YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 57) PROPOSAL SPECIAL

Guys I’m back with the next episode of my ff.Sorry guys I couldn’t upload in these days as I was down with fever but now I’m feeling better so uploading it.I hope you like this episode.Note guys..I’m not very good in romantic proposals but I tried my best to make it up to you.Do comment whether you like it or not.

Link for previous episode:Episode 56

The episode starts with Naira coming to meet Naina and hand her the jewellery that Karan asked her to give.Though she was coming here for Karan she herself wanted to meet Naina and tell about Karthik.
Naira(in mind):Should I talk to bhabhi today about my love for Karthik?God I’m so confused.I can’t tell bro but bhabhi…
She was debating about it in mind and didn’t notice when Naina came in front of her…
Naina snapped her finger in front of Naira and brought her back from her debating session.

Naira:what..oh bhabhi you…
Naina:So whom do you expect doll?..By the way what were you thinking so deeply that you didn’t notice even the person standing front of you.
Naira:Bahbhi leave it na..See what I got for you..(She takes out a jewellery box and gives it to Naina)…
Naina opens it and finds a beautiful diamond set with earring in it.She get very happy seeing it…

Naira:How is it bhabhi?Did you like it?
Naina:Its beautiful doll.I loved it.(hugs her)Thank you so much.
Naira(releasing the hug):Bas bas bhabhi save this hug for my bro as he is the one who bought this and specially asked me to deliver you and ask you to wear it on engagement.
Naina(happy):Reallyyy….But why hw himself didn’t give me…
Naira:Arrey bhabhi he wanted to come but everyone stopped him as today is engagement and there are lots of works and also you know na he is not that much in romance…
While they were talking Karan also arrived as he thought to give Naina a surprise but stopped listening their conversation…
Naina:Ya I know but its okay..Tell me about you..

Naira(confused):What are you talking about bhabhi?
Naina:I’m talking about the thing which you want to share with me since yesterday but something or the other comes up and you’re unable to say…
Naira:Nothing like that bhabhi.I’ll tell you after wards.For now enjoy your engagement..

Naina:Oh hello..I know it is not nothing okay..So just tell me..Let me guess..Is it about Karthik…
Naira(shocked):How did you know bhabhi?
Naina:I know you..Now tell me everything without missing even the smallest details..
Naira smiles and tells her everything about finding Karthik’s diary,ignoring him and finally her talk with Ishaan.
Naina gets shocked as well as happy listening while Karan is also in the same condition
Naina:Wow doll..So much happened and you’re telling me now(pouts).
Karan(in mind):Oh god why is she pouting like this?It becomes hard to control myself.Naina please don’t make that face or else I’ll end up kissing you in front of doll.
Naira:Of ho bhabhi don’t make this pout now..When I’ll tell you..Yesterday evening at that time you were with bro enjoying your romantic date and today morning you were with everyone so I didn’t get time.Btw bhabhi…How was the date..
Naina blushes remembering the date.Naira sees it and thinks to tease her.
Naira:Oh ho you’re blushing so much haha..So you both shared just hugs or some….
Naina blushes more remembering their kiss.
Naira:Okay okay bhabhi..now stop blushing so much…Save something for suhaag rat also..
Karan hears their talk and scratches his head and smiles thinking about suhaag rat.
Naina:Doll you’re becoming very naughty..Btw did you tell Karan about this…
Naira:Wo bhabhi I wanted to tell but..you know..proposal..elaborate proposal..
Naina:Ya ya ..I got it no need to explain..That most unromantic person in the world…What will he understand about romantic proposal and elaborate proposal..You don’t worry I’m with you.
Karan’s jaw drops hearing Naina.
Karan:The most unromantic person..Reaaalllyyyy….They think me sooooo….
Naina and Naira talk for a while and then Naira leaves from there..
Just then Karan enters and taps Naina’s shoulder.

Naina(surprised):You..????When you came?…
Karan:Just when you were talking to doll and badmouthing about me…
Naina:You listened everything?
Karan:Ya…of course..I should know na what my to be wife thinks about me na…
Naina:So meaannn…(beats him)How can you listen to the
conversation of two girls like this..
Karan:Arrey but the two girls are my doll and (pulls her closer) and my better half only na..
Naina(pushes):Not now after marriage.

Karan(keeps hand on her shoulder):So you think I’m not romantic….
Naina:No…I don’t think you’re unromantic..(moves his hand)I know you’re the most unromantic person in the world
Naina turns to go away but Karan pulls her and she lands on his chest.
Karan(caresses her cheeks):Wait for the marriage baby I’ll show you how much romantic I can become.
Naina pushes him..
Naina:Go now…
Karan:I’m going for now but I’ll be coming soon..and take you away forever.

Meanwhile Naira is going to home to home to see everything is ready or not.Just then she receives the call from Ishaan who asks her to come to xyz place as it is something important.She goes to xyz place.
She doesn’t find anyone there..
Naira(angry):This Ishaan nooo…He got this time only for joking.I have so much work.I’ll not leave him when I find him..
She turns around to go just then her eyes fall on Karthik who is standing there smiling at her.
Naira:What are you doing here?
Karthik:Waiting for you.
Karthik:To take you away with me..
Naira thinks that Ishaan didn’t tell Karthik anything and Ishaan just played this prank on her so that Karthik and she can go to the marriage hall together.
Naira(angry):I can go alone…
Karthik stops her.
Karthik:I’ll not let you go alone..
Naira(turns around and folds her hand):Why?Who am I to you?
Karthik:Because you’re my…
Naira(cuts him):Best friend..I know…But I told you before only that you’re not my best friend..
Saying this she turns to go murmuring in anger…
Naira(murmurs):Best friend Best friend best friend urggghhhhh….
She stops hearing Karthik..
Karthik coming towards her…
Karthik:Lagta hai koi hamse khafa hain(comes to her and holds her and sees in her eyes)
Par yakeen hai uski har saans mein wafa hain
Nahi hai uske jaisa koi duniya mein
(sits down on knees and stretches his hand shah rukh khan style)
Tabhi toh uspe yeh jaan fida hain.
Naira gets teary eyed due to happiness hearing Karthik.Her happiness knows no limits.She is about to say something but Karthik keeps his finger on her lips and closes her eyes and makes her sit in something.After few minutes Karthik removes his hands from her eyes and asks her to open it..Naira opens it oney to get more surprised and elated.She is in a hot air balloon with Karthik and flying in the sky and seeing the London beneath which is appearing as twinkling stars from above.Naira turns to look at Karthik who asks her to look outside and shows 5 4 3 2 1 …
She looks down and sees all light disappeared and just after sometime she shows light forming some letters and slowly I love you is formed.(Gusy imagine this scene from ran ne band di jodi film).She gets extremely happy seeing it and turns to Karthik and hugs him tightly.Both of them smile happily.
Karthik:Your answer to that…

Naira:As if you don’t know…
They release the hug and Karthik cups her face.
Karthik:I want to hear from you.Please…
Naira:I LOVE YOU.I love you very much…very very much..
They hug each other tightly.

The scene shifts to engagement hall.
Rishi,Tanu and Ishaan are busy in preparations.
Tanu:Arrey Ishaan what about Naira and Karthik.Where are they?
Ishaan(in mind):Oh god!I didn’t think about this.What will I tell them now?Think Ishaan.Think.
Tanu shakes him.
Tanu:What happened?I asked you something.
Ishaan:Ya ya..I know..Wo..Bhai and moti have gone outside for..for..some..important work..but..they..they..yes..they got stuck..got stuck..in..in..yes..traffic..right that is it..
Tanu:Okay..But why are you stammering so much.Everything is okay na..or is there any gadbad.
Ishaan:Gadbad..no..no way..What gadbad can be there..no gadbad.You go no see big b is calling you..many works are there.Let me do it.
Tanu gives him a suspicious look and goes from there.
Ishaan gives a sigh of relief.
Ishaan:Hoof bar bar bach gaye.Hope they come soon or else I’m surely gonna get in trouble.

The scene shifts to Karthik and Naira.
They’re seen hugging each other.They release the hug.
Karthik:I’m so happy Naira today that I got you.
Naira:Me too.But I’m angry on you.When you love from so much time then why you did not tell me haan(hits him playfully)
Karthik(holds her):I was afraid to lose you.You know Naira I’ve been trying to tell you this from many days but whenever I come to you I get afraid that what if you don’t feel the same thing as me what if you consider me just a very good and close what if in want of love I lose your precious friendship also..I’ll not be able to live without you Naira.I love you very much.You’re my life my jaan.
Naira(smiles):I know Karthik.I love you a lot too.I know I cannot love you as much as you do.My love is very small in front of your love but still I promise you that I’ll always be with you no matter what comes.
Karthik:Same here(hugs her)Actually I was thinking you’re my life and jaan so what if I call you jaan only.(Naira blushes)Is it okay with you.
Naira:You don’t have to permission Karthik.I’m already yours.
She blushes more saying this and they hug each other tightly.They then leave from their for engagement.

The scene shifts to engagement venue.
Naina comes dressed up beautifully with pink lehenga with diamond necklace and bangles and a beautiful mang tika.She come with Mr.Mittal,Ishaan,Rishi and Karthik.On the other side Karan comes holding Naira and Tanu’s hand wearing a golden sherwani.Both are looking awesome.
They come and stand next to each other.All the guests come to congratulate them.Just then Naira and Tanu sees two people and become very happy.Karan also sees them.
Naira and Tanu(together):Debu…Tina…(Yes guys its me and TTina.You’re happy na Tina..)
They went and hugged them.
Naira:How are you both guys?Long time haan.
Tanu:Ya yaar we missed you.
Debu:Arrey we also missed you guys.
Tina(I’ll call you T2):Ya yaar we missed you both very much.
Debu:You know I toh don’t wanted to return India also.But all our parents and everyone is there so had to return.
Tanu:Its very nice that you both could make it to the engagement.
Debu and T2(together):How can we miss Karan bhai’s engagement.
Karan:Arrey now someone let us meet them also.Debu,T2 come here.
They come and hug Karan.
Karan:Its nice to get both of you here.
Debu:But Karan bhai you disappointed us.
T2:Yes bhai you surely did.
T2 and Debu:Arrey by marrying someone else…
Karan(smiles and side hugs them):You both will never change.
Naina gets lil jealous seeing them.
Debu and T2 look at her.
Debu:T2 I think we should stop now.See our to be bhabhi’s face.She will kill us for sure if we continue for more.
T2:Ya you’re right Debu.
They come to Naina.
Debu:Don’t worry bhabhi we were just joking with him.Karan bhai is like our bhai only.
T2:Ya that’s why we’re calling him bhai.
Naina(smiles):Ya I know.
Debu:Btw let us introduce ourselves.I’m Debarati(shakes hands with Naina).Friends call me Debu
T2:And I’m Tanu(shakes hand with Naina).Everyone call me T2.
Debu:We are Tanu and Naira’s college friend.
T2:Not only friends very good friends.
Naina:Ya Tanu and Naira told about you.They also told you’ve two other friends.
Naira:Ya yaar what about Anu and Aditi.Won’t they come?
Debu:They couldn’t come in engagement yaar but surely they will come in wedding.
T2:But Naira I can’t stay till wedding.I’ve some important work there.
Tanu:What is this T2 yaar?You met after so many days and will go today only.
T2:What to do yaar.Work is important na.But surely I’ll meet you if i get time.
Karthik:Arrey yaar someone meet us also.
Debu:Oh ho Karthik you were missing us so much.
T2:Ya Karthik even we miss you.
They come to Karthik and hug him tightly while Naira sees them angrily.Karthik sees her and thinks to tease her.
Karthik:Arrey yaar I also missed you very much.
Debu:Btw Karthik I heard about your and Naira company.You both working together naan.Not bad.
T2:Ya Karthik but if you called us we could also join you.
Debu:Ya just one call oh yours and we would have been here.
Karthik:Oh yaar it didn’t struck my mind before or else I would have surely called you.
They continue flirting with Karthik.
Naira now become full volcano in anger.
Naira comes to them and drags them.
Naira:Arrey guys now leave him talk with me.Engagement is also going to start.
Debu:Oh ho..T2 can you smell something burning haa..
T2:You’re right Debu its strong smell.
They both chuckle.
Naira:Shut up you both.What were you doing with MY Karthik?
Both Debu and T2 become shocked.
Debu:T2 did I hear right or am I watching some dream.Pinch me please.
T2:No Debu first you pinch me.
Naira inches both of them.
Debu and T2:Ouchhchch..
Naira:Now felt…
Debu(happy):Yaar Naira this mean you both confessed to each other that you love each other.
T2(happy):Ya Naira really…
Naira blushes and tells them everything.
They get very happy and hug her.
Debu:We always knew you both have some chemistry between you.We’re so happy for you both.

T2:Ya Naira we surely are.
Naira:Thanks guys but now don’t try to flirt with him.
Debu:We’ll try.
T2:Ya can’t guarantee..
Debu:Arey see the engagement started.
They engagement starts.Both Karan and Naina makes each other wear ring and smile while Karthik signs Naira that soon they’ll be in their place.Naira smiles and blushes.The engagement finishes.Everyone chat for sometime and then Tanu takes leave.

T2:Okay guys I’ll take your leave now.
Tanu(hugs her):Will miss you yaar.It would have been so good if you could have stayed.
T2:Don’t worry Tanu.Will surely come in your and Rishi’s wedding.(winks at her)
Tanu blushes.
T2(hugs Naira and whispers in her ears):And yours and Karthik’s wedding too.
Naira blushes.(Wow Tina you made both the girls blush).
T2:Now I’ll take your leave.

Tanu leaves from there and all go to their respective homes and Debu go with Naira and Tanu.

So guys finally done with the episode.Its was really a huge episode to compensate for the previous days.I hope you liked it.And one more thing guys.I’ll be lingering around here till Naina and Karan’s wedding.I hope you’re okay with it.

Recap:Karan and Naina’s sangeet with Kaira couple dance.

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    Hey debarati u r doing these fan fiction stories so nicely…i never imagined this would happened tht i wait for fan fiction updates more than anything its like m addicted to this series of urs…keep writing kaira rocks ?

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