YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 42)


Guys how did you like the new characters.And one more thing guys there is a secret of Gayu which you’ll come to know slowly and also there is a reason for Karan’s behaviour towards Naira.Please comment guys.I’m getting less comments.Silent readers please comment.

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The episode starts with Naira getting shocked seeing Ishaan’s gift.It is a photo frame having collage of Karan and Naira’s photos of their best moments and raksha bandhan.Naira gets happy and emotional seeing them.
She looks at Ishaan with tears in eyes and mixed emotions of happiness and shock.
Naira:Ishaan this….
Ishaan:I know moti you might be thinking how come I gave this photo frame to you which has Karan in it.Actually its kind of apology for today morning incident.I should not have told you like that knowing how much you love him.
Naira:Its okay Ishaan.Why are you saying sorry?I should say sorry na.I shouted on you even after knowing about your worry for me and that too on raksha bandhan.I’m very sorry.(she holds her ears).
Ishaan removes her hand from her ears.
Ishaan:Its okay moti.But don’t think that I’ve given you this frame out of any feelings for Karan Kapoor.I just have hate for him.I’ve given you this because you love him and just for your happiness.So don’t think that…
Naira(smiles):Who told I’m thinking like that?If my brother is gifting me something then that’ll be out of love for me only na.And I know you’re very angry with him and your anger is justified also.But just like I’m not stopping you from hating him even you don’t stop me from loving my bro.You know na I can’t.(She has tears in her eyes).
Ishaan(wiping her tears):I know moti but I can’t promise to you because the cheap games that Karan Kapoor plays will surely raise my anger and then I can’t control myself but I’ll try.
Naira:Its okay Ishaan.Achcha I was talking to bhabhi today.
Ishaan gets happy hearing her name.
Ishaan(happy):Bhabhi how is she?She must be happy talking to you.You know sometimes before I also talked to her and she said she is in India and..
Naira:Bas bas Ishaan I know everything.Even I talked with her.
Ishaan:Ya how can I forget you two talk daily whenever you get time.
Naira:Ya Ishaan.My and bros relation might have gathered distance but it can’t effect my relation with bhabhi.And she also told she’ll meet me.
Ishaan:Really.When and where?
Naira:She told that she’ll call me and tell when and where to meet?So will you…
Ishaan:Have you told bhai?
Naira:No.I didn’t get the chance.I’ll as soon as I reach home.I’ll ask him also.What about you?
Ishaan is about to tell something when Akshara calls them.
Akshara:Naira Ishaan what you’re doing there alone?Come join us.
Ishaan:I think we should go.This neither the right place nor the right time to about it.We’ll talk at home.
Naira:You’re right Ishaan lets go.
They come and join everyone.
Mishti:Di what were you talking to this defect ki dukaan.
Naira giggles.
Ishaan(argues):Actually mannerless she was not talking she was praising me for the gift.
Mishti:Oh ya the gift.Btw what was that?Di you know your lovely brother-in-law,this defect ki dukaan,asked me for help but didn’t even show me the gift which he have bought.I just saw some frame and packed it alone only.
Ishaan:Ishaan Malhotra does not need anyone’s help.
Mishti:Oh really.You forgot you were the one who asked for help and also if I did not give you packing materials,scissors etc. then how come you would have packed so nicely.
Ishaan:So yourself are agreeing that you helped me then why you are complaining?(teasing)Is it that you love to quarrel with me.
Ishaan(widening his eyes):Really…
Mishti(realises what she said): No..I mean no.I just said it..
Ishaan:You girls are so confusing.When you’ve to say yes you say no and when you’ve to say no you say yes.
Naira:Arrey now stop fighting both of you.(teasing)You both are fighting like husband wife.Chachi I think that they’ve taken the marriage talk seriously that we will get them both married.
Everyone laughs .
Karishma(smiling and seeing Ishaan):Ya I think so.
Karishma(in mind):If come to think of it Ishaan is a nice boy and from a well to do family.What well to do,he’s the brother of Karthik Malhotra one of the richest and entrepreneurs in the whole world and on top of it he’s Naira’s brother in law.If Mishti marries him then I don’t have to take any tension about her or her bonding with her in laws as Naira will be her in law.I should talk to Naira about it as soon as possible before she selects any other girl for Ishaan.
Naira shakes Karishma.
Naira:Chachi what are you thinking.About their marriage?
Mishti throws a pillow at Naira.
Mishti:Didi kuch bhi.I’ll remain unmarried whole my life instead of marrying this defect ki dukaan.
Naira(winks at Ishaan):Who knows it might happen that your instead of changes into for.
Mishti:Didi it will never happen.
Naira(looks at Ishaan):Only time will tell.
Mishti(to Karthik):See na jiju.Didi is teasing me.I tied you raakhi today na.So help me na please.Tell your wife something.
Karthik:Naira you should not…
Naira turns to Karthi and looks at him dangerously.
Naira(looking dangerously at him):Yes you were saying something.
Karthik gets afraid and gulps in fear.
Mishti(shakes Karthik):Jiju what happened say something na?
Karthik:Wo wo I was telling Mishti that if your didi is telling something she’ll tell after thinking.She’s very intelligent and wise.Right Jaan.
Mishti:Jiju what happened to you?Why are you supporting her?
Ishaan laughs and comes and sits beside Naira.
Ishaan:Today I’m in my sister’s team.And mannerless I can understand your feelings because I also go through the same thing which you’re facing today.
Mishti:What do you mean?
Ishaan:What did you think?Bhai will support you against moti.I know you thought him to be tiger no.Actually he’s tiger no no he’s royal bengal tiger but just outside but in home and especially in front of moti he is no more than a domestic cat who can only do mew mew.Right bhai.
Mishti:What rubbish?Jiju show them that tiger is tiger everywhere.
Karthik:Mishti you should not say like this.
Ishaan(teasing them):Mew mew mew.
Mishti(gets angry):Jiju what is this?Show some courage na.Prove you’re my brother.
Karthik:Mishti you know courage should always be shown at the right place and right time.Showing courage anywhere is like doing suicide.Its like saying aa bail much maar.
Ishaan:Naira see he is calling you bull.
Karthik gives horrified look to Ishaan.
Naira(angry):What?You called me bull.
Karthik(afraid):No no jaan.I was just telling muhavra to make Mishti understand.
Ishaan:But the muhavra was for you only na.
Naira(angry):You come home.I’ll see you there.
Ishaan:Today bhai is gone.
Karthik:Kya baat hain.Aaaj bhabhi devar mein badi ban rahi hain.Really nice.I should record this scene to show you guys in future.
Ishaan:Yes of course if today you’ll remain alive after going home then you can of course show us.But don’t think today she’ll leave you alive.
Karthik:Ishaan ke bachche.
He comes to Ishaan but Naira stops.
Naira:Not today karthik.Today is Raksha bandhan so I and Ishaan are in one team.Going against him today will be going against me.
Karthik(childishly):Oh really..So who is going against you.I was toh just coming here to sit i your team.
Everyone laugh seeing Karthik’s condition.
Naksh:Bechara Karthik.I can understand you Karthik.Only marriage creates so much problem for men and you toh married this mad sister of mine.
Karthik about to agree with Naksh but looks at Naira’s angry face and stays quiet.
Ishaan(laughs):Naksh bhai today he’ll not utter any single word against moti.He knows that he is already in danger zone.
Everyone laugh hearing them.They spend quality time with each other.Then they’ve lunch and leave to their respective houses.

The scene shifts to night at MM.
Naira and Karthik are sitting in Ishaan’s room and Emi and Vitki have went to sleep.Ishaan comes there.
Ishaan:Waise moti you didn’t tell bhai even though recalled you bull?It is very unfair.
Naira:Thanks for reminding me Ishaan.I completely forgot.
Saying this he winks at Karthik and goes.
Karthik:What is that?Ishaan also keeps calling you moti all the time but you do not say him anything then why me.
Naira:So you accept that you called me bull intentionally.I thought that you only called me jaan.
Karthik:Of course I call you only jaan.And I didn’t call you bull.I was just saying the muhavra but this Ishaan he dragged it to somewhere else and Kanpur from Kan.
Naira looks at him angrily while Karthik acts afraid.
Naira then starts laughing vigorously.
Naira(laughing):Hahaha..Karthik I didn’t know you’re so afraid of me.Oh my god..How afraid you were looking.
Karthik just smiles at her cuteness and adores her.
Naira sees him staring her smiling.
Naira:What happened?Sometimes before you were so afraid.
Karthik pulls her closer to him.
Karthik:I’m happy to see you happy.
Naira:Oh.So why were you afraid?
Karthik:I was afraid seeing you angry.I thought that if you stop talking to me then.
Naira:Oh so my hubby can’t spend even a minute without me.So sweet(pulls his cheeks).
Karthik(naughtily):Ya what to do my wife is so tempting.(winks at her).
Naira(hits on his head playfully):Mad…
She turns to leave but Karthik twists her and hugs her from back keeping his chin on her shoulder.
Karthik(whispers in her ears):Ya I’m mad but for you.
Naira smiles hearing him and they stay in that position for sometime while Karthik starts giving feathery kisses to Naira.Just then Naira’s phone rings.She gets a message.
Naira gets happy seeing it.
Karthik:What is the message jaan that brought such a bright smile on your face.
Naira:Wo Karthik I forgot to tell you.Today I was talking with Naina bhabhi.
Karthik:Ya I know.
Naira:How do you know?
Karthik:When you excused yourself in SM you went to talk with her only na.I got know seeing your bright smile and happy face after you came talking to her.Achcha what she said.
Naira:She said about meeting me.And now only she messaged me to meet at a coffee shop tomorrow.
Karthik(happy):Really.Its very good.Even I will go with you.
Naira(happy):Really its very nice even Ishaan will go.Bhabhi will be very happy.
Karthik(cups her face):I know.And you know your bhabhi is very good.She trusted you more than her husband.She even stood against him for you.She really loves you very much.
Naira:Ya I know.Even I love her very much.And bhai also loves her…
She looks at Karthik thinking he’ll be angry.But Karthik instead smiles.
Karthik(smiles):Don’t worry I’m not angry.Whatever Mr.Karan Kapoor may have done there is no denying the fact that he loves bhabhi very much.That’s why I get confidence that I can send you to meet bhabhi as I know that however low Karan Kapoor falls he will never use his wife for plotting.
Naira hugs him.
Naira:You know I’m very lucky to get a husband like you.I love you so much Karthik.
Karthik: i love you too jaan.
They stand there hugging each other for some time and then sleeps in each others embrace.

Recap:Same as yesterday.

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