YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 59 part 1)


Guys I’m back with the next episode.Its the first part And in second part of this episode the past will finish for time being and after some present scenes again past will start.

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episode 59
The episode starts with a leap of two weeks on the wedding day in Kapoor Mansion in morning.Everyone is preparing for haldi.
Naira:Arrey Tanu the haldi is ready na…We have to finish it fast.After that we have to take haldi to bhabhi also.
Tanu:Ya ya Naira everything is ready.You just see if bhai is ready or not.And if he is ready bring him down.I’m seeing everything here.
Naira:Ya I’ll just check.
She goes towards Karan’s room when someone pulls her to a corner.She is about to shout but someone shuts her mouth.She looks up to see that person’s face and gets shocked.The person removes his hand from her mouth.
Naira(shocked):Karthikkkk…(Yes guys its none other than our Karthik).
Karthik:Of course its me jaan.
Naira:What are you doing here?
Karthik:Romancing with my love.
Naira:I mean why you came here.
Karthik:To romance with you..
Naira gets irritated.
Naira:Arrrgghhh..Go now.Just leave.If anybody sees us then…
Karthik:So what?You’re my to be wife.I can romance with you anywhere I want..
Naira:If bro sees you na he’ll surely kill you.And btw..you’ve not become my to be husband also as for that you’ve to ask my bro’s permission.So show this shanpatti in asking my hand from him only..Now leave.(pushes him)..
Karthik:Okay I’ll but first give me what I came for.
Naira(angrily):What you want?
Karthik(comes close to her and whispers in her ears):Just a kiss.
Naira closes her eyes due to his close proximity.
Karthik(shows his cheek):Here.For now.
Naira smiles and pecks on his cheek.
Karthik:For now here but after our engagement you’ve to give me here..(shows his lips.Naira blushes).And after marriage wherever I want.(Naira blushes very hard this time).
Karthik sees her and pecks her two cheeks one by one and goes from there.After he went,Naira touches her cheeks and smile.
She goes to Karan’s room and sees him getting ready.She smiles seeing him.
Karan looks at her.She comes to him and hug him tightly.
Karan:Arrey doll..you’re behaving like I’ll go leaving this house…
Naira smiles and releases the hug.
Naira:Bro its nothing like that..
Karan:Arrey then why are you getting emotional.
Naira:Because its your wedding bro and I’m not emotional I’m very happy for you.
Bro:Ya I know..

Naira:But I’m sure in Naina bhabhi’s home everyone must be very emotional.Bro today is a very happy as well as sad moment for her so make sure you make her feel special and doesn’t let her fell the absence of her father.
Karan keeps his hand on Naira’s head lovingly.
Karan:Even if you have not told I would have done it.But you know doll I’m really happy that I got a sister like you.Infact I’m the most lucky person in the world to get you.You always think about others happiness before your own.
Naira:Bro..now stop praising me so much all right.I’m not that great or mahaan types.
Karan:And I’m happy you’re not.I still can’t believe doll that your mother..
Naira:Bro leave all that.Its all past.If you’re ready lets go down.
Naira has tears in her eyes.She turn to go but Karan hugs her tightly.
Karan:I feel pity on them to lose a gem like you doll because of their foolishness.(He releases the hug)But its good also in a way as..
Naira:If they haven’t done it then I wouldn’t have been here with you all.(side hugs him)My Real Family.
Tanu comes there and sees them and smiles.She have also heard their talks and gets teary eyed due to happiness.
Tanu:Not fair guys you always forget me..(she pouts).
Naira and Karan smiles seeing her and Karan forwards his hand for her to come.She comes and all three have a group hug.
Naira:Okay now guys.Stop being so emotional.Today’s is my bro’s marriage and ya..we’re getting late for haldi.Lets go down fast…
They smile and go down.
Karan and Tanu go forward while Naira is behind.
Naira(in mind):So many years have passed since I left them and that house(looks at Karan and Tanu) but due to bro and Tanu never once I remembered them on my own.They really are my Real Family.
Naira’s chain of thoughts are broken by Tanu as she calls her to come fast for haldi.Naira smiles and goes.
Karan’s haldi ceremony starts.
Tanu comes and applies him haldi and puts haldi on his nose and smiles.Karan gives her an impossible look and tries to rub it but Tanu stops him.
Tanu:Bhai leave it na.You look very cute like this.
Tanu:Arrey bhai today na don’t show me your these anger okay or else I will become on bhabhi’s side and steal your shoes.
Naira:As your wish Tanu.Don’t worry bro I will hide your shoes in such a place that she’ll never be able to discover it.
Then Naira comes and she takes haldi in her hands and smears Karan’s face with it.
Karan:Doll yaar what is this?
Naira:Arrey bro I’m applying you so much haldi just because when your haldi touches bhabhi’s face she keeps glowing by your love.And you’re also looking cute in haldi.
Karan:Okay if you say so.
Tanu:Naira lets take a selfie with bhai in haldi and send it to bhabhi.
Naira:Ya ya..she might be missing him na.Since 1 day they have not seen each other..Right bro..
Karan:Doll are you trying to sprinkle on salt on my wound..
Naira:Arrey bro..
Karan:No no no no no no..Its completely okay.You all will now do this only na..
Tanu:Bhai stop your nautanki okay..
Naira:Ya bro when did you become like Ishaan.Overacting ki dukaan.
Karan:I’m not doing any overacting.I’m telling what’s truth.
Naira:No bro its nothing like that.Just like we will send your picture to bhabhi same way when we reach there..
Tanu:We will send bhabhi’s photo to you..
Naira:Oh ho Tanu..See this is called real happiness.Before marriage only so much haa.Cn’t spend a day without seeing her then after marriage toh bro will forget us only.Right Tanu..
Tanu:Ya Naira you’re so right..Bhai you’ll not refuse to recognise us na after marriage..
They both give high five and smile.Karan holds both of their ears.
Both:AAAHHH…bro/bhai leave us na please please please…we’re your sisters.
Karan:Sisters..who are sisters.I don’t know any sister.Someone told me na that I will forget about them after marriage..so why after I forgot now only.
Tanu:Arrey bhai sorry na.We were just joking.
Naira:Ya bro leave na its paining..please.
Karan leaves both of them.
Karan:Remember next time before teasing me.
Both of them pout.

Karan:And remember one more thing.Whatever may happen my love towards both of you will always remain the same..
They both hug him and smiles.Then they both leave to Naina’s home for her haldi.
Everyone apply haldi to Naina and Tanu and Naira as promised clicks a photo of Naina and sends it to Karan.(Guys I don’t want to drag it anymore so lets get to marriage)
In the evening everyone in the malhotra mansion is preparing for baraat.Naira is giving instructions to the workers and Debu when Debu comes there.
Naira:Arrey Debu where were you?So much work is there and don’t know where you went?Now help me.
Debu:Naira I have a surprise for you.
Naira:What surprise?
Debu moves aside and Naira sees two people and gets happy.
Naira:Anu Aditi..(Yes anu and aditi its you).
She smiles and hugs them.
Naira:I missed you both so much.
Anu & Aditi(together):We missed you too.
Naira:Why you didn’t come in engagement?
Anu:Arrey Naira we so wanted to come but got stuck there.
Aditi:Ya yaar we tried our best but work is work na.It is also important.
Naira:Its okay guys.Now you came na then don’t try to talk about going soon.
Anu:We want to invite death or what that we will do anything like that.
Aditi:Btw Naira you sure na that you want both of us to stay..
Naira:Ya of course.Why are you asking like that?
Aditi:No I thought you would have problem.
Naira looks at them confusingly.
Anu:Arrey buddhu you forgot we had crush on Karthik…
Aditi:Not had we still have.We may.. you know..
Naira:Don’t you both dare to think anything like that.I’ll kill you both.You better start calling him jiju.
Anu:Seriously Naira.Jiju.
Aditi:Are we mad that we’ll call him jiju.
Anu:Okay Naira don’t get angry.We were just teasing you.The main fact is that we’re happy for both of you.
Aditi:Ya yaar.Seriously.You know every time we discussed about our college days in India there was not a time we didn’t discuss about the spark between you and Karthik and keep praying that you both understand and confess to each other.
Anu:And finally you did.
They both hug Naira.
Naira:Achcha chalo chalo we have to leave now.Time for baraat.
Karan comes down dressed as groom and Naira ties pagoda on his head and both Naira and Tanu together do his aarti and then all of them leave for the marriage.
They all arrive at the marriage venue where Karthik,Ishaan and Rishi are already present to help Mr.Mittal in wedding preparations.
Everyone goes out to welcome the baraat.In baraat Naina,Tanu,Debu,Anu and Aditi are dancing while Karan is smiling sitting on the horse.Karthik,Rishi and Ishaan also comes and jin in the dance and Karthik comes close to Naira.He sees her and keeps staring her.Naira sees him.
Naira:Karthik..(snaps her fingers in front of him)..What happened?
Karthik:Wo jaan you’re looking too hot and s*xy..
Naira:Karthik..(hits his shoulder).Somebody will hear you..
Karthik:In this loud music..Not possible..
Karthik(puts his finger on her lips):Don’t worry so much jaan.Till we’re together nothing will happen.They hold each others hands and smiles.
But Anu and Aditi notices them holding hands.
Anu(coughs):Ahahahaha…Guys its public place..
Aditi:Control yourself for sometime.
Karthik(sees them):Arrey you both.When you both came?
Anu & Aditi(together):Just when you were busy romancing with our friend.
Naira:Off ho shut up you both.Come lets go inside.
Anu:Ya ya inside you’ll get better place na.
Anu:To continue your romance.
They both give high five to each other while Naira blushes and goes and Karthik scratches his head.

Recap:Same as before.

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