YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 48)


Okay guys so as all of you wanted to show till Karthik proposing Naira I will show till that and then some present.But don’t worry guys soon you’ll get to see Kaira marriage and the truth why Karan is doing this?

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episode 48

(This starts from after Karan started liking Naina and vice versa.Both have feelings for each other but ignoring it.On the other hand Karthik and Naira who are already close to each other are coming more close and both have saw through Karan and Naina’s blossoming love).
Karan is in his room and looking very restless as if impatiently waiting for someone.
Karan(in mind):Arrey why Naina didn’t come till now??(sees the watch)There is still much time left but can’t she come a little fast.I’m waiting for her.Wait a minute.Why am I waiting for her?What is happening to me?
Naira and Tanu comes there and sees him.
Naira:Bro what happened?Are you waiting for someone?
Karan:No..no..no.thing like that.For whom I will be waiting?
Tanu:The why are you so restless bhai.Sit in one place na.
Karan:Wo..actually..I’m bored sitting in one place for so long.That’s why I’m pacing and walking around.You know na continuously sitting in one place is not good for health.You yourself tell Tanu you are a doctor na.
Tanu:Ya you are right.Its good to see bhai that you’re thinking about your health.
Naira looks suspiciously at Karan.
Naira(in mind):Its not looking like Bro is pacing here and there just because of health.Is it because..
Naira:Bro Naina di is going to come na?
Karan(excited):How did you know?Did she came?
Naira:No.I thought that because of project she might be coming.
Naira(in mind):Oh so this is the reason.That’s why I was wondering why when I told bro that he is stuck by cupid pointing at Naina di he did not tell me anything.So my doubt was right.Bro is actually struck by cupid.
Naira smirks looking at Karan.

Just then the doorbell rings.Karan gets happy and runs to the door.
Naira smiles.Tanu sees her.
Tanu:What happened?Why are you smiling?
Naira:Nohting Tanu.Lets go.
Tanu:No no.Something must have happened.I know you very well.Tell me na.We don’t hide anything from each other na.
Naira:Arrey Tanu I’ll tell you when right time comes.First I’ve to confirm it.
Tanu:What are you telling Naira?
Naira:Offo Tanu have some patience.I can’t tell you now.But soon I will.For now lets go.They also go out.
Karan who has come running to see if Naina has come gets disheartened again as.
Karan(disheartened):Karthik you…
Yes guys its Karthik.
Naira and Tanu also come there.

Naira(happy):Karthik you…
Karthik sees Naira and waves at her mesmerised.He greets everyone and comes to Naira and Tanu.
Karthik:Tanu who Big B is waiting outside.You were going somewhere no.
Tanu:Ya I remember.Bro I’m going out with Rishi.Okay?
Tanu:Okay bye guys.
Naira:Tanu enjoy the date and if you have time in your romance then tell my hi to jiju also.
Tanu:Naira you..
Naira:Achcha okay okay now go and enjoy.
Karthik:Btw Naira what happened to Karan?No i felt like he was not expecting me but someone else.You know..Someone special.
Naira:Ya he is.You’ll soon get to know.
Karthik:Naira is it about Naina.Wo I was watching from few days that these two are excessively happy with each other.I feel like there is something between them more than love.I mean before they used to keep fighting but now they are..You are understanding no what I mean to say?
Naira:Ya I know Karthik.Even I feel the same.You know when that day I told bhai that he is struck by cupid pointing Naina di then he didn’t tell me anything when usually he gets very angry if I say like this with any girl even if she is his friend.
Karthik:Do you also feel he is in love with Naina?
Naira:Ya I think so.We’ll confirm it.
Just then Naina enters.Karan gets happy seeing her.
Karan:You came.I was waiting for you.
Naina(happy):Reaalllyyy..But why?
Karan(realised what he said):Wo just I have to discuss something important about the deal.
Naina(gets disheartened):Oh is that so?
Naira and Karan slap their forehead.

Karan:Don’t you think they are too slow.
Naira:Ya but I’ve know persons slower than him.
Karan(in mind):Ya the one standing beside you is one such example who has been loving you since so many years but still can’t say to you and act as just a good friend.Hey bhagwan kya yoga mera.
Naira(in mind):I myself is slower than him.It has been quite a time since I realised my love for Karthik but can’t tell him.Does he also feel the same way as me?Even this idiot can’t understand my feelings.When will you understand my feelings Karthik?
They both think abut each other and look at each other together.They then look at Naina and Karan.
Naira:Naina di you were coming half an hour later na?Then how come you came so early?
Naina(fumbles):Wo…wo Naira I had some work which got finished before time so I came fast.
Naina:Btw how are you Karthik?
Karthik:I’m fine.How about you?And how is our Mittal uncle?I miss his jokes yaar.
Naira:Ya Naina di even I miss him.
Karan:Arrey what miss him miss him you both are telling?Yesterday only you spent the whole evening with him and Naina also.

Naira:Are you jealous bro?
Karan(fumbles):No..no.thing like that.You..you say anything doll.
Naina smiles
Naira:Ya ya…
Karan(to avoid embarrassment):Naina lets start work.
Naina:Ya but first tell me what important thing you wanted to discuss.
Karan:Ya..wo..I want to ask..ask you something.
Naina:Okay ask na.
Naina:Ya Karan I’m but why are you fumbling and why are you asking?
Karan:Wo…wo..actually..I’ll take you out for dinner.
Naira and Karthik’s jaws drop hearing Karan.
Karan:I mean wo..wo..clients are coming to discuss about the project na that’s why and I planned a dinner meeting to impress them.

Naira and Karan slaps their forehead.
Naira:Oh god.
Karthik:Not again.
Naina(disheartened):Oh..okay.Let me tell papa also.
Karan:Papa..why..why there is need to tell papa.
Naina:Arrey papa will also have to meet the clients na.
Karan:No way..
Karan:I mean why to disturb him.You are handling the project from Mittal group of industries and I’m handling the project fe\rom Kapoor groups of industries then we both are enough na..
Naina:Sometimes I rw\eally don’t understand you.Okay I’ll come with you.Tell me when and where I’ve to come.
Karan:Be ready at 9:00 p.m. sharp.I’ll come to pick you up.
Naina:I can come by my own also.(taunting)You’re not taking me for some date but for a meeting.
Karan:No way Naina its too late for you to go out alone.When you’re going put on my saying you’re my responsibility.And you’ll go with me.Its final.
Naina:Karan you can talk sweetly also.First of all I’m not your responsibility in any way and secondly I’m going alone and you are no one to stop me.

Karan:Yes I can stop you.I have the right.
Naina:Really which right are you talking about?
Karan:Wo..wo as a friend.(pleads)Please agree.
Naina(smiles):Okaayyy.I’ll go with you.She gets a call.
Naina(on call):Ya papa.Okay I’ll be right there.
Karan:Any problem Naina.
Naina:Nothing like that Karan.Wo papa called me as I was needed in office for some important work.
Karan:Come I’ll drop you.
Naina(surprised):Karan I don’t think its too late for me to go alone.I can go.
Naina:Bye.See you tomorrow.
Karan(bit sad):Bye..
Naina leaves from there smilingly.

Meanwhile two pairs of eyes were watching all these intently now came to Karan and stood at his both sides.They are none other than Naira and Karthik.
Karan sees them popping up from his two sides.
Naira:That’s what we should be asking.What was that?
Karan(turns around):Wha..at are y…ou telling?
Karthik:Arrey Karan if you wanted to take her on a date you could have directly asked her na.But you were making so many excuses like client dinner?What the…
Naira:Ya bro and didn’t you noticed that how excited she was when you asked only for dinner and how sad she got when you told her that it was a dinner with client?
Karan(acting):I don’t know what you guys are talking about?

Naira(turns him towards her):Don’t pretend bro.We both know very well that you love Naina and I have also heard you murmuring this in sleep.
Karan:That means you…
Naira:Ya ya I was keeping a watch on you from some days and yesterday night I heard you.Got it.
Karthik:And without hearing anything also it is clearly visible that you like her.So just go and tell her na.
Karan:And if she does not like me then?
Naira:Arrey bro you’ll know only when you tell her about your feelings na.
Karthik:And Karan we both think that Naina also loves you.
Karan:Has she told anything like this to both of you?
Both together:No but..
Karan:Then don’t tell me anything.What if she likes me as a friend and nothing more than that and after learning that I love her she breaks her friendship also with me then?
Naira:But Bro..
Karan(seriously):No ifs and buts..
Karthik:Arrey Karan but..
Karan:I don’t want to listen anything.You both will not tell anything to anyone.You have my swear.
He goes from there.
Naira:Now what we will do?
Karthik:Don’t know..
They both start thinking and get a idea.
Naira:Karthik are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Karthik:Yes Naira.
Naira:What happened if we can’t tell anyone..
Karthik:Truth can come out in other way also.
They both discuss something and shakes their hands and smirks.

Recap:Karan and Naina’s date.Some moments between Karthik and Naira.Karthik and Naira’s plan(maybe).

Guys done with the first episode of flashback.I know there are not much Kairs scenes in this episode but surely there will be in the next episode.

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