YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 59 part 2)


Guys I’m back with the next episode and in this episode the past would end and don’t worry guys the second part of flashback will reveal most of the secrets but before that there will be some present.So all those who were missing Emi,Vitki and specially mannerless and defect ki dukaan.They all are back.

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episode 59 part 2
The episode starts with everyone going inside the wedding hall and the marriage starting.
Tanu:Naira you hid bhai’s shoes well na.
Debu:Ya Naira no one should get it.
Naira:Ya ya don’t worry I’ve a very good plan in mind but before that I want to know who all are behind it.
Debu:Don’t worry I’ve already sent Anu and Aditi to find out who all are behind the shoes.Here they come.
Anu & Aditi comes and all 5 of them form a close circle and talk in whispers.
Naira:Anu Aditi what information you got.
Anu:We got to know that the three Malhotra brothers are in bhabhi’s team.
Aditi:Ya they’re not leaving any stone unturned to find the shoes and I think they’ve got a clue also about where the shoe is?
Debu:Naira now what will happen?
Naira:Nothing will happen.Let them find the shoe.
Everyone look at her questioningly.
Tanu:What are you saying Naira?We’ll lose then na..
Naira:Arrey Tanu don’t you know Naira never loses.This time also we’ll only win.
Anu:Naira I know your khuoafati dimaak hase some khatarnak plan running inside it.Tell what it is?
Naira:You’re right Anu.You all just wait and watch.(smirks)
Debu:This smirk confirmed our doubt.Naira now tell us na.
Naira:Arrey guys why are you so impatient.If before getting surprise only you get to know about it toh sara maza kharab ho jayega na(then all fun will spoil na).Wait till bidaai.Everything will become crystal clear then.
Naira:Arrey baba 100% sure.You yourself will understand my plan.Now without any headache just enjoy the wedding.
Naira(in mind):Today the Malhotra brothers are in for a shock that they’ll receive at the time of bidaai.(smirks).

On the other hand the Malhotra brothers,i.e.Ishaan,Karthik and Rishi, are very happy to find the shoes.
Ishaan:Bhai I can’t believe this we got the shoes.
Rishi:Even I’m shocked not because we found it but because how easily we found it.I didn’t thought that they’ll hide in such a easy place.
Karthik:Ya but don’t you find something fishy in it.I mean Naira,Tanu,Debu,Anu and Aditi.Five of them hid it and in such a easy place.There is definitely something wrong.
Rishi:Arrey Karthik you always like this only.I think that they took it very lightly as they thought Naina doesn’t have any brother so no one to steal shoes.They don’t know that we’re fulfilling this rasam right.
Karthik:Ya maybe.(in mind)I don’t think its that simple.My jaan have surely planned something else.Whatever it is but I want to meet her right now.Where is she?
He sees her going somewhere.He smiles and follows her and when he gets a chance her drags her in a room and closes the door.
Naira(shocked):Karthik what is this?
Karthik comes close to her and pulls her by her waist.
Karthik:I was wanting to talk to you since so long.But you..not paying any attention.You paid more attention than this when we were just friends.(pouts)
Naira smiles and encircles her arms around his neck.
Naira:Actually the thing is that time I wanted to make sure that you fall in love with me and that’s why I always used to hover around you.But now when you’ve already fell in love with me then what is the need…
Naira giggles naughtily.
Karthik:Achcha so that’s it haa.(leaves her)then I’ll go to some other girl.
Karthik turns to go and waits for Naira to stop but surprisingly she doesn’t.He turns around and sees Naira holding her hands and standing as if nothing happened.
Karthik:Naira..its not joke I’m seriously going.
Naira:Ya toh go na.Who has stopped you?
Karthik:You won’t stop me.
Naira:Why would I?
Karthik:You don’t have any problem that I go to any another girl?
Naira:Why would I have any problem.(Karthik gets shocked but Naira smiles)When I know that you’ll never do anything which will break my trust.
She comes to Karthik and cups his face.
Naira:I trust you Karthik.I know that you can never do anything wrong.
Karthik is overwhelmed by Naira’s trust and hugs her tightly.
Just then they hear a knock on the door.
Naira asks Karthik to hide in bathroom while she herself goes out.After sometime Karthik also goes out.
They both come to the mandap and then Naina and Tanu goes and brings Naina and makes her sit beside Karan.The wedding starts and the bride and groom exchange garlands.Naina tries to make Karan wear garland but he stands straight and keeps his head high so that Naina can’t reach.After much trials Naina finally makes him wear varmaala and everybody showers flowers on them.When Karan tries to make Naina wear garland.Karthik and Ishaan comes and lifts her high.After some more trials Karan also makes her wear garland.Then Mr.Mittal is called for kanyaadan.He does her kanyaadan with a heavy heart and Karan promises to take care of Naina forever.Even Naira gets sad seeing it as she thinks that she also have to leave Karan after sometime.Tears well up in her eyes.Karthik sees it and understands what she is thinking.
Karthik:Jaan why are you crying?
Naira:Nothing Karthik.I just got emotional seeing them.
Karthik:I know what you were thinking that one day you also have to leave your bro.Am I right?
Naira tearfully nods in yes.
Karthik:Only that much problem.No worries.If you want I can become gear jamai and stay with you at your bro’s place.Then there will be no problem.
Naira:What?Are you mad?
Karthik:You know I’m.But it is good idea na.
Naira:Okay in that case will you not miss your brothers.
Karthik:No.Because they’ll be with me only na.
Karthik:See Big B is marrying your sister Tanu and even he is consoling Tanu that he’ll become gear jamai.Then we both will come to stay at your house.So we will not miss each other.And about Ishaan..you can make him servant in your house then he’ll also stay there and if he is not there also its okay.Who will miss him?
Voice:Is that so bhai?
Karthik gulps and turns around and is shocked to see Ishaan standing.
Naira smiles seeing them.
Karthik:Arrey Isshaaaannn when you came?
Ishaan:Just when you were suggesting moti to make me her servant.Do I look like a servant to you.
Naira:No way Ishaan.Karthik you told very wrong.(She comes to Ishaan).See him does he look like a servant?(Ishaan gets happy)No way.He is worst than servant.He looks just like the bhikaris who sit in front of mandir.
Ishaan:Moti you…
Naira:Don’t think Ishaan.See your Big B isn’t here to support you.He is busy with his lady love and Karthik..Then you only ask him whom will he support.
Ishaan:No need to ask.I already know it.You two sisters snatched both my brothers from me.See one day I’ll also marry..then you see..
Naira:So what you’re not getting my sister no..
Karthik:Ya no more is left..
Ishaan:You’ll just see the girl when I’ll choose.Then I’ll show you both.But for now watch the wedding.See Naira pandit ji is calling you for gatbandhan.Go now..
Naira goes for gatbandhan and Tanu also comes for the same.They both together do Karan’s gatbandhan.
Karan and Naina stand for pheras.Everyone shower flowers on them.In the first four pheras Karan is in front and for the last three pheras Naina is in front.They complete the pheras.Then Karan dorns mangalsutra in her neck and fills her maang with vermillion.
Pandit ji announces them as husband and wife.They take the blessings of the elders.
Karan:Where are my shoes now?
Rishi,Karthik and Ishaan comes in front.
Rishi:Don’t worry Karan.Its safe.
Karthik:Ya Karan.Don’t worry we kept it very safely with ourselves.You just give us what we want then we’ll give you what you want.
Karan: Oh so you three became Naina’s brother.Say how much money you want.
Ishaan:Not much bhai just 11,000.
Karan:Are you all mad or what?
Ishaan:If you have any problem Karan bhai then you can go bare footed also.We won’t mind.
Karan:Arrey now..What is this?Doll,Tanu,Debu,Anu,Aditi you were five but could not save my shoes from these three.
All(except Naira):Sorry bhai.
Naira:Its okay.Bro you agree.
Karan:What?..But I don’t have that much of cash.
Naira:Arrey I’m there na you first agree toh.
Karan:But doll..(Naira stares him angrily)..Okay doll as you say..
Naira goes and brings a box.
Naira:Bro take this.
Karan:You brought money in box.
Naira:Bro open it na.Everyone will be surprised.
Karan opens it and gets shocked.It contains another pair of shoes.
Rishi and Ishaan gets uttermost shock while Tanu,Debu,Anu and Aditi gets happy shock.Karthik is also happy inside as his love won.
Ishaan:This is cheating.Moti ki bachchi.
Rishi:Ya this is utter cheating.
Naira:What cheating?(to Karan)Bro how do you like this shoes of 11,000.
Karan:So you were talking about this?My doll is so intelligent.
Naira(to Malhotra brothers):And the shoes you’ve stolen na frame it and keep it as a memory of your failure.
Rishi and Ishaan pout while Karthik smiles seeing Naira happy.
Everyone then pose for selfie and then they take a family photo with the newly weds.In it Naina and Karan are in centre and on Karan’s side is Naira and after her Karthik.On Naina’s side is Tanu and after her is Rishi.Just between them at their back is Mr.Mittal and on his left side is Ishaan and Debu and right side is Anu and Aditi.

Naira is looking at the picture in her room and crying thinking about the moments.
Naira(crying):I never thought in my worst dreams that one day this will happen and my bro will hate.Why bro?Why?My mind always tells me that you’re wrong.That you hate me and only want to hurt me..But my heart..my heart can never agree.It only remembers the love you gave to me.It only says there is something because of which you’re doing this?But what it can be?
Karthik:It is hatred jaan and misunderstanding.
Naira turns around and sees Karthik standing at the door.He comes to her and she keeps her head on her shoulder.
Karthik:Why you do this to yourself jaan every time.I told you many times not to think about it but you still…
Naira:I try Karthik.You know I try but even then I can’t.I can’t believe that my bro hates me to such extent that he can hurt me.I just can.
Karthik:The truth won’t change regardless of you believing it or not.
Naira(cries):Tanu..if only you were there.You left me,jiju left me and bro also left me because of it.If only you were there we would have been a complete happy family,my bro would have been with me and I wouldn’t have to lie to..
Karthik(cuts her):Don’t ever talk about it jaan.I told you na.Never talk about it to anyone.Not even me.It was not lie.It was truth okay.Its the only truth.I don’t know or belive anything other than that.
Naira:The truth won’t change regardless of your believing it or not.Right Karthik?
Karthik:Do you feel it all lie?
Naira:Do you think I can ever feel so?Never Karthik.Never.I’m just very afraid that what will happen when she get to know that we’ve hidden such a big truth from her?We hid her identity from her.She’ll understand na Karthik why we did it?She’ll believe us na?
Karthik:Of course Naira she’ll understand.You don’t worry.And this question will only arise if she gets to know the truth.No one other than us knows this truth.Not even Ishaan.Only me,Tanu and you knew this truth.Tanu can’t tell because she’s no more with us.But we both also will never tell or let her feel it.So how come she know it.
Naira:I’m so afraid Karthik.I’ve just one worry that if she comes to know and don’t believe me..then..then I really don’t I know what I’ll do(cries) I really don’t know.
Karthik hugs her tightly.
Karthik:Don’t worry Naira that day won’t come.
Both of them hug each other tightly but both of their faces show fear of the truth.The truth which if comes out can either break relations or make them more strong.What will happen?Only time can tell that.

So guys finally the next episode.So can any of you guess what truth they’re talking about?It is good if you can and it is better if you cannot..heheheh..it will maintain suspense.Tell me about the episode through your comments.And guys the secret of Karan’s hatred is going to reveal soon.But I will show some present scenes and kAIRA MARRIAGE BEFORE THAT.

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    I guess its about vetki only being tanu’s daughter! Maybe there was some complications wen tanu had vetki n naira supported tanu in going ahead to keep the baby …but atlast tanu died giving birth to vetki which kaira took care of …therefore karan hates naira

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