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I’m happy guys that you are liking my ff and thanks for understanding.And guys don’t worry Naina’s truth will also come out after sometime but first I’ll like to reveal the London track .Don’t forget to read after the recap in which I’ve given voting choice about past track.And guys yesterday I introduced Karan and Naina’s daughter Sanaya.Her role will be played by Palak Dey.

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episode 47
The episode starts with Naira thinking about the past and getting sad and teary eyed.
Naira(teary eyed):Why bro?Why?Why you couldn’t understand your doll?You always used to know my feelings before me.You realised my love for Karthik also before me.You knew me more than myself more than Karthik more than anyone in the world.I don’t have so much values of my mother and father as much I’ve yours.You knew that you were the one who raised me.Then how could you think that I’ll stoop so low and kill my Tanu?Why bro?Why?
Akshara puts her hand on Naira’s shoulders.Naira wipes her tears that has come in her eyes without being noticed my Akshara.
Akshara:Naira what happened?Where are you lost?
Naira:Lost in the thing I lost.
Akshara:What did you tell?
Naira(fake smiles):Nothing mumma.Forget it.Achcha what were you telling?
Akshara(excitedly):Achcha I was telling about your marriage.How was it?I mean all the functions.How you were looking? and..
Naira:Bas bas mumma.If you want I can show you all the functions of my wedding.And ya it was a grand wedding and bro did all….
Naira stops in between.
Akshara:What?Who is bro?

Naira:Nothing mumma.Leave it.I was telling that I’m having videos of all functions of our marriage.If you want I can show you anytime.
Akshara(happy):Really?I really would like to see how my daughter was looking on her marriage.
Naira:If only that’s the case then I can show you now also.
She takes out her phone and shows her wedding photo to Akshara.
Naira:Here see this.
Naira gives the phone to Akshara.It’s the photo taken on their wedding day.Naira and Karthik are standing side hugging each other just after marriage is completed in their bridal attire.
Akshara gets teary eyed seeing the photo.
Naira(laughing and mocking Akshara):Mumma why are you crying?Today is not my bidai.It already happened 5yrs ago.
Akshara(pulls her ears):Shaitaan.You didn’t even changed a bit.You really grew more naughty.I can’t believe that you’re the mother of two kids.
Naira:So what mumma?Who told mothers can’t be naughty?(naughtily)You’re also mother na….
Akshara:Naira you…
Saying this Akshara is about to hit her but she runs away from there.
They come running out of the mall and Naira is about to fall but somebody holds her.
Naira gets up and looks at the person who saved her at right time.She gets surprised to see him.Akshara comes there and smiles.
Yes guys it was Naitik.
Naitik:Arrey princess carefully.Why are you running?
Naira(papa):Arrey papa.You here?(looks at Akshara)Oh ho so this is the reason.I should have understood.Now who would come to meet this Naira.Right papa.
Naitik(shocked):Naira.. you..
Akshara:Shocked no Naitik.Even I was.See your princess has not grown up even a little.She is the same old and naughty Naira.
Naira(sad inside but doesn’t show out):Actually mumma in London many people were there who by their love and pampering didn’t let me grow up only.
They hear another voice.

Voice:I toh already know that this 007 can never change.
They turn around and see it to be Naksh.
Naksh:Mumma what did you think that she married and have kids so she will become mature.Impossible.
Naira:Ya bhai for you everyone in the world is imperfect only leaving bhabhi na….
Naksh:Naira ki bachci.
Naira goes behind Naitik and hide.
Naira:Papa save me or I may again fall down.
Naitik:Naksh don’t do this.She might get hurt.
Naksh:Papa but…
Naitik(seriously):Don’t Naksh.
Naira sticks her tongue out at Naksh.
Naksh:See papa what she is doing?
Naira:What?What I am doing?And you only tell me papa what wrong did I tell?I mean before marriage for bhai mumma was the best but now after marriage…
All together:Bhabhi/Tara

Before marriage he used to spend most time with mumma and after marriage..
All together:Bhabhi/Tara.
Naira chuckles.Akshara and Naitik laugh while Naksh gets irritated.
Naksh(irritated):Papa not fare.Mumma you also.You both joined her na.
Naira(naughtily):Bhai don’t you know our mumma and papa always supports the truth.
She chuckles more and Naksh gets more irritated.
Naksh(irritated):Okay enough about me.But I think I’m not the only one who got married?There is someone else also here who got married.What about her?
Naira:Ya right mumma and papa also got married here and what about it (naughtily)they also are famous for their romance.
Naitik and Akshara(together):Naira….
Naira:What?Everyone knows about your romance na.And in your matter I can’t say no need to hide it also as you both never hide it.Right papa.
Naitik(scratches his head):Ya..
Both Akshara and Naksh look at him.
Akshara hits Naitik on his hand.
Naitik:I mean princess not good you should not say the truth in front of all na.
Naira laughs out aloud while Akshara gets irritated.
Akshara:Naitik what are you telling?You’re supporting her?
Naira:So what?You and bhai also became one team na.So why not me and papa?.
Naksh:Achcha enough about us.What about you?For you also your husband is best na…
Naira:Really?Maybe I never thought about it.
Naksh:Don’t lie Naira we all know you love him very much.And we toh at least use names for our wives (teases)but he always calls you jaan and all ha.
Naira(in a flow):So what papa also calls me princess and bro and bhabhi also calls me doll.
Naira realises what she said and gets upset but tries to cover it.But you know a child cannot hide anything from parents so Akshara and Naitik also notices it.
They are about to ask her when Karthik and Ishaan comes there along with Emi and Vitki.
Emi:Arrey you all are playing and laughing without us.
Vitki:Not fare.

Naira:Arrey who told you that?You also come here na.
They go to Naira and hug her.
Naira:Oh my babies.Did you get bore hearing your chachu’s faltu jokes and papa’s phone calls.
Karthik and Ishaan(together):Whaaattt?
Karthik:I received very few calls in the park and didn’t talk much also okay.
Ishaan:And I also told jokes but none of them were faltu.
Karthik and Ishaan(together):Right Emi and Vitki.
Emi and Vitki looks at them.
Naira:Emi Vitki mumma is right or both of them are right?
Emi and Vitki then looks at Naira.They come to Karthik and Ishaan.Karthik and Ishaan smiles thinking they won.
Emi and Vitki(together):Mumma is always right.
They go and hug Naira.Naira gives victory look to Ishaan and Karthik.
The Singhanias(Naksh,Naitik and Akshara) gets shocked seeing Emi and Vitki supporting Naira among both Karthik and Ishaan.
Ishaan:Cheaters you both.You were laughing so much hearing my jokes in the park.
Karthik:And you were only telling na that today I’m not talking much on phone and playing with you.
Emi & Vitki:Whatever but mumma is right.
Ishaan:Mumma ke chamcho.You both are real team changers.Sometimes before you were in our team and now went to your mumma’s team.
Emi & Vitki:When we went to your team?
Ishaan:Arrey when..
They raise their eyebrows asking when?
Karthik:Ishaan they were never in our team.At that time their mumma told to enjoy with us so they were enjoying and now their mumma told to blame so they are blaming.Whatever for them there mumma is always right.
Ishaan and Karthik shed fake tears.
Ishaan(fake tears):You’re right bhai.
Karthik(fake tears):Ya Ishaan hamari to koi value hi nahi hai.
Akshara,Naitik and Naksh laughs seeing their acting.
Akshara:He bhagwaan bechara mera damad.
Naksh:Ya pehle to Naira ke sath phasa hua hain aur ab khud ke bacche bhi support nahi kar rahe hai.Really feeling pity for both them.
Naitik:Really Akshara.In our case though Naksh always supported you but Naira supported me. But..
Karthik:But papa in my case both support their mother only.
Naira:Of course they will.As their mother is the best.Right Emi and Vitki.
Emi & Vikti:Right.
Karthik(makes angry face):Okay…
Emi and Vitki go to him and hug him.
Emi & Vitki:We love you also papa.You’re also good.
Ishaan:And me?
They go and hug Ishaan also.
Emi & Vitki:You also chachu.But..
Karthik & Ishaan(together):But not more than mumma.
They all laugh while Naira gives proud smile.They spend some time together and leaves to their respective homes.

The scene shifts to Karan and Naina’s home(I will call it Kapoor Mansion).
Karan,Naina and Sanaya reaches home.Karan and Naina had already picked Sanaya from her friend’s home.
Naina:So you enjoyed at your friend’s home Sanaya.
Sanaya:Yes mom I had so much fun.And papa don’t forget to tell me story after dinner okay.
Karan(touches her head lovingly):Do I ever forget?
Sanaya:No ..Never.(hugs him):You’re the best papa.
Naina:Achcha and me..
She goes and hugs her.
Sanaya:You too mumma..Btw mumma today you met ch…
Naina signs her before she could complete to net tel about meeting Naira.
Karan:Complete it beta.Whom are you talking about?
Sanaya:Ch..Chanchal.I was asking about chanchal my friend.You know na.
Karan:Maybe I don’t remember all your friends name.What about her?
Sanaya:What about her?Woh…Ya I told mom to…meet…her mother..Yes meet her mother.
Sanaa looks at Karan who is still unsatisfied.
Sanaya:Because…because..mom will tell you.I’m going.I’ve to do homework also.
She goes or rather escape from there.
Karan:What was she talking about?
Naina:Leave it na Karan.Btw Karan best papa ha.
Karan:Anything Naina.She just said casually.
Naina:But she meant it.I told you no you’ll be the best father.
Karan(holds her hands):Its all because of you Naina.Then leave behind good father and husband I wouldn’t have been father only.
Naina:Ya I know.But you..how you proposed me and that too because of the planning.
Karan(shocked):You still remember it?
Naina:Why?Did you forget?
Karan:How can I forget?

Recap:Karan proposes Naina.Their marriage talks.

Guys from tomorrow I was thinking about giving only flashback sequence.I’ve 2 options.I can show till Karan Naira’s marriage in which thee is blossoming Kaira love story also or I can show till Karthik proposing Naira and then some present then again continuous flashback.I think the second one to be better personally.But you guys vote which one in your opinion is more okay.I will take the one which gets maximum votes.

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