YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 58) SANGEET SPECIAL

So guys I’m back with the next episode of the ff.Sorry guys I couldn’t upload before as I’One more thing guys soon this part of flashback will finish with Naina and Karan’s marriage and Kaira’s marriage will be shown along with the major reason for Karan hating Naira and Karthik.

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episode 58
The episode starts with Naira and Karthik walking hand in hand on the streets in London.
Naira:I still can’t believe this.Everything happened so fast.
Karthik:And what do you mean by this jaan?
Naira blushes hearing jaan.
Naira(holds Karthik’s hand):This our love,your loving me,proposal and everything then bhai’s marriage with bhabhi.This all happened so fast but all of them are very special.
Karthik(side hugs Naira):Ya jaan.I know.Its all very special.My childhood dream came true.You also love me.And that also this much.I never imagined it.
Naira(keeps her head on his shoulder):I also didn’t imagine Karthik that someone after bhai and Tanu is there to love me and support me and most of all believe me.But see na I got so many new relations.I got jiju,Ishaan,Naina bhabhi,Mittal uncle(turns to him and cups his face) and most importantly you.I love you so much Karthik.I love you so much.
Naira hugs Karthik and Karthik also reciprocates the hug.
Karthik:I love you too jaan.I love you too.
He kisses on her head and they hug each other tightly.

The scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion.
Tanu and Debu are sitting in Naira and Tanu’s room as they thought that the three of them has come together after so much time so they’ll enjoy the whole night.
Tanu:Arrey Debu where is this Naira.She told she‘ll come soon.Don’t know what she is doing?
Debu bits her tongue.
Debu:Arrey I mean..she’ll not be romancing now na ..She doesn’t have anyone..
Tanu:Ooohhhh..Btw do you think there is something between Naira and Karthik.
Debu coughs hearing Tanu.
Debu:How did you know?..I mean why are you telling this?
Tanu:No I feel like it.They always find chances to remain close with each other and their care for each other is also to the extent which cannot be between just good friends.Don’t you feel that?
Debu:Ya ya..Maybe or maybe you are thinking too much.If they love each other then why they didn’t tell to each other or anybody.(in mind)Naira don’t know till when I’ll be able to hide your secret.This Tanu is already doubting if she gets to know then she’ll surely tell Karan bhai.
Just then Naira comes.
Naira:Hey guys what are you discussing without me?
Tanu:We were talking about you only.Btw where were you that you became so late?
Tanu looks at Naira questioningly.
Naira looks at Debu while she shows dead sign to her.
Naira:Arrey Tanu why are you questioning like some detective as if I’ve done some crime.I had some work that’s why I had to go na.
Tanu:Arrey but where did you go?
Naira looks at Debu for help.
Debu:Arrey Tanu stop this questioning session now.Why to waste time?Lets rock and roll tonight.
Naira:Right Tanu.You do one thing..bring snacks na.Till then I’ll change and come.
Tanu looks at them suspiciously and leave.
Tanu(in mind):Sure there is something cooking in between them.Even I noticed Ishaan.They’re hiding something from me.I’ve to find out or ..maybe I’m thinking too much.urgghhh Its too confusing I’ll think about it later.
She shrugs her thoughts and leaves from there.
Naira:Bach gaye..
Debu:I need a big treat in return for this help.
Naira:Debu you’ll never change.Always after food na..(Ya guys actually I’m a big foodie)
Debu:So what I helped you na..
Naira:(hits her playfully)So meannnn…
Debu:What’s mean in this and btw why are yo hiding about it ha.Tell her na.She is already doubting you and Karthik.
Naira:Arrey I want to tell her.But you know her na.She can’t hide even a single thing.If bro does just a little of black mailing she’ll spill all the beans.That’s why when we plan any surprise for bro we always make a plan so that she doesn’t come in bro’s sight till the surprise is given.
Debu:I know that.But why to hide from Karan bhai also.Tell him na..
Naira:Debu even I want to tell him but..but you know na bro is so possessive about me.I don’t know how he will take it.So..
Debu:But some day or the other you’ve to tell him.
Naira:Ya but I don’t want to tell him now.Its his marriage.I don’t want to take any risk and do any such thing which have a chance to spoil his mood.That’s why I’ve decided that once this marriage and all rituals are finished then only I’ll tell him.
Debu hugs her.
Debu:You really love Karan bhai a lot na.(Naira nods in yes).Always remember Naira your bro also loves you a lot.Whatever he may show.He loves you and will always do even if he shows hatred it will have a reason.
Naira:What are you telling Debu?I can’t understand.
Debu:Nothing.You will know when time comes.But as I told always remember okay in every situation.
Naira:Though I’m not understanding what are you telling Debu but ya I know that bro loves me a lot he will never do anything wrong with me.
Just then Tanu comes.
Tanu:Guys what are you talking without me ha..
Naira:Arrey baba nothing..We were waiting for you only.
Tanu:Naira what is this you still did not freshen up.Go fast..
Naira:Ya ya..I’m coming soon.
Naira freshens up and comes after sometime and the trio chatted and did lots of masti in the night and finally got tired and slept in where they’re talking only.(Yaar it was really tiring but fun too).

The next day morning everyone is planning for sangeet.Everyone is present there.
Naira:Bhaiya and bhabhi would have a special performance.A couple dance.
Tanu:Ya nice idea.She looks at Rishi and they both smile at each other.
Naira(sees them and teases):Oh ho Tanu..Wait for sometime.Your chance will also come.
Naira:Okay okay don’t have to wait.I think even jiju and Tanu can have couple dance.And..
Debu:Naira jiju toh is Tanu’s partner.Who will be your partner?
Naira is about to say something.
Debu:You can choose whoever you want but my partner will be Karthik(she goes and stands beside Karthik and winks at her).
Naira gives death glare to her while Karthik thinks to make Naira more jealous.
Karthik:Oh why not Debu.Sure.We’ll be partners.
Naira now gets very angry but she notices Karthik giggling and thinks to teach him a lesson.
Debu(whispers):Now see how she’ll come and snatch you and would surely kill me for thinking to dance with you.
Karthik(whispers):I’m waiting for it.
Naira comes towards and both of them smiles but she passes by them and stands besides Ishaan.
Naira:No problem.My partner will be my best friend cum jaani dushman Ishaan.(Naira smiles at Karthik).
Karthik looks on shocked and glares at Ishaan.
Ishaan(sees him and smiles):Ya sure.I don’t have any other option rather than you moti.
Naira:Consider yourself lucky Ishaan that I’m giving you a chance to dance with me or else you toh only deserve my beating.
Ishaan:Moti you’re threatening me..
Naira:Shut your mouth and dance with me or else you know me..
Ishaan:Okay meri maa I’ll I’ll..
Karthik(shouts):No it can’t be..
Everyone look at him questioningly.
Karthik:I mean..if Ishaan and Naira dance together then it will be no less than a world war..You all know both of them na..The sun can rise from west but Naira and Ishaan do something without fighting…
Debu:Ya Karthik you’re right.We should not take such big risk.Karan bhai let Naira and Karthik dance I’ll dance with Ishaan.
Karan:Ya you’re right Debu I don’t want my engagement hall to break into pieces.
Naira & Ishaan(together):Arrey but..
Karthik:What arrey..Naira listen to elders and Ishaan for you toh this sentence is most apt as you’re the youngest here.Now its decided.
Tanu:Ya Naira you dance with Karthik only.
Naira:Okay if everyone insists(comes and stands besides Karthik and holds his hand)I’ll dance with Karthik.Now lets start practice.
Everyone go with their respective partners for practice while Naira and Karthik are alone for practice.
Karthik:What was that?
Karthik:You were about to dance with Ishaan?..Like reallyyyy….
Naira:Ya whats the problem.He is my best friend.I can dance with him.
Karthik(holds her):He is your best friend but I’m your husband.
Karthik:I mean to be…
Naira:Ya to be na so add that…And btw you were also dancing with Debu na.So whats the problem if I dance with Ishaan.
Karthik:I was only trying to male you jealous..
Naira looks at him angrily.
Naira:I knew it that’s why I double crossed you and told to dance with Ishaan.You..(she is about to beat him when Karthik holds her hands and pulls her closer).
Karthik:What can I do haa…My jaan looks very cute when she is jealous.
Naira blushes hearing jaan from him.
Karthik:Will you blush every time like this when I call you jaan?I’ll toh always call you jaan.
Naira:Not really.I’ll get habituated to both jaan and you.Then I’ll not blush anymore.
She turns to go.Karthik holds her and pulls her close and whispers in her ears.
Karthik(whispers in her ears):Mark my words.I’ll always have the same effect on you no matter how much time has passed.
Naira blushes more and begins to go but is again stopped by Karthik.
Karthik:Arrey where are you going we have to practice dance na.
Naira looks at him.
Karthik(sits on his knees and extends his hand in filmy manner):Shall we?
Naira smiles and keeps her in his hand and they practice dance.

They day passes by and in the evening everyone gathers in the hall for Karan and Naina’s sangeet.
Naira:Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to the sangeet of the sweetest couple.You all might have heard many love stories but this one is special.Here the boy is not at all sweet types with any girl other than her sisters.Who loves only two girls in the world and talk politely with them..I mean his sisters..But suddenly a girl enters his life like a tornado.She is full of life and masti and talk with everyone nicely whether it is a boy or a girl.Of course this poles apart personality had a rocking start as we know opposites attract therefore slowly slowly they began to come closer and know about each other and then finally fell in love.
Karan and Naina look at each other and smile hearing Naira.
Naira:We came to celebrate the sangeet of this couple my dear bhai and soon to be bhabhi….Now there are one more pair of love birds here who while studying bio chemistry I mean medical together made a chemistry of their own only..And soon their chemistry is also going to turn into marriage.
Tanu and Rishi smile.
Naira:So put your hands together for a grand performance by Tanu and my soon to be jiju…
Everyone claps.
Rishi and Tanu comes on the stage and dances romantically on the song gerua from Dilwale.
Everyone claps for them.
Naira:That was a fabulous performance.And now time for a boy v/s girl performance between my sweet friend Debu and idiot of the year..Ishaaaannnnn…
Debu and Ishaan comes on stage and dances on the song aa dekhe zara..
Tanu:Now it can’t be that in bro’s sangeet his doll doesn’t dance and to accompany her is coming her most important and loving friend Karthikkkk…
Naira and Karthik comes and they dance on the song jag ghumeya.(Imagine the dance they did on Yash and Rose’s sangeet).
They looked heavenly in the dance and all gave a huge round of applause when their performance was over.
Naira:Now time for the most awaited performance of the evening.The performance of the bride and groom of the night.Put your hands together for Karan bro and Naina bhabhi…
Naina and Karan dance ob the song jeena jeena from badlapur.
Everyone claps for them.
Naira:It was a mind blowing performance by the bride and groom of the night.Now before this sangeet comes to an end ladies and gentlemen get ready to shake your legs for a group dance.So guys lets rock the dance floor.
Everyone come and dances on the song ahi toh party share hui hain.
They all enjoy a lot dancing their heart out.

Recap:Karan and Naina’s wedding(in past).Naira thinks of the past and gets sad.Singhanias ask them about their marriage and pregnancy.(in present).

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