YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 49)

Guys I’m back with the next episode.And one thing guys as my exams are coming I can be a little irregular in uploading so please bear with me guys.I promise to upload whenever I get time.And after exams I will again upload on alternate days.

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episode 49
The episode starts with Karan getting ready to go on dinner with Naina.He takes out all his suits and starts going through them.
Karan:Oh god!I’m confused.Which one would look good on me and which one would probably…
Voice:Naina like.Right bro.
Karan(without turning):Doll..

He turns around and sees Naira standing there giggling.Naira comes inside and sees the condition of his bed with suits here and there.
Naira(acting surprised):What am I seeing?Is this really the bed of the cleanliness freak Karan Kapoor?
Karan:Stop it doll.Instead of making fun of me help me if you can.
Naira:First tell me you will tell Naina di today that you love her.
Karan:I don’t love her.
Naira:Lier lier.
Karan:Okay fine I love her.
Voice:So do you want to get her married with someone else?

Naira(happy and without turning):Karthik…
Karan:What do you mean Karthik?
Karthik:I’m just telling that you’ve decided to stay quiet forever due to which even if Naina loves you she will stay quiet and then Mittal uncle will see a fine boy for her and make her marry him.
Karan:No.How can Mittal uncle do this?
Naira:Because I think even he does not know that.Right bro?
Karan:Okay you both stop it.I don’t need love advice.Just help with the clothes now.
Naira:Okay I’ll help you.She takes out a white t-shirt with a black blazer and black jeans with it.
Naira:Here.Take this.And ya try to confirm about her feelings about you in dinner alright.
Karthik:And give her hints about your feeling also.Don’t be very formal.Be open.
Both(together):Best of luck.

Karan:Thank you.
He starts leaving from there while Naira and Karthik smirk.
Karan(in mind):Two failed people are giving me advice.If they are so good in all these then why don’t they both tell each other that they love each other very much.(turns and looks at Naira and Karthik smiling and staring each other lovingly)Even I can notice things.
He smiles and leaves from there.
Naira:Karthik is plan 1 ready?
Karthik:Yes Naira.
Together:Now time for action.
They both smirk

The scene shifts to Naina’s house.
Naina has taken out all her dresses but don’t know what to wear and what not.Mr.Mittal comes there.
Mr.Mittal(act as shocked):Oh my god!Am I seeing right?Is this the room of my cleanliness freak Naina?No no I must be dreaming.
Mr.Mittal:What happened?I’m telling right.But I cannot understand one thing.I thought you were going with Karan on a business dinner but you are getting ready as if you are going out on a date with him..
Naina(nervous):Papa nothing like that.
Mr.Mittal turns her towards him.
Mr.Mittal:You know Naina I talk straight forward.Tell me do you love Karan?
Naina turns around.
Mr.Mittal:Its okay if you are not sure or don’t feel anything like that.But if you then do tell me.Karan is a nice boy.He is like my son only.So at least I don’t have any problem to make him my son-in-law.

He pats on her head.
Mr.Mittal:Remember Naina.For me nothing is greater than your happiness.So do what your heart wants.
Mr.Mittal smiles at her and goes from there.
Naina(in mind):What is this new feeling I’m having for Karan?Yesterday when he told he was waiting for me and he want to take me to dinner then why I became so happy?Why I became sad when he told that he was waiting for me for work and taking me for client dinner?Am I in love with…
She comes out of her thoughts hearing the car horn.She looks out of the window and sees Karan waiting for her.
She smiles and goes down.

Karan is waiting for her when she comes and he gets mesmerised seeing her.She is wearing a sleeveless pink top and jeans with light make up.She is looking very gorgeous.She sees Karan and keeps staring at him.He is looking dashing hot in his white t-shirt,black blazer and jeans.They stare each other and just then Karan’s phone rings because of a message.They realise that they are staring each other and gets embarrassment.
To avoid more embarrassment they sit in the car and get going.

The scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion in London.(Naira’s Maayka guys).
Karthik and Naira are sitting together.
Naira:Karthik do you think our plan will work?
Karthik:Of course Naira it will.And even if it doesn’t then we have our plan no.2 na.It will surely work.
Naira:Ya I think so.
Karthik(moves little closer to her):Btw Naira.What do you think about..
Naira:About what Karthik?
Karthik:About love?
Naira looks at him and they share a loving eye lock.
Naira:I think love is the most beautiful feeling which cannot be explained in words.It can only be felt.It is the most pure relation and stronger than blood relations because we don’t do it thinking it necessary but because we want to do it.And most importantly if love is true then nothing can break it apart.It can stand through the most difficult times and pass the most difficult situations and test.This is what I think about love.
She looks at Karthik with all the feelings of love while Karthik is also staring her lovingly.
Karthik:Naira think if two persons are very good friends but one of them starts to love the other person maybe from the time he saw her then should he tell his feelings or…
Naira:Of course he should.

Karthik:But if the other person does not feel the same thing then…
Naira(seeing Karthik):He can just look in her eyes and if she also loves him her eyes will show all the love for him.(in mind)Don’t you see love for you in my eyes Karthik or is it you don’t understand it?
Karthik(in mind):I have seen something special for me in your eyes Naira.But the thing which I feel special is it really love or just a special friend?
They get lost in each other’s eyes forgetting the time and surroundings.

The scene shifts to xyz hotel.
Karan and Naina reaches hotel and the receptionist show them the table booked.They reach the table and Naina is about to sit when Karan stops her and pulls the and makes her sit.
Naina gets impressed.
Naina:Impressive Karan.

Karan(smiles):Thanks Naina.So how did you like the hotel?
Naina:Its nice Karan.The clients will like the setup.But where are the clients?
Karan(in mind):Now what to tell her?
Naina shakes him.
Naina:Karann..Are you okay?
Karan:Ya ya I’m.The clients must be coming soon.

Naina:Oh ok..
Karan(mesmerised at Naina):Btw..Naina you’re looking really beautiful.
Naina looks at Karan listening it with mixed emotions of happiness and shock as she knows that Karan never praises any girl except his doll and Tanu even if they’re his best friends.
Naina(happy):Thanks..You’re also looking handsome.
Karan smiles hearing Naina’s compliment while Naina blushes secretly.
Karan sees Naina getting restless for the clients and thinks to do something.He acts like getting a call.
Karan:Hello…Yes Mr.Verma.When are you coming?….Oh..really..No no no Mr.Verma no problem.Its not your mistake.I can understand.Get well soon.
Naina:What happened?The clients are coming na.?
Karan:Wo Mr.Verma,our client,cannot come.Actually he had a little accident in his room by slipping in his bathroom.So he got hurt and cannot come now.
Naina:Oh..How sad!So when he is not coming lets get back to home.

Naina:What do you mean by why?The clients are not coming so what we will do here?
Naina looks at him surprised.
Karan:I mean so what the clients didn’t came?We’re here na and it’ll also not look good also by booking a table for so long and then just go away without having anything and what Mittal uncle will think that I brought you here for dinner but just because client didn’t came I brought you home without having anything.So?
Naina:Okay if you insist.We can have dinner and then go also.I don’t have any problem.
Karan(happy):Thank you so much.
Naina smiles at him.

Karan:Achcha Naina before calling the waiter I thought to play a game.
Naina:Game?What game?
Karan:Its simple.Its just that I’ll order food for you and you’ll order food for me and food will be our favourite.The one who gives exact correct food order will win.
Naina:Wow nice game.
Both(in mind):By this I’ll get to know how much he/she knows me.
Karan calls the waiter.
Karan:First I’ll go.
Karan:1 plate paneer butter masala,tandori roti and firni in dessert.But first brings orange juice.
Naina:Impressive.Full marks.Now my turn.
Karan:Best of Luck.
Naina:1 plate rajama chawal,1 onion salad and gulab jamun in dessert.But first bring mango juice.
Karan:Wow.Very nice.100% correct.
The waiter takes the order and goes from there.
Karan:Btw how did you know about my favourite.
Naina:Woh..Doll told me once.But how did you know my favourite?
Karan:Wo..Mittal uncle was telling once.
Both(in mind):I asked him/her.

Two people, a girl and a boy, who have just come in the hotel select a table from where they can observe both Naina and Karan but they can’t see them.They look at them and smirk.
Girl:The date is going smoothly.Is the plan ready?
Boy(smirks):100% ready.
They are revealed to be Karthik and Naira.

Recap:Karthik and Naira’s plan no.1.

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