YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 54)

Happy durga puja everyone.Finally exams are over.I’m so happy 1st because exams are over and secondly because of durga puja as I’m a bengali and its so happy time here in Kolkata.And guys many of you guessed right that it was I love you written in diary but no one could answer second question that when Naira remembered it.So here is the answer os second question.She remembered it on the day when Karthik and Naira went to tell Karan about their love.It is given in episode 46 in Naira’s pos part of flashback.So guys none of you win and now I’ll only meet Kaira in Naina and Karan’s wedding and also their wedding.Okay I’ll give you another chance.If you answer correctly this time you all can meet Kaira on their marriage.So the question is how did Karthik celebrated Naira’s first birthday with him in London?

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episode 54

The episode starts with Naira getting shocked seeing the photos and Karthik’s diary.She gets very happy.It was all Naira’s photo and the first page of the diary was filled with I love you Naira.
Naira gets very happy seeing it.
Naira(teary eyes):This means Karthik also loves me.(reads the diary)Wait a minute…he loves me from the first day he saw me..till he didn’t tell anything and what it is written…What the..I’ll propose him..I’m a girl…He should propose and he will..Let me see how he won’t..But what to do to make him confess(thinks)…..Ya,I’ll do this only..I’ll ignore him…I’ll ignore him in such a way that he himself will understand and propose me…(happy)..Now I’ll go and tell bro..(about to go)…No no no no…if I tell bro he’ll surely call Karthik then there and tell him everything..He’ll never let me wait for my romantic proposal.I’ll not tell him now.I’ll tell afterwards…But whom to share my happiness with…If I tell Tanu then surely bro will get to know as she can’t keep even a single secret….then……(suddenly strikes)…Yes…bhabhi…I’ll tell bhabhi about it.Bro can never get it ut from her mouth as he’ll not understand only.Bhabhi is very good in keeping secrets.Let me call her…(takes her phone and about to call when she remembers and hits her forehead with her hand)…Idiot bhabhi is with bro only now…I only planned everything and the date…and I only forget..Maybe due to excitement…Okay Naira..now focus on plan…(determined)You see now Karthik Malhotra how I’ll make you confess that you love me that too in a very romantic way(smirks).
She leaves from there.

The scene shifts to Naina and Karan
Naina and Karan are walking on the road hand in hand.
Naina:If you loved me so much then why you didn’t tell me before?
Karan:I was afraid to tell.
Naina:What?The great Karan Kapoor was afraid?I’m surprised.
Karan:Achcha if that’s so,why you didn’t tell me.
Naina:I’m a girl.
Karan:So what?Is there any rule that girls cannot say I love you.
Naina:No..Girls can say I love you but…after the boy proposes then only….You know most of the time boys are more romantic…
Karan turns her and keep his hand on her shoulder.
Karan:So you want to say I’m unromantic…
Naira:Ya little bit…no no no veryyyy….But my doll is very good in these things.I wish she would get husband as romantic as her…
Karan(confused):What do you mean?Where did doll come in between.
Naina:Hoooo so mean Karan.Doll told you the whole idea about romantic Karan and you’re not even once mentioning her.You took all credit as if it was thought and planned by you only.
Karan gets shocked to hear Naina.
Naina(smirks):What you thought?I will not understand.I knew that these things are not your cup of tea.Even you don’t understand these things also.I’m sure doll noticed me upset and understood the reason and then told you all to plan all these and you only brought the things required but main idea was of my doll only na….
Karan:How did you know?
Naina:Because I know both doll and you very nicely.She is one of the most romantic person in the world and you’re…
Karan pulls her closer to him….
Naina gets nervous.He caresses her face.He heart beat increases…
Karan brings his face closer to Naina while Naina closes her eyes feeling his touch.Their lips meet and they’re engaged in a loving and passionate lip-lock.The get totally lost in each other forgetting their surroundings and their world.

The scene shifts to office.
Naira reaches office and finds Karthik waiting for her.Naira smiles within herself thinking about his love but then thinks of her plan of ignoring her.She comes towards Karthik with ignore attitude.
Karthik:Oh god Naira where were you?You brought the file na..Surely you would have bought..I knew you’ll manage everything.
Naira:How did you know?
Karthik:Because I trust you.
Naira:And why you trust me?
Karthik(feels strange):Because you’re my friend….
Naira:Only friend…..
Karthik:No..not only friend…(Naira gets happy)…best friend…you’re my best friend…
Naira:But you’re not…
Naira:You’re not my best friend…Ishaan is…
Karthik:Then who am I?
Naira:Something else…
She goes away saying this ignoring further questions of Karthik.
Karthik stands there confused a her behaviour.
Karthik(in mind):What she told?I cannot understand…and why am i feeling as if she ignored me?..no no no no….Kathik.You’re thinking anything..she is not doing anything like that..you also know she is your very good friend but Ishaan is her best friend..so what he is like a brother to her and moreover he is younger to her..but what she meant by something else…I’ll have to ask her.
Just then the clients arrive.Karthik welcomes them.
Karthik(in mind):I’ll ask her as soon as the meeting gets over.
The meeting starts and in the whole meeting Naira continues to avoid Karthik and ignore him.Karthik feels very bad and strange.As soon as the signing is over and the clients leave Karthik thinks to talk to Naira.
Naira:I’m going.I’ve work.
Karthik tightly holds Naira’s hand.
Karthik(angry):What is this Naira?Why are you ignoring me?
Naira:Karthik its hurting.Leave me.
Karthik leaves her and worries.
Karthik(worried):I’m so sorry Naira.You’re okay na…Did you get much hurt..
Naira gets very happy seeing his concern but thought to continue with her ignore game.
Naira:Why do you care so much?I’m no more than a friend to you na…
She leaves from there telling this while Karthik stands shocked.

The scene shifts to Malhotra Mansion
Karthik comes home tensed and thinks of Naira’s behaviour.Rishi sees him tensed and goes to him.
Rishi(keeping his hand on Karthik’s shoulder):Everything alright Karthik.
Karthik:Ya big b.
Rishi turns Karthik towards him.
Rishi:It doesn’t seem so.Come
He makes Karthik sit on sofa and sits beside him.
Rishi:You know na Karthik after the death of mom and dad what we three brothers promised each other..
Karthik:Ya that we’ll become mom and dad of each other and we’ll share everything however big or small it is.That’s why I told you about my love for Naira.But don’t tell me I had to tell Ishaan.
Rishi:Of course not him….You remember then why you’re not telling me now that what is bothering you.Come on Karthik.We’re three musketeers right.All for one and one for all.Come on tell me what it is?
Karthik tells him the whole incident in the office and how Naira is avoiding him.
Rishi:Hmmm..so this is the problem…You didn’t understand why she is behaving like this.
Karthik:No big b.That’s why I’m so worried..Why was she ignoring.Is anything wrong?Is she in some danger(gets tensed).
Rishi starts laughing loudly seeing him.
Karthik:Big b I’m tensed and you’re laughing…
Rishi:So what else I should do..You’re so budhdhu..That’s why Naira chose this step but still you’re not understanding.
Karthik(gets irritated):Tell clearly na big b.Why are you making puzzles…
Rishi:Arrey idiot she loves you and want you to confess that you love her too….
Karthik:What?No big b if that’s so she would have told me that she loves me…
Rishi:Oh..if it was so then why you didn’t tell till now that you love her.You toh love her since so many years..since the first time you saw her..in that theory you should be the first one to confess na…
Karthik:You know na Big b I’m afraid to lose her that’s why I didn’t tell anything…but she can tell me na..
Rishi:Oh hello…she is a girl alright.Boys propose not girls…
Karthik:Where is it written?
Rishi:In every girl’s heart….She is trying so hard..and you duffer..not understanding anything.
Karthik:I’ll confirm first…
Rishi:Oh god okay…baba okay..I know you love her the most..more then anyone of us right us..
Karthik:Big b wo….
Rishi:Its okay I’m not feeling bad.I understand…
He pats on his shoulder and goes from there…
Karthik keeps thinking…

Recap:Karan and Naina marriage date finalised.Naira continues ignoring Karthik.Karthik tries to know Naira’s feeling and maybe Karan and Naina’s engagement also.

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