YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 56)

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episode 56
The episode starts with Ishaan going to Naira.Naira’s back is facing Ishaan.Ishaan comes to her and stands at her side.
Naira:Please Ishaan..don’t irritate me now.I’m not in a mood.
Ishaan:I’ve not come to irritate you okay.I just want to know what is bothering you.Why were you behaving like that with bhai?What did he do?
Naira(mocks):That is the only problem Ishaan.Your bhai doesn’t do anything.Even the thing which is necessary,he’ll not do it.Behaves as if nothing happened.Idiot..no no no no..calling him idiot will be idiot’s insult..he is..
Ishaan:Wo ho..easy easy moti..Take it easy..Will you finish all your stock of gala today only?At least tell me why you’re behaving like this?You never talk like this with bhai…you toh love him very much na…
Naira:Ya..but..(realises what he said)..You…what..what..are you telling?
Ishaan:Oh hello..don’t pretend okay..I very well know that you love him…I’ve seen love for him in your eyes..
Naira:See..you a;so got to know about my feelings..You also saw love in my eyes but your idiot brother…he..
Ishaan:Oh moti you know he also loves you…
Naira:I very well know it Ishaan that he loves me and not from now since many years.
Ishaan(shocked):What you knew it?But how you got to know..
Naira:Because I’m not that idiot like your brother…
Ishaan:If that’s so then what’s the problem.Go to him and confess na..
Naira:I’m a girl idiot and moreover he loves me since he first saw me which is long before I started loving him so in all the way it is….
Ishaan:He who should propose you…
Ishaan:Btw moti first time in life I’m agreeing with you on this…It should be bhai proposing you and I agree that he should have proposed you long ago…This is the reason you’re ignoring him na..
Naira:Ya Ishaan..Your bhai toh couldn’t understand himself about my feelings so I thought to give him hints and started this ignore drama..but see na this idiot..From yesterday I’m telling him something or the other to make him understand that I love him and want him to confess that he also loves me but he is not understanding only..
Ishaan:Don’t worry moti..you don’t know but he loves you very much..More than anything in this world.even more than me and big b and this is the reason that he is so afraid..He don’t want to take the risk of losing you…Therefore he could not muster up the courage to come up to you and confess about his feelings even if he feels that you love him.
Naira feels happy to know that Karthik loves her this much…
Naira:I know Ishaan he loves me and loves me very much but I’m just irritated on his so called “BEST FRIEND” tag that he gives me overtime he shows his love and concern towards me.He never ever goes even one inch above best friend..
Ishaan:Don’t worry moti soon he’ll go high above best friend and directly become…
Naira smiles and Ishaan side hugs her..
Ishaan:Ya but after marriage don’t expect me to call you bhabhi and give you respect..you’re and will always be my moti..got it..
Naira:Even if you want na I’ll not let you call me bhabhi and give respect..we were and will always be tom and jerry and if you dare to change this relation na then I swear I’ll kill you..
Ishaan smiles and they both share a friendly hug..
Ishaan:Jokes apart but on a serious note..I’m very happy for you both and specially bhai.He is really lucky that someone like you loves him…
Naira:Not he Ishaan I’m lucky to get someone like him..
Ishaan:I knew you would say this only..Okay now the scene became too emotional..Before I start crying now..I’m going.I don’t want to be called rondoooo…Let’s go down..Karan bhai and bhabhi’s marriage date is going to be decided soon..
Naira:Ya and after that I’ve to start preparing for engagement in the evening also.Let’s go.
They come down.As soon as Karthik sees her coming down he looks towards her and Ishaan.Both Ishaan and Naira sees it.
Ishaan:See how your majnu is staring you..Now stop ignoring him yaar at least..You know how worried he became because you’re ignoring him..He doesn’t become spot worried even if he had made a big loss in business.
Naira:That never happens Ishaan.
Ishaan:Ya I know.You both are so good in business that something like this had never happened and will never happen.
Naira:Don’t worry I’m sure when you’ll join you’ll also be good.And about me ignoring your bhai then I promise to stop as soon as he proposes me but before that no way…
Ishaan(sighs):Impossible you’re moti…
Naira:Akhir dost kiski…
Ishaan is about to say something when pandit ji announced the marriage date that is after 2 weeks.
Tanu:What only 2 weeks?Its so less time and too much work is there.Pandit ji is there any other muharat for wedding.
Pandit:Beta the next muharat is after 2 years…
Naira:No no no 2yrs will be too late.Lets do it after 2 weeks only..
Tanu:But Naira all the preparations…
Naira:Don’t worry Tanu we all are there na.Everything will be done on time and it will be as grand as we wanted.After all my bro’s wedding.It’ll be superb…
Mr.Mittal:Okay then we should also take leave.Today evening is engagement and after 2 weeks marriage.So lots of work are there…
Karthik:You don’t worry Mittal uncle.We’re there na.We all will help you in preparations.
Naira:Ya Mittal uncle I and Tanu were about to go to see decorations.Lets go together only..I’ve booked engagement hall also..
Mr.Mittal:Thank you so much beta.But now you manage work here.I’ll manage there.And also boy’s family don’t work in girl’s house.
Naira:Mittal uncle its nothing like that.We all are one family only.You do or we do its the same thing…
Mr.Mittal:But beta someone is needed here also na to manage work here if you all come there then it will so happen that at the time of wedding mandap is ready,bride is ready,marriage hall is ready but neither dulha nor baraat is ready….
Ishaan:Don’t worry Mittal uncle nothing like that will happen.I,Tanu di and big bro will be in one team and moti and bhai will be in another team and we’ll switch places to do the work in boy’s house and in girl’s house for different functions.
Ishaan winks at Karthik and Karthik him thank you so very much wall smile…
Naira:I and you can also be in one team no Ishaan..
Ishaan:Oh moti don’t even dare to think like that.Mad dog had bitten me or what that I’ll be with you…
Naira:Then Tanu and jiju can be in my team and you and Karthik can also be in one team…
Ishaan:Ya it can be but it can’t be…
Tanu:Naira..what happened to you?You both have some fight or what?Why are you denying to work with Karthik..Because commonly you always want to work together na…
Naira:Nothing like that Tanu…Okay I’ll work with Karthik..
Ishaan:Okay then its decided in engagement ceremony in engagement moti and bhai will work from boy’s side while we will work from girl’s side..Okay everyone..
Everyone start planning about the engagement while Naira and Karthik are left alone..
Karthik:Naira lets go to the engagement venue together..
Naira:I’ve some work.You go I’ll reach there directly..
Naira goes away without listening to Karthik..
Karthik becomes sad.Ishaan comes to him..
Ishaan:Bhai change this sad face of yours and turn it into romantic face…
Ishaan:Arrey baba she loves you…
Karthik gets happy and excited hearing Ishaan.
Karthik:Really Ishaan..she loves me..she really loves me…
Ishaan:Ya baba she loves you and only you..she loves you very much bhai and she also knows that you love her.That’s why she is angry on you that you love her since so many years then also didn’t propose her..
Karthik:Is that so?No worries.I’ll propose her in such a way that she would bet that I’m the most romantic lover one can ever get.
Ishaan:Bhai what are you going to do?
Karthik tells him something(muted)..
Karthik:Ishaan I also want your help yaar.Just call her and ask her to come to the place.Till then I’ll prepare everything.If I call she’ll not come and surprise might get spoiled.
Ishaan:Okay bhai don’t worry.Just chill.That moti will become more moti today…
Ishaan:Arrey kyushuke mare fool jayegi…
Karthik:Ishaan you also na..But ya I’ll do everything I can to make her happy and make this proposal memorable for her.

Recap:Karthik proposes Naira.Karan and Naina’s engagement.

Guys in engagement there will be two special guests.Guess who..Its me and Tina..I told you Tina that you’ll come in engagement and Anu and Aditi wait for sometime you’ll come in Naina and Karan’s wedding and Kaira wedding also…So specially Tanu read next update for sure which I’ll surely upload tomorrow….

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