YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 53)

Guys finally I’m back with the next episode.Just wait for some more days guys from 6th october I’ll be regular in uploading.

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episode 53

The episode starts in MM.
The episode starts in Naina’s home.
Naina is roaming in her room and angrily murmuring.
Naina:What does he thinks of himself?If he loves me he could have told,okay if not romantic then simple way also, but to me first..But even before asking me what I think or not he not not only told papa but also fixed our marriage.How mean?
Heart:So what you love this mean right?
Naira:Ya I know but he didn’t even ask me about it?

Heart:Maybe because he knows you so well that before your telling he understood..
Naira:If that’s so why he didn’t propose me..He is so unromantic..(pouts)
Heart:Surely you’ll make him romantic…right..
Naina blushes at the thought…
Just then she receives a call..
Naina sees the caller id and gets happy..

Naina(happy):Karannn……Wait a minute…Why I’m behaving so happy..I should be angry..Ya of course I should be…He didn’t propose me well..I’ll not talk.
She keeps the phone.It again rings..
Naina(unable to control herself):Okay I’ll just pick up and talk and that too angrily..
Heart:Oh really…
Naina(irritated):Arrgghhhhh..Angry Naina Angry…
Naina picks up the call and acts angry..
Karan(smiles):Wo…wo looks like someone is very angry..
Naina:As if you care…
Karan:You won’t believe I do…
Naina(mocks):Hahahahaha..What a joke..
Karan:Can you come to meet me..
Karan:I’ve to discuss something about business..
Naina again gets angry as Karan is calling her for business..
Naina(angry):I don’t have time now.I’m busy…
Karan:Naina its really important.I would’ve called Mittal uncle but he is busy in a meeting so…
Naina:Okay I’ll come.Tell me where to come…
Karan:Come to xyz place..
Naina(confused):Why to come there?
Karan:Arrey first you come no then you yourself will know..
Naina:Okay okay I’m coming….
Naina keeps the phone..
Karan:Will the plan work..
Voice:Surely bro…
He turns around and sees Naira giggling.
Karan:Doll what is this?I’m in such tension and you’re giggling?
Naira:Sorry bro..Actually I….

Karan:What I?…
Naira:No nothing…
Karan:No tell na…
Naira:Arrey leave it na..You get ready and go fast you’ve to reach before her.
Karan:Ya..but do you think it will work?…
Naira:100% bro..I’m also a girl.I know..Now you go…(pushes him)Bye…best of luck…
Karan:Bye doll….
Karan leaves form there…

Just then Naira gets Karthik’s call…
Naira:Ya KarthikI’m just reaching.Did the clients arrive?
Karthik:No Naira.There is still time.But I need your help yaar.You know that tender file..
Naira:Ya today the clients will sign that only na…
Karthik:Ya..but by mistake I brought a wrong file.Can you please go and collect it from my home?
Naira:What Karthik?You also na…Achcha okay tell me where it is kept…
Karthik:It is kept in my room in the electronic safe of my cupboard..You know the password na…

Naira:Ya I know it..I’ll bring the file…Don’t take tension okay.
Karthik:I’m not taking..I trust you…
Naira smiles hearing that Karthik trusts her.
She keeps the phone and heads to Malhotra Mansion.

The scene shifts to xyz place.
Naina reaches and sees everything is dark.
Naina:Karan..Karan..Where are you?
She gets angry by not finding anyone..
Naina:What the hell?First of all I’m already angry on him and then he literally forced me to come here and now he himself is nit here.He thinks I’m in a mood to joke..
She angrily turns to go just then the light comes.She turns around to see and is surprised and happy to see the scene.
She sees the decorative flowery pillars and the stage and it is lighted with decorative lights in her honour.

Just then her eyes fall on Karan who is coming towards her with a heart shaped balloon in his hand.She sees him with tears of happiness.
Karan:Naina you know that I’m not very good in these things.This shayari and all are not my cup of tea and singing..you know if I sing you’ll run away scared.
Naina smiles hearing him.

Karan(coming towards her)I know I’m not very good..I’m arrogant,hot headed,angry young man,rude and what not in fact I may be the worst in your opinion and opinion of other girls also leaving my doll and Tanu.I never cared to change myself and never thought that I’ll ever fall in love.But today I want to change.I want to become better just for you.Just for you I want to become the best.The best of all.(comes in front of Naina)I’m coming one step forward to you will you take a step towards me?(gets on his knees and extends his hand)I’m extending my hand towards you will you hold my hand and become mine forever?
Tanu smiles and and keeps her hand on his.

Karan stands up and hugs her.She hugs him back tightly..
Karan:I love you..
Naina:I love you too….
They remain in that position for sometime.Then Karan switches on the music and both of them dance romantically on the song gerua.

The scene shifts to Malhotra Mansion(you remember guys London wala)
Naira reaches MM and straight goes to Karthik’s room.She is opening the locker just then Ishaan comes from behind and scares her.
Naira turns around and Ishaan sees her face suddenly and gets afraid and sits on the bed holding his heart.

Naira is shown wearing a scary mask.
Naira takes out the mask and starts laughing loudly seeing Ishaan condition while Ishaan gets angry.
Ishaan:You moti…
Naira(laughs):What?What happened?You were going to scare me na.Now what happened?Hogayi batty gul.
Ishaan:You moti…stop laughing okay..And what are you doing in bhai’s room and you’re opening his electronic locker han..
Naira:I came to steal the expensive jewellers that is in your bhai’s locker..okay idiot..Now let me find it…
Ishaan:What jewellery…
Naira:No papers..
Ishaan:What papers..

Naira:The tender papers.the clients will sign it today.Karthik forgot to take it…
Ishaan:Arrey see na it must be there only.Check the whole cupboard.Btw..I’m leaving I have some work..See you later.bye moti..
Naira:Ya ya.. bye..
She keeps looking for the file and finally gets it.
She takes it out but suddenly a diary falls and some cards and photos also fall from it.
She picks it up and is shocked to see the photos and cards.She quickly opens the diary and gets more shocked to see what is written in it.

So guys a small quiz for you..Tell me what was written in the diary and what was special about the day when Naira remembered it.The ones who give right answer will be invited for Karan and Naina’s wedding and will get a special chance to meet Kaira and maybe flirt also…..

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  1. I dont no yaar. i am unable to guess. But ur episode is awsome today

  2. I think karthik wrote I love you Nira in the diary

  3. I am thinking it’s about Karthika love for Naira and probably he wrote how he loved her since the day he met her first day
    Loved ur episode dear,,waiting for ur exams to get over so that we can read ur episodes often good luck ????????

  4. aweSome buT trY to be regular

  5. Awesome seriously a good one

  6. Those were naira photos and kartik wrote about his love for naira in that dairy

  7. Karthik would have written that he loves nira and how he fell in love with her since he saw her for first time..and maybe the photos are of naira

  8. Keerthi_pratyusha

    May be it’s naira’s diary with she lost while ago

  9. I loved it dear

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