’t update for the time being.Next update will be on 10th january.I’ll try to upload before if i can.


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