YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 64)

Hi guys I’m back here.I know you must be very angry with me for being so late.Guys actually I had small accident and broke my right hand.Though its a hairline fracture,it took some time to get completely fine.I’m fine now so here I’m back with the next episode of the ff.

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episode 64
The episode starts with Ishaan,Karthik and Rishi reaching lawn.
Karan:So guys whats the plan?
Karthik & Rishi:Even we don’t know it.
Rishi:Then who knows it?
Ishaan:I know it..
They turn and see Ishaan smiling..
Rishi,Karthik and Karan:Then tell us na…
Ishaan:Tell you?I’ll better show you..
Ishaan brings a laptop and switches it on and does some thing and then turns it towards Rishi,Karan and Karthik.
Ishaan:See for yourself.
They see in the laptop screen and are shocked.They see that the ladies function is displayed in the laptop..
Rishi,Karan and Karthik(shocked):Don’t tell us you..
Ishaan:Ya in the morning when you were busy in your stupid attempts and that moti was busy in handling you..I secretly fitted a spy camera in the hall where it would not be noticed by anyone but we will be able to have a complete view of the hall.
Karthik:Wow my brother you really became smart staying with us.Nice indeed..
Rishi:Ya Ishaan..it is unexpected from you..
Karan:This is the first time you are winning against doll..but you know what I’m happy about it..
Ishaan:Thank you thank you..But what do you mean by unexpected..And what do you mean by I’m first time winning against moti..
Karthik:Ishaan what can we do?You always make plans to fail her or outsmart her but in the end it is you only who is outsmarted..Remember your first meet..How she made you dance when it was you who were about to do it?
Ishaan(embarrased):Okay okay..Now stop taunting me okay.I did so much for you all and made so much arrangements but you?
Karan:Okay okay..but Ishaan where have you hidden the camera.Arrey Karan bhai I’ve hidden it in a place no one can ever doubt.

Ishaan:Karan bhai you remember that you brought stuffed toys and arranged it in the hall for the coming baby?..
Karan:Ya that toh..(shocked)..Don’t tell me..
Ishaan:Yes I fitted the spy camera in one of them..
Karan:Arrey okay guys..Now lets enjoy and see what the ladies do in this function.
They start seeing the function..
Ladies:So everything is ready no Naira and Tanu..
Naira:Ya aunty first you start the ritual then after that there will be music and all..
Lady 1:Btw what special thing have you prepared for the function…
Tanu:Its a a surprise aunty.
Lady 2:Arrey at least give us some hint na..
Naira:Arrey aunty wait for sometime na.First you finish with your aashirvaad then you’ll know for yourself only.
The ladies start the ritual of godh bharai and blesses Naina and the baby..
After that Naira and Tanu starts the function.
Naira:So finally the ritual is over and time for some masti…So ladies and…sorry sorry only ladies because the the men who are not at all gentle will not be able to see the function..
Karan and the trio laughed hearing Naira’s statement as they are sure to watch the function but will they be able to?
Naira(continues):But to do that I’ve to take some action.
Tanu:Naira what do you mean?Why you have to take action?The men are not present here and sometimes before only I went and seen them outside in the lawn.Its look like they’re watching some sort of film on laptop.
Naira:Yes they are watching the film that is going on here.
Everyone (shocked):What?
Naira:Just give me a minute you’ll understand each and everything.
Naira goes and comes towards the toys where Ishaan have hidden the spy camera..
Naira(joining her hands):So guys aap ke liye aaj ka karyakram yahi samapt hota hai.I wish you’re happy seeing the godh bharai ritual.But sorry it was limited edition pack and now the limit is over.So guys and especially idiot Ishaan who made this more idiot idea to outsmart me even after knowing that he can never,say good bye to this entertainment program and if you take my suggestion watch some good film on the laptop.So good bye.Tadaaa..
Saying this Naira takes out the camera and switches it off and goes towards Tanu who is looking at her with open mouth..
Naira(closing her mouth):Close your mouth or else fly will get inside it.
Tanu:How did you do that?None of us got to know know about it but you..
Naira:Oh come on Tanu..You think that stupid Ishaan can win against me ever..Think of my reputation sometimes and if not then at least judge by the record.Every time Ishaan tries to out smart me..

On the men’s side
Karan,Karthik and Rishi:You’re the one who is outsmarted?
Ishaan looks on embarrassed.
Karthik:I told know that Ishaan can never win against her.My jaan is very intelligent.
Karan:Ya of course.I knew it that my doll will never get caught in such silly traps..
Ishaan and Rishi(together):You’re in our team or their team..
Karan:We’re in your team only ut truth is truth no..Right Karthik…
Karthik:Ya absolutely right..Ishaan accept your defeat now bro..You can never win against Naira.
Rishi:Ishaan..you toh told that Naira didn’t know anything and when she was busy with Karan you did it secretly..
Ishaan:Ya big b even I’m thinking that how did that moti got to know..
Naira remembers seeing theft news on tv and fixing a spy camera in every part of the house for security reasons which she didn’t tell anybody so that it doesn’t go out.Then she remembers checking the footage of the cameras just before the function to see if Karan has really agreed to Naina or he dad made some other plan.She sees Ishaan secretly fixing spy camera in toy.
She smirks remembering it.
Naina:But doll you did not tell us that how you got to know about their plan..
Naira:Bhabhi let some secret be secret only na..Now lets start the function..(Guys I’m mentioning the part of Naira fixing spy camera in Kapoor Mansion in London because it will be of very much significance later on when the story progresses).
Naina and Tanu dances on sola sringar karke…and make everybody dance then Naira comes dressed up as Karan and dances with Naina.
Everyone enjoy a lot while outside the boy with sad face start watching a film.

Leap of 6 months
Everyone is standing outside the operation theatre as today is Tanu’s delivery.
Karan is pacing here and there in tension and Naira and Tanu are standing with Karthik and Ishaan and Mr.Mittal are standing together.Rishi is doing the operation and Tanu is assisting him as both are gynaecologists.All are getting impatient.Just then a hear the sound of baby crying and become overjoyed.
Rishi and Tanu come out and Tanu goes and hugs Karan.
Tanu:Congrats bro its a baby girl..
Karan stand there dumbstruck.Naira comes and shakes Karan.
Naira:Bro..you okay..
Karan gets to senses and lifts Naira and twirls her in air.
Karan:Yo huuuu..I’m so happy..I’ve become father.Now I’ve a baby daughter.Can I see them?
Rishi:Of course Karan.After cleaning the baby we’ll send her to the ICU.Tanu will also be shifted there.You can meet them then.
Rishi and Tanu goes to see everything.
Naira(hugs Karthik):I’m so happy Karthik.I can’t believe that I’ve become bua.
Karthik(reciprocating the hug):Me too Naira.I’ve become phupha.
Naira(releasing):Oh hello mister..You’ve not become phupha till now.For that you’ve to wait till our marriage.
Karthik:That all also be done soon my love.If you remember our marriage date is coming close..
Naira blushes…
Tanu and Karan come and inform everyone that now they can meet Naina and the new born baby.
Everyone comes to meet the new born baby.
Karan comes and sits beside Naina and hold her hand…Naina is sitting with the baby in her hand.
Naira:She is so cute.Bhabhi.Can I take her please?
Naina:Sure doll..Take her..
Naira plays with her when Kathik comes to them.
Naira(showing the baby to Karthik):Karthik see..she cho cho..sweet..I just love her..
Karthik:Oh so you like babies right..
Naira:Of course Karthik..Like them.I just love them..
Karthik:How many babies you want?
Naira(thinks something mischievous):At least ten Karthik.5 boys and 5 girls.
Naira:Why Karthik is it less?Then okay we will have 20..10 boys and 10 girls..
Karthik:Naira at least think about the population..20..seriously????
Naira(laughs):I was just joking..I think 2 will be enough…1 boy and 1 girl..What say????
Karthik:I will fulfil your wishes soon after marriage..
He looks at her naughtily and comes close to her.Just then they hear the baby giggling..
They surprisedly look at her.They smile seeing her.
Karthik:Oye dear bhanji if you want a little brother or sister soon na then don’t disturb bua and phuphas romance okay..
The baby smiles not understanding anything.
Naira and Karthik smiles at him and hug each other.
Naira takes her to Naina and Karan.She shows Karan how to carry the baby properly and gives the baby in his hands.Karan happily kisses her forehead.
Naira:Btw bro and bhabhi did you decide any name for her?
Karan and Naina together:Yes…
Naira:Wow great…What name?
They both look at each other..
Karan:Oh please..I’ll name my daughter..and I liked the name Tanaya..
Naina:No Karan..Not fare..I want to name her Sara..
They both start fighting..
Naira gets irritated by their fighting..
Naira:Stopppp….Stop fighting..Lets do something..Why don’t we name her Sanaya..From Sara Sa and from Tanaya aya..Join them together..Sanaya..
Both Karan and Naina like the name..
Karan and Naina:Our daughter..Sanaya..

Recap:Naira and Karthik’s engagement.

Guys I’m stopping here but I promise to be back as soon as I can..And next episode will be Kaira’s engagement..And you all might have got to know that soon Kaira’s marriage is going to take place in show also so tell me will you be lake wala or ladki wala/wali..I got this poll on twitter so passing it to you..I toh will be ladki wali..Do tell me about it you all..

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