YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 52)


Guys I’m back with the next episode.Sorry guys for the late update but my exams will continue till the 5th of october then I’ll be regular about update as my vacations will also start.So wait a little more guys and bear me till then.

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episode 52
The episode starts with Karan and Naina getting shocked hearing Mr.Mittal.They look at each other in disbelief.
Naina(disbelief):What are you saying papa?
Mr.Mittal:Why beta?I know you’re shocked or rather surprised.And what can I do?You’re not finding boy yourself then I’ve to do it only na.

Karan:Mittal uncle but suddenly…
Mr.Mittal:Arrey Karan you’re a businessman and asking this?Good things happen suddenly and now I’ll not let such a good boy to get out from my hand.(to Naina)Naina do you have any problem?
Naina looks at Karan with hope and can’t answer anything.
Mr.Mitta:I know that you will not be able to say directly anything due to shame but your silence is telling that you’ve accepted it as you’re not refusing.
Naina and Karan look at each other sadly.A sad tune plays.
Naira(whispers to Karan):Bro I told you before only na.See now…But you still have time bro.Tell everything truly or you’ll have to regret all your life that just because of the fear of losing your friendship you lost the love of your life.
Karan:But Naira…
Naira:Nothing more bro…Every good thing comes with risk.There is the saying na no pain no gain.Even in business the most risky things gives the most profit just you should have the dare to take the risk.I know that she also loves you bro.See her..How she was looking at you.Have courage bro tell her everything..please..bro..please.

Karan thinks about it and looks at Naina who really seems unhappy with this proposal.
Karan:You’re right doll I’ll tell her.I have to.
Naira(whispers):Don’t worry bro.Mittal uncle just told about proposal.Today evening only take her to a nice place and..
Karan:I don’t have time.
Karan:Mittal uncle I want to tell something.
Mr.Mittal:Sure Karan go ahead.

Karan:This marriage can’t happen.
Everyone looks on shocked except two persons who are smirking.
Mr.Mittal:Why Karan:What is the problem?The boy is really good.
Karan:The boy is not the problem.The problem is something else.
Mr.Mittal:Tell clearly Karan.What exactly is the problem?
Karan(shouts):The problem is I LOVE NAINA.(looks at Naina)I love her.

Naina is shocked hearing Karan and gets teary eyed due to happiness.
Just then we hear the clapping of two people and Mr.Mittal also starts smiling in fact laughing.
The persons clapping are revealed to be…..Karthik and Naira.
Naira:Finally bro.You confessed.
Karthik:Ya finally…I told you na Naira.This plan will surely work.The fear of losing the one we love is so great that it can do wonders.
Naira:Ya you were right Karthik.

They turn to see everyone looking questioningly at them,mainly Karan and Naina,and Mr.Mittal is giggling.
Naira:What?Why are you looking us like this?Don’t tell me you did not understand till now.
Karan:What doll?I really don’t understand you and Mittal uncle..Why are you giggling?
Naina:Right doll.Why you all are behaving so weird?Now tell us also.
Naira:Okay Naina di..oooppsss.Now bhabhi.Actually this marriage proposal and all…was a drama…
Karthik:Ya..as neither of you were able to confess your love for each other,we thought of making this plan to make you confess and we went to Mittal uncle for help.
Naina:Papa..you also were included in this?
Mr.Mittal:Of course..Yesterday Naira and Karthik came to me and told me everything and we all thought of this plan…

Naira & Karthik(together):Mittal uncle….
Mr.Mittal:Okay okay..they thought of this plan to make you confess.What guys?You both can’t share credit also…
Naira & Karthik(together):No way…
Mr.Mittal(fake sadness):Not fare…

Naira:Everything is fare in love and war.
Ishaan:At least use the correct proverb moti.This is neither love nor war.
Naira:Oh you idiot..then what is it between bro and bhabhi…
Ishaan:Its between your bro and bhabhi.Not between you and Mittal uncle.
Naira:Then what do you mean that Mittal uncle is not worth loving.(to Mr.Mittal)See Mittal uncle what he is telling?
Mr.Mittal(dangerously):What do you mean Ishaan?
Ishaan:No..no..nothing Mittal uncle.This moti is twisting my words.She wants to create rift between us.
Naira:But you only told that there is not love between me and Mittal uncle..
Ishaan:I told in some other sense.
Naira:I understood.You said non-sense.

Ishaan:You moti…
Naina:Off ho chotu..stop it na..
Naira(laughs):Ya ya chotu..Don’t do like this.Don’t argue with your elders.
Karthik:Ya Ishaan here everyone is elder than you.Talk with respect.
Ishaan:You toh leave it bhai.You’re always in this moti’s tea.
Tanu:Then whose team he should be.An idiot like you…
Tanu and Naira do hi-five with each other.
Rishi:Don’t worry Ishaan I’m in your team.Let all the idiots be in one team.
Tanu:See Naira he himself agreed that he and Ishaan are idiots therefore they are in one team.
Rishi:I told about you.

Naira:In that case you’re the biggest idiot…
Rishi:And why so…
Tanu:Because you fell for me…
Karthik:Absolutely right…
He gives hi-five to Tanu and Naira.
Rishi:Karthik..you’re really a traitor..You’re our brother but are in the team of these both sisters.
Karthik:Wait for the marriage big b..Then we will also see..you’ll be in your brother’s team or wife’s team.
Ishaan:Of course he’ll be in my team.Right big b.
Tanu(looks at him dangerously):Tell no Rishi…
Rishi:I can’t guarantee that Ishaan.I’ll try.
Naira:Jiju tell the truth na why giving false hopes.
Karan:I’m feeling bad for you Rishi from now only.You’ve to handle my Tanu.And please take her quickly or else anything can happen..you know with my respect….
Tanu(hits on his hand playfully):Bhai now stop teasing me about it na…
Everyone enjoy very much there but Karan notices that Naina thought happy is silent.
Naira(whispers):Bro she is upset with you..

Naira:Ya..of course..Who proposes like this?I told you to wait and do a good planning but you’re na…
Karan:Arrey now I told I love her na..What else I need to do?
Naina:Arrey bro..You never watch films or what?Ya I know you don’t but you have watched at least some because of me and Tanu and in films how hero proposes herione..
Karan:Ya..very cheesy way of proposing…
Naira:Bro..maybe for you it is cheesy but for girls it is their dream..(You agree with me girls)..
Karan:So now do you want me to propose her..like that…(makes faces)No way…
Naira:Bro you want to make her happy or not..

Karan:Ya I want but..
Naira:Now but fut..You don’t worry I’ll arrange everything.You just be ready..
Karan:Okay you tell me the plan I’ll do it…
Naira tells him everything while Karthik also smiles for the first time for these things.

Naira and Karthik are walking on the roads..
Naira(happy):It was really very nice na…You saw bro today..He was so happy today..
Karthik(smiles):But not more than you right.
Naira(smiles):Of course Karthik.I’m really very happy today.My bro got his love.He is so happy.This itself is making me very happy.

Karthik:You really love him very much no Naira.
Naira:Ya Karthik.I love him more than anyone in this world.He is my God and will always be.Anyone may say anything but for me God can be wrong but not my bro.
Karthik:Ya Naira.Karan really loves you very much.I think he loves you more than Tanu also.No one can love him as much as he do.(in mind)Maybe not even me.
Naira(in mind):Don’t know why i feel that I love you as much as I love my bro..I know you care for me just like my bro..but do you love me too…???
They look at each other and smile.

Recap:Karan proposes Naina.Their marriage talks and Maybe Naira learns about Karthik’s love for her.

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