YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 51)


Hi guys I’m back with the next episode.Thanks once again for understanding my problem.Enjoy this part and I’ll try to post the next part as soon as possible.

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Episode 51

The episode starts in morning in Kapoor mansion.
Naira wakes up and sees Tanu still sleeping.
Naira:Tanu wake up yaar.
Tanu(in sleep):Rishi baby I want to sleep now.Why you come in this early morning?
Naira(to herself):Rishi baby?Oh so my sister is watching dream of jiju.
Naira thinks of something and smirks.
Naira goes and tells Karan that Tanu is not getting up and she needs his help.
Karan:Okay you go I’ll just come.
Naira comes to Tanu.
Naira:Now I’ve to wait till bro comes.
She looks at the door and sees Karan coming.She comes to Tanu.
Naira(speaking like Rishi):Tanu darling will you not give your Rishi baby a kiss.
Tanu(in sleepy mood):Yes baby come na.I’ll give you.

Just then Karan enters.
He is going to call her.
Naira:No bro she is not getting up like this.I tried so much.Pull her out.
Karan goes to pull her and holds her hand.
Tanu:Oh Rishi baby come take your kiss.She makes pout and comes near Karan face to kiss him.
Karan(shocked):Tanu what are you doing?
Tanu:Why baby?I’m kissing you?Come here na Rishi baby we’ll have lip lock.
Karan is shocked hearing it and tries to pull away while Naira laughs seeing his situation and quickly makes there video.
Karan(literally pleading):Tanu please leave me.How can you do this?I’m not your Rishi baby.Leave me please.
Tanu:Rishi baby why are you joking take your kiss na.She is about to kiss him when splashhhh…

Naira throws water on her.
Karan gets away quickly and lets a sigh.He is literally sweating while Tanu wakes up in a startle.
Tanu(startled):Guys save me.Tsunami in London.
She comes to her senses hearing Naira’s laughter and looks around.
She sees Naira laughing uncontrollably and Karan on the verge of crying.
Tanu(confused):Guys..What happened to you both?On one side Naira is laughing uncontrollably and bhai why are you standing there like something big happened with you.And Naira why you threw water on me?
Naira starts laughing more loudly hearing Tanu.
Tanu(irritated):Arrey now will you guys tell me what happened?
Naira(controlling her laughter):Tanu its just that if I did not use water today then by now bro kisi ko muh dikhane ke layak nahi rehte.

Tanu:What do you mean?
Naira:You were about to snatch his dignity na…
Naira:You were going to kiss him and that too a lip lock..
Naira again starts laughing saying this and watching Karan’s condition.
Tanu(looks at Karan):Bhai…but i was kissing…
Karan:You idiot I’ll soon get you married to your Rishi or call him to wake you up in the morning or else soon you’ll snatch my dignity.
Naira:Tanu if you don’t know or don’t believe this then see this.Bro you also see the live update.
She starts the video and shows it to Karan and Tanu where Tanu is about to kiss Karan.
Tanu is shocked and Karan is highly embarrassed.

Tanu(coming to Karan):I’m so..
Karan(moves away):No no no..Don’t come near me..Go away..You again putting hand on my dignity..
Tanu:Arrey sorry na bhai I thought you to be ….
She realises that she told about kissing Rishi in front of Karan and most of all the teasing queen…NAIRA..
Naira(teasing):Oh ho Tanu so you do these things with jiju.Before marriage only so romance haaa.What else you do?
Karan:Arrey you do anything with your fiancee but keep it limited with him only na…Why are you doing these with me?
Naira:Ya I was thinking that I should show this exclusive brother sister romance to Rishi..
Karan:See now.
Naira:And Naina di also…
Karan(shocked):WHHHAAAATTTTT??????No Naira you’ll not do anything like this.What will she think about me?
Tanu(surprised)Bhai what happened to you?From when did you start to think what girls think about you and specially Naina di.
Naira:Since he fell in love with Naina di Tanu.
Tanu:Oh..then she realises what Naira said.(shocked and shouts)REAALLYYY…..
Naira:Tanu..from when did you become like Ishaan?A tubelight
Tanu:Off ho Naira stop talking about that idiot.Tell me na is it true?

Naira:Ya it is absolutely true.
Tanu:Oh so this was what you were talking that day and that’s why bhai was waiting so eagerly for Naina di..oh sorry sorry I mean bhabhi.
Karan:Okay okay you guys stop it okay.And Tanu you toh don’t tell me anything.Because of you only doll is irritating and blackmailing me.
Naira:I’m toh black mailing Tanu also.
Tanu:Naira my dear sissy you will not do anything like that na…or else..
Naira:Or else what…
Tanu:Nothing just don’t do this(begs)Please na…
Naira:Okay I’ll think about your one later but bro if you want that I don’t show Naina di this video then you’ve to do something for me…
Karan:Done..tell me..
Naira:Wow so confident..Okay then…Propose her today.

Naira:You heard it right bro.Propose her today or else I’ll show her the video.
Karan:Okay show her the video.Its just I’ll be a little embarrassed but she’ll still be my friend but if she doesn’t have the same feelings as me then my proposing might lead to the break up of our friendship also.
Tanu:Bhai think positive na.Then everything will be positive.Even I was not sure if Rishi loved me or not and neither he was but we confessed to each other na.We didn’t remain silent like you.
Naira:Ya bro and it may happen that Mittal uncle finds a good boy for Naina di also.You know he was telling me that he was searching grooms for Naina and he wants to fix her marriage soon.
Karan(shocked):What?No.Mittal uncle can’t do this.

Tanu:And will you please tell us why he can’t?He does not know anything about you and Naina di even you both didn’t tell each other then surely he’ll search grooms for her only na as she is not finding herself.
Karan:Oh please such situation is not going to come as Mittal uncle will see the boy in front of him only first na and that is me.If he selects for Naina he’ll first surely select me and will ask me and then I’ll just say yes and …
Naira:And stop dreaming further bro or chances of your dreams getting broken will increase.
Karan:Okay now enough of this now get ready and come for breakfast.
Tanu(coming to hug Karan):Okay bhai just give us our morning hu…
Karan(getting away):No no no no..You..you..stay away from me.I’ll call your Rishi here.You do whatever you want to do with him only.Hug him,kiss him do anything but please leave me(folds his hand).
Tanu(keeps puppy face):Sorry na bhai.Will you do like this now?
Naira and Karana laughs seeing Tanu.
Naira:Okay bro now leave her na.See her na.
Karan:Okay Tanu stop making that face.Come here you both.
They both come to Karan and hug him.
Karan(teasingly):Tanu only hug okay..no kiss.
Tanu hits him playfully.
All go to their respective works.

Karan:Naira you’ll not go to office today?
Naira:No bro wo..actually..we have I and Karthik have to talk to some clients and prepare presentation so Karthik is coming home only.
Karan:See he came also.
Naira turns and sees Karthik coming.
Karan:Btw Karthik I should tell that you’re doing a great job.Malhotra group of industries has become one of the top multinational companies in the world.
Karthik:Karan..anything yaar..and if you want to give credit then give it your sister also.She only helps me so much that’s why i’ve got this position.
Naira:No Karthik..I toh just help you but all work is done by you only na then the whole credit is yours only.
Karthik:No Naira its yours.
Karthik:No karthik its yours.
They continue telling each other finally Karan gets irritated.

Karan:Okay baba credit is both of yours now stop fighting over it.
Naira and Karthik(together):But bro/Karan.
Karan:I told na its over means its over.
They are talking when Mr.Mittal comes there and Naina also comes there.Naina and Karan get happy seeing each other and they wave to each other and Naina comes to Karan.Tanu also comes there.Naira,Tanu and Karthik comes to him.
Mr.Mittal:Arrey Tanu you alone.Where is your Rishi?
Tanu:He is at home Mittal uncle.
Mr.Mittal:Reaalllyyy..Wo i thought Laila Majnu always stay together na..that’s why.
Naira(laughs):You’re right Mittal uncle.You know what happened in the morning?
Tanu and Karan(together):Nothinggg…
Naina and everyone els look at them surprisingly while Naira giggles.

Naira(giggling):Wo…Tanu was calling jiju in dream and calling him Rishi baby hug me,kiss me etc etc…
Karthik:Really Tanu I will ask big bro about it surely.There he comes.
Karan:Arrey wah both brothers are here you could have brought Ishaan also.
Ishaan:Arrey Karan bhai you don’t have to call me I came without calling also.
Naira:Ya ya bin bulaya mehmaan.
Ishaan:Give your mouth some rest also moti.Always blabbering and that too nonsense.
Naira:Shut up and btw who is talking to you I’ll talk to my jiju.(comes to Rishi)Hey jiju.
Rishi:Naira why are you looking at me like this?What happened?
Naira:I’ll tell you that first you tell me what you do with my sister.
Rishi:Me?I don’t do anything.(looks at Tanu)Right Tanu?
Naira:Don’t pretend.I got to know everything hugs,
Rishi:So what I can’t hug her or what?
Naira:Only hugs,what about kisses and also lip locks.
Rishi gets shocked hearing Naira and glares at Tanu.
Naira:Don’t glare at her like that.Just because of your actions in dream also she says Rishi baby hug me,kiss me etc etc.And you know because of you my bro’s respect was in danger today.
Tanu and Karan:Nooooo…..
Naira:Sorry but I’ll tell.She was about to kiss bro on lips in sleep when he came to wake her up thinking him to be you.
Everyone(except Karan,Tanu and Naira):Whaaaattttt??????
Naira:I’ve proof with me.

She shows them the video.Everyone laughs seeing it while Karan gets little embarrassed but smiles seeing Naina smiling at him and Rishi and Tanu gets highly embarrassed.
Rishi:Tanu what is this?When I ask for a kiss in real life you feel so shy but in dream….
Tanu stamps Rishi’s foot..
Rishi bits his tongue.
Everyone:Oh hooooooo……
Everyone teases them and then they notice that Mr.Mittal is extremely happy due to some reason.
Karan:Mittal uncle why are you so happy today?
Naina:See na Karan even I’m asking papa from morning that why is he so happy but he is not telling anything.
Mr.Mittal:Karan I’m so happy because I have found a very good boy for Naina’s marriage and as you are also like my son and business partner also so I thought t in form you first.
Karan and Naina stand there shocked hearing Mr.Mittal and look at each other tensely.
The screen freezes on their tensed faces.


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