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episode 60
The episode starts with a beautiful morning in Malhotra Mansion.

In Kaira room.
Karthik and Naira are getting ready to go to Singhania Mansion ti invite them for grahpravesh function in Malhotra Mansion.(If you remember guys till now they were in farmhouse as the Malhotra Mansion was under renovation).
Naira:Karthik if you don’t have any problem..then I’m thinking to call..I mean Karthik..if I call..
Karthik:Its okay you can call Naina bhabhi and Sara
Naira gets happy.
Karthik(seriously):But not Mr.Karan Malhotra.
Naira(sad):Even if I call he won’t come.So don’t worry.
Karthik(cups her face):Jaan I know you feel bad when say such about Karan but he has only made me helpless.I just can’t sit quietly and bear the person who never leaves any stone unturned to give pain to my love,my jaan.
Naira(smiles fakely):Its okay Karthik.I understand.Lets go.
She turns and goes.Karthik feels sad for her and thinks to do something for her which will fix her mood.
They come down and see Ishaan playing with Emi and Vitki.As soon as Emi and Vitki see Naira they go to her and hug her tightly and kisses on her cheeks.Naira also kisses their cheeks lovingly.
Naira:Are my babies ready to go their nani’s house?
Both:Ya mumma.

They then go to Karthik and hug him too.
Ishaan(fake jealously):Its very unfair.As soon as you saw your mumma papa you forgot about your chachu haannnn…
Everyone smiles seeing him.
Emi and Vitki comes to him.
Emi:Off ho chachu don’t be angry na.
Vitki:Because if you stay angry with us only then who will help you.
Ishaan:Help me in what?
Emi & Vitki(together):In wooing chachi.
Everyone smile hearing their cute talks.

Naira goes to them and cups their faces.
Naira:Okay okay my little helpers.You can help your chachu as much as you want.See hearing your chachi’s name all his anger went away and he started blushing.
Ishaan:Moti..what type of mother you’re haa..You’re teaching your kids this type of things at such small age.
Karthik:Arrey Ishaan she is toh is not teaching anything like that.But sure you’ve to learn many thing to woo Mishti.I think you should shake hands with her.You know na she is her sister.She can help you the most.\

Ishaan(buttering):That toh my lovely and sweet moti will always help.Right moti.
Naira(with attitude):Who told you that?And why on the earth will I help you in wooing Mishti?You’ve to do it yourself.
Ishaan:You both cheaters.You promised to help me in my love story as I helped you in your love story.I played the cupid for you.
Emi:Mumma is true.
Vitki:Chachu really helped you so much in your time.
Naira:Arrey no beta.He just came as papa’s jasoos to confirm my feelings about him as he was too afraid to confess anything.
Emi(laughs):Papa you were afraid of mumma.You cannot understand on your own..
Vitki(laughs):hahahaha..papa you’re so stupid..hahahahaha…
Karthik:Okay okay now you both stop laughing okay.We’re getting late to go your nani’s house.

Naira smiles seeing Karthik embarrassed and they both leave to Singhania mansion.

The scene shifts to Singhania Mansion.
Everyone is sitting in the hall and doing their work when suddenly Mishti comes down running.She is about to fall while running but controls herself.
Bhabhimaa:Arrey Mishti what are you doing?You’ll fall down.
Mishti:Arrey badi dadi it would’ve been better if I had fallen that then at least I’d have some reason of not being at home.
Akshara(smiles):Arrey Mishti what happened?
Just then Naira,Karthik and Ishaan enters along with Emi and Vitki.
Everyone gets happy seeing them.After the usual greetings they sit down.
Naira:Btw Mishti why you want to escape from home ha?(gives a teasing smile).
Mishti:Laugh di laugh as much as you want laugh now.Because from tomorrow you’ll have no other options than crying.
Naira:Why Mishti what happened?
Mishti:Arreyyy….Bua dadi is coming?
Everyone gets happy listening her while the Malhotras look confused.
Naira(happily):Arrey Mishti you also na.This is toh good news na.
Mishti:Oh really di.From which angle do you find it a good news?I don’t like her at all.Always finds faults everything that is happening.
Karthik:Btw jaan who is she?
Naira:Wo Karthik she is dadu’s elder sister.The eldest in the family..
Karthik:Really.When she is coming?
Mishti(making faces):Unfortunately tomorrow.

Ishaan(to Akshara):Btw aunty is she full of manners kind of person.
Akshara:Ya beta.But why are you asking?
Ishaan:That’s why I was wondering why this mannerless is getting so angry and worried on her coming while others are so happy.
Ishaan:Arrey aunty she is a full of manners and your daughter…mannerless..Sure;y such person would not like her na.And aunty you also know your daughter.She is so stubborn.I’m sure she doesn’t like bus dadi because she tries to teach her manners.Am I right or Am I right mannerless?

Everyone laugh on Mishti hearing Ishaan’s comment.
Karishma:I think you’re right Ishaan.I never thought about it.But its true this can be the reason.
Mishti(angry):Mumma how can you support him against your daughter haaa?So mean..
Naira:Arrey Mishti don’t worry.Let bua dadi come she’ll support you only between you and Ishaan as supporting a mannerless is better than supporting a defect ki dukaan..Right Mishti?
Mishti:Right Di?She can never like this defect ki dukaan.(gives high five to her).
Karthik:Btw its good she is coming tomorrow.Then she can come for the puja day after tomorrow.Right.
Akshara:Puja?What puja beta?
Naira:Actually we came to inform you that only mumma.Actually you all know toh know that Malhotra Mansion was under renovation so we were staying in farmhouse but since the renovation is over we’re shifting here only.And for that reason we have kept grahpravesh puja day after tomorrow.We came to invite you

for that only.
Akshara:Wow this means we’ll become neighbours?I’m so happy(hugs her).
Naira:Me too.(looking at Ishaan)But there are some other people here who are happier than us.
Emi and Vitki goes to Mishti.
Emi:Masi masi…(pulls her hand)
Mishti bends down.
Mishti:Ya my cuties tell me.What can I do for you?
Emi:Will you play with us?
Mishti:Ya sure…
Vitki:Masi..can we take chachu also?
Mishti glares at Ishaan angrily.

Mishti:What is the need to take him?
Vitki:Masi please na…
They request her very cutely.
Mishti melts seeing him.
Ishaan:Its okay Emi and Vitki.I’ll play with you later.Your masi doesn’t want me to go with you na..
Emi and Vitki make sad pout to convince Mishti.
Mishti:Okay only for you I’ll allow this defect ki dukaan to come with us.
Ishaan:You don’t need to do favour on me okay.
Emi & Vitki(sweetly):Chachu please na…
Ishaan:Okay you’re insisting so much..Lets go.
They both go away with Emi and Vitki.
Akshara:Naira is it okay to send Emi and Vitki with both of them.Both of them will get tired of their fighting.
Naira:Arrey mumma don’t worry.Nothing like that will happen.
Karthik:And ma they’re habituated with Naira and Ishaan’s fight which is no less than world war then this toh is nothing in front of it.

Akshara:Achcha beta remember one thing don’t fight like this in front of baisa.You know her na.She won’t like it.
Karthik:But why?What is wrong with it?
Naira:Karthik nothing is wrong in it but but dadi is an orthodox type of person.She in not so open minded.That’s why if she sees me and Ishaan fighting she can take it in a wrong way.(to Akshara)Btw mumma does she know about me?
Akshara:Ya we told about your arrival.That’s why she might be coming.She was s eager to meet you.
Naira:I’m also eager to meet her

Akshara:Ya but..before I could tell about your marriage and children the call got cut.I’m worrying that she might not like the fact that..
Naira:That I married without informing any of you neither I informed you about my pregnancy..
Akshara:Naira beta..
Naira:Its okay mumma.I understand.You don’t worry.I’ll convince her and I’m sure when she meets Karthik and all she would be happy..
Akshara:Ya I think so.Let her arrive.
Voice:I’ve arrived.
They turn around and is shocked to see baisa standing at the gate.
Naira gets happy seeing her.
Baisa enters.Everyone goes to her and takes her blessing.Mishti,Ishaan,Emi and Vitki also come down.Baisa looks at Naira happily.Naira goes to her and hugs her.
Baisa hugs her happily.

Baisa:Where were you chori.We missed you so much.Now you came back na..dare you go out anywhere then see what I’ll do?
Naira(happily cries):If you want also na then also now I’ll not go anywhere from this city or away from all of you.
Emi and Vitki comes to Naira confused seeing her tears and smiling.They pull her hand.Naira bends down.They wipe her tears.Everyone smile seeing their love but Baisa stands confused.

Emi:Why are you crying?What happened?
Vitki:Did she scold you?
Before Naira can make them understand they turn to Baisa
Together(to Baisa):Why you make our mumma cry?

Recap:Grah pravesh at Malhotra Mansion.Naina comes with Sanaya and meets the Singhanias.

Guys what do you think will be Baisa’s reaction on learning about Naira’s marriage with Karthik and Emi Vitki being her children.Will she stay angry with her forever or Karthik’s goodness and Emi and Vitki’s cuteness will melt her heart?

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