YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 50)

Finally I completed this episode guys.Sorry for late upload and thanks for understanding me and thanks for the wishes guys.I hope you like this part.

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episode 50
The episode starts with Naira and Karthik seeing Karan and Naina.
Karan and Naina are waiting for their order.They both are silent and not speaking anything.Naira and Karthik sees this and Naira gets angry.
Naira(angry):Have they become mute or what or God snatched the tongue from them suddenly which he gave them for talking?They are not telling anything?
Karthik sees her and controls laughter.
Finally they both decide to talk.
Naina and Karan(together):Btw…
The both look at each other amusingly and Naira and Karthik and then laugh.
Naira and Karan also gets shocked seeing them.
Karthik(shocked):They’re really very alike.
Karan:So Naina if you don’t mind can I ask you which type of boy you like…I mean..for marriage.
Naina looks at him.
Karan:I mean girls have na in their mind the kind of husband they want in future and they do some puja vuja also of shiv ji I guess to get good husband.
Naina:Its called Teej.
Karan:Ya ya whatever.

Naina:Though I never keep any fast and think about y future husband but still now I feel I know what kind of husband I want.
Karan(with hope):What kind of husband?
Naina:I want husband who cares for me and loves me.Who does not differentiate on the basis of blood relations.I want a husband like you.
She gets up from the chair and move towards Karan.Karan also gets up.She comes to him and holds his hand.
Naina:I thought you as an arrogant and heartless person but slowly I came to know that you’re neither arrogant nor heartless rather anyone in the world cannot have a good heart like you.Even I don’t know when I fell in love with you.I just know one thing now that I love you.
Karan(happy):I love you too Naina.I really love you.I was afraid that you might not love me.But now I’m the happiest person in the world.
They smile and hug each other.
Just then Naina’s phone rings and they come out of their imagination.Naina cuts the call and they both look here and there for sometime.Then they look at each other lovingly.
Naira(looking at them):Why did they go blank for sometime?
Karthik:I think maybe they were dreaming about each other .
Naira:You seem to know very well.(of course he will na.After all he is experienced in all these things.21 dreams is not a small think na.Right guys.)
Karthik scratches his head and smiles.Naira also smile seeing him.
Meanwhile Karan and Naina starts to talk about random things about business and other which nowhere close to love.
Naina(gets irritated):What the..Now will they talk about salary and income tax also or what..
Karthik(teasing Naira):I think they should better talk about life insurance..
Naira looks at him and says Whaat..
Karthik(seeing Naira):They will need it..
Naira realises what he intend to say and smiles.
Naira:I’m not that angry.
Karthik:I can see that.
Naira:Oh come on Karthik.Your idiot brother Ishaan is enough for teasing me.You don’t start also..
Karthik:Oh so are you missing Ishaan?
Naira:Arrey why will I miss that monkey idiot?
Naira:Of course I met him one hour before only and one minute that idiot didn’t call me till now.
Naira looks at Karan and Naina and sees that their order already came and they started eating.
Naira:See they started eating also.Soon they will leave and that idiot didn’t call me yet.
Karthik:Arrey don’t worry so much.
Just then Naira’s phone rings and she see that its Ishaan’s call.
Naira:Think of the idiot and the idiot is here.
She lifts the phone.

Naira:You idiot duffer monkey.This is the time you’re calling.You know how worried I was?My heart came to my mouth.
Ishaan:Oh really.Shit I should have called a little later so your heart would come out of your mouth and land in your hand.
Naira:You idiot firstly you’re so late and now you’re daring to take punga with me.
Ishaan:You know I was born daring moti and btw you should thank me that I’m helping you.
Naira:Oh really.…idiot instead of praising yourself tell me if the work is done.
Ishaan:Can’t you give respect to the person who is helping you moti?Have some basic manners at least.
Naira:You idiot are you telling me about your progress or I come there and remember if I come there you will not be alive.
Ishaan(afraid):O..okay threats ha..
Naira:Should I come there to prove my threats?
Ishaan:No..no..no need.I’ve already done my work.We’re just reaching there.Okay bye moti.
Naira:Bye idiot.
Karthik(laughs):You both will never change.Impossible you both are.
Just then she sees the table decorated with her favourite dishes.(Actually she was so engrossed in talking..sorry fighting with Ishaan that she didn’t notice the food coming).
Naira(happy):Karthik what is this?
Karthik:Wo I was thinking we are in your favourite restaurant and will only sit and not eat anything?Not done na.So I ordered your favourites before we came only and when you were fighting with Ishaan the food came.
Karthik looks at Naira who is looking at him.
Karthik:Now why are you wasting your time by staring at me.Lets dig in.
Naira nods and they start eating and laughing.
Soon they finish eating on the other hand Karan and Naina have also finished eating.Karthik pays the bill before them as the manager knows him and Naira because they visit the hotel more often and they ask him to give bill to Karan and Naina after they leave.As soon as they leave the manager gives bill to Karan and Naina.
Naina sees that they have given one single bill.
Naina:Oh god they’ve made a single bill.
Karan:I only told them to..
Karan:What do you mean by why?I’ll pay it.
Naina:Arrey you pay yours i’ll pay mine and no arguments on it.
Karan:I’m your friend na Naina.Let me pay it.
Naina:Arrey what is this zabardasti.Even if you were my boyfriend I wouldn’t have let you pay it.
Karan(in a flow):And if husband?
Naina looks at him shocked and somehow happy too.Karan realised what he said.He tries to cover up.
Karan:I mean you are so bent upon paying the bill.(laughs)It feels even you’ll fight with your husband for paying your bill.
Naina:Okayyyy..you pay the bill.But next time I’ll.
Karan:Thank you so much.
Naina(smiles at him):And ya I’ll not only let my husband pay my restaurant bill but also shopping bills and all other types of bills.
Karan smiles at her and pays the bill and then they both leave from there.
Meanwhile Naira and Karthik are waiting in the parking area.Naira is in tension.
Karthik:Don’t take tension.
Naira:Arrey how will I not take tension.I asked Ishaan to send some actors as goons and he told that they have already left but neither his goons nor your mahaan brother have arrived till now and bro and Naina di are about to come out.
Karthik(looks at Naina and Karthik coming):They came..
Karthik pulls Naira’s hand and they bend down and hide behind a car such that Karthik is holding Naira’s waist and Naira is clutching his t-shirt tightly.Their faces are just inches apart.Their eyes meet and they get lost in each other’s eye.
Meanwhile Karan asks Naina to wait till he brings the car.Some time after Karan left some goons come and they eye Naina.
Goon 1:Oh ho hottie…You alone.Come on lets have fun.
Naina ignores and begins to go when another goon holds her hand.
Goon 2:Whats the hurry beautiful.Achcha tell us(sees her with lust) we’ll take you wherever you want.
Naina(angry):How dare you?Just get lost from here or the result will be bad.
Naira and Karthik come to their senses hearing the scuffle.They hide and watch whats going on.
Naira:Wow Karthik not bad.That idiot brother of yours sent very good actors.
Karthik:Ya its not at all looking like they are fake goons.They are so real.
Naira:Now just for bhai to come.
The goons hold Naina and about to her face when suddenly he gets a blow and falls on the ground with pain.It was Karan.All the goons begin to attack Karan and Karan begins to bit the.Suddenly one goon takes out a knife and about to hit Karan.
Karan hearing Naina turns around and saves himself.
Naira and Karthik who are watching also gets shocked.
Naira:What the..
Just then Ishaan’s phone comes.
Naira:Ishaan what your actors are doing?They..
Ishaan:Sorry sorry moti.Don’t kill me please.Wo we got stuck in a traffic jam and therefore got late.I know they must have left by now.We will stop them on the road itself.
Naira(shocked):What do you mean?You did not send the actors?
Ishaan:Of course not.I told na we got stuck in traffic jam and the actors are with me only.I’ll be reaching soon.Ishaan cuts the call.
Karthik sees Naira tensed and gets afraid.
Karthik(cups Naira’s face):What happened Naira?
Naira:This means they’re..REAL GOONS..
Naira:Yes Karthik.Ishaan have not reached with the goons.This means they are real goons.We have to save them.
Karthik and Naira are about to go to them when they see that Karan have taken over the goons and beating them black and blue.Soon the goons get afraid and run away.
Naina and Karan look at each other.Naina gets afraid and hugs him tightly.Karan also hugs her back tightly.Naira and Karthik gets delighted to see it.They again hide and see Naina and Karan.
Karthik:Naira I think we should better…
Naira:Ya..lets go.I don’t want to see dirty picture here.
They laugh and go from there.
Karan(cups Naina’s face):You’re okay no Naina.
Naina nods in yes.She sees a wound on Karan’s hand and gets worried.
Naina:Karan:What happened to your hand?(teary eyed):Oh my god its bleeding.
She takes him to the car and does his first aid and looks at him with immense pain in her eyes.Karan sees this and gets happy.After sometime they leave from there.Karan drops Naina to her home and drives off.While driving Karan thinks about Naina and Naina thinks about Karan.

The scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion
Karthik and Naira already reached there.Naira called and told Ishaan everything.
Karthik(keeps his hand on Naira’s shoulder):Are you okay Naira?
Naira(hugs Karthik tightly):I’m very bad sister Karthik.Though I’m happy that bro and Naina di got close but still bro’s life was in danger today because of me.
Karthik:Sshhhhh..Naira.(wipes off her tears):How are you responsible for this?You did not sent those goons and whatever happened had to happen.And you know what there is a bigger planner that us who unite lovers.You know who it is?
Naira looks at him.
Karthik(raising his finger to show God):He..He planned everything before us.And the most funny thing is we cannot even understand what he does and why he does?Only time can tell that.
Naira:But Karthik because of me..
Karthik(puts his finger on Naira’s lips):First of all I’m again telling you that this did not happen because of you and secondly if at all you’re the reason then you did not do anything bad.You saw na how close Naina and Karan came due to this.Only good happened .Nothing bad happened.Because you can never do anything bad.
Naira:How can you say that Karthik?
Karthik:Because I trust you more than anything else..more than myself.I know you can never do wrong even if you want.
Naira gets delighted seeing Karthik’s trust on her.
Karthik:Okay Naira.I should leave now.If you need me for anything then just call me okay.I’ll be right there.
Naira smiles at him and nods her head in yes.
Karthik(smiles):That’s like my Naira.
Naira gets happy hearing Karthik telling MY NAIRA.
Karthik turns around.
Karthik(smile):Bye.Take care.
He waves bye and she also waves to him.He leaves from there smiling.They both smile thinking about each other.
The screen shows Karan and Naina smiling and thinking about each other and Kaira smiling and thinking about each other.Then it shows the face of all four them.

Karan:Mittal uncle why are you so happy today?
Mr.Mittal:Karan I have found a very good alliance for my Naina and since you’re like my son I came to tell you first.
Naina and Karan gets shocked.

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