YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 41)


Hey guys I’m back with the next episode and guys I’ve chosen Barun Sobti to play Karan’s role in my ff.Other characters will also be in introduced and I’ve also planned a twist about gayu but when truth comes out you’ll see all the twists are interrelated.Enough.Now if I reveal anything more no more suspense will be there.And by the way you might have understood the relations between big b,Naira,Karthik,Karan and Ishaan.And if you’ve not I’ll just give their intro for your convenience and I’ll add another character.

Karan Kapoor(age 30 yrs):Owner of Kapoor group of industries.Brother of Tanu and orphan.Loves his wife very much.Loves Naira more than her real sister and considers her his daughter.Calls her doll.Knows about Naira’s past with Singhanias.Due to some reason he is seen plotting against her.

Naina Kapoor(age 27 yrs):Wife of Karan Kapoor.Loves Karan more than her life.The loving bhabhi of Tanu and Naira.Knows everything about Naira’s past with Singhanias.Loves her like her own sister and always tries to protect her.She too calls her doll.Knows her husband’s reason of plotting against Naira tries to stop him but with no effect.Feels a strong connection with Naira since knowing her past but does not know the reason.Has a mysterious past.

Tanu Malhotra(known as Tanu.Assumed dead.):A doctor by profession.Wife of Rishab Malhotra.Loves him very much.Sister of Karan Kapoor.Loves her bhai and bhabhi very much.Loves Naira more than anything and can do anything for her.Knows Naira’s past.

Rishab Malhotra(known as Rishi.Assumed dead.):A doctor by profession.Husband of Tanu.Loves her very much.Elder brother of Karthik and Ishaan.They call him Big B.After his parent’s dead he became parent for both Ishaan and Karthik.Love both of them very much.Knew about Karthik’s love for Naira from beginning and supported him.Shares a great bond with Naira.Does not know anything about Naira’s past like Ishaan.

Guys assume Tanu and Rishi from Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki(i.e.Kritika and Sharad).And assume Naina as any actor till I give the actress playing her as I can’t for the time being for a reason.And as you got to know from yesterday’s episode that something happened with Tanu and Rishi and Karan blamed Naira and Karthik for it.And another thing guys Malhotra group of industries was always handled by Karthik as Rishab was a doctor.Therefore, all success of the company was due to him only.Later Ishaan joined to help him.

Done with the intro.Now lets start the episode.

Link for previous episode:http://www.tellyupdates.com/yrkkh-ff-new-beginnings-episode-40-part-2/

episode 41
The episode starts with Naira and Malhotras reaching SM.They go inside SM.
As soon as Naira enters flowers start showering on her.Naira gets very happy.
Everyone come there.
Naira(happy):What is all this?
Naksh:This is only starting sister.Aage aage dekho hota hai kya.
Naira:Bhai you did all this.
Naksh nods in yes.
Naksh:But I was not alone everyone helped me and we have more surprises to come.
Naira:Achcha what are they?
Naksh:You’ll come to know slowly.But first tie me raakhi.
Mishti:Yes and I’ll also tie raakhi to bhai and jiju also.
Ishaan sees Mishti and goes to her.
Ishaan:Hi mannerless.
Mishti:Bye defect ki dukaan.
She is about to gout Ishaan holds her hand and stops her.
Mishti(angry):What are you doing?
Ishaan:Just trying to stop you.And don’t get any bad meanings.You’re mannerless not I.
Mishti:So why the hell did you stop me?
Ishaan:I need your help.
Mishti:Oh really and who told you that I’ll help you.
Ishaan:But your di told that you like to “help” others.And also I’m doing this for your didi only.
Mishti:Ya.I like it.Now you’re using my weak point by mentioning didi also.
Ishaan:So would you like to help me or I’ll ask someone else.
Mishti(slowly):Okay.(She does not want to be with Ishaan for a sec but help is her weak point and also it is for Naira.She can’t refuse so she agreed).
Ishaan:Did anyone hear anything?I don’t think I did.
Mishti(shouts in his ears):YYYEESSS…….
Ishaan(shuts her mouth with his hand):Oh mannerless.Will you really make me deaf or what?
Mishti struggles to free herself.
Ishaan leaves her.
Ishaan:If you do like this again then…
Mishti:Then what?You’re threatening me?
Ishaan:Ya.And take it as threat.If you do this again then I’ll…
Mishti:I’ll what?
Ishaan:Simple.I’ll not take your help.
Mishti gives wth look to Ishaan.
Mishti:You’re telling me as if you’re doing favour on me by taking my help.
Ishaan:Yes of course I’m doing favour on you by taking your help.Because no one in this house ask your help by themselves because without asking only you do all satyanash of work in name of help and if they ask what will you do?But I myself asked you to help me.As you’re not that bad.
Mishti:You’re praising me or insulting me.
Ishaan:Just telling the truth.
Mishti:You finish your telling then call me.I’m going for now.
Ishaan again stops her holding her hand.Mishti looks at him angrily.He leaves her hand.
Mishti:You’ve habit of holding girl’s hand or what?Didi was right.You’re big flirt.
Ishaan:Oh so you think I’m flirting with you.I’ll die before doing that.
Mishti:Don’t worry if you try to do na I myself will kill you.
Ishaan:Okay but then you won’t be able to help me.
Mishti:You don’t try to flirt with me then I’m also very good.
Mishti:You want my help or not.
Ishaan:Ya ya.You’ve internet and gift packing materials with you.
Mishti:Yes I’ve in my room.
Ishaan:Okay then lets go to your room.
Ishaan:Oh hello don’t get any ideas.I just need internet and gift packing materials and I want to give surprise to moti that’s why going in your room okay.
Mishti:I’m not thinking anything like that defect ki dukaan.I told no you’re defect ki dukaan therefore your defect wall brain will think like this only.I just asked you why you need it?
Ishaan:I’ll tell in your room.
Mishti:Okay.Lets go.
Ishaan goes with her.
Naira sees them going and gives thumbs up to Ishaan.
Bhabhimaa:Lets start the ritual.
Akshara:Yes bhabhimaa.Naira beta come.Mishti…
She looks around for Mishti.
Akshara:Now where is Mishti?
Karishma:Don’t know bhabhi.Sometimes before she was here.Now where did she go?
Naira(murmurs):With your would be son-in-law chachi.
Karishma:Naira what are you murmuring tell clearly na.
Naira:Wo chachi I saw her going to her room and Ishaan was also with her.Maybe she is asking Ishaan about Karthik.Today she’ll tie him raakhi also na.
Akshara:Achcha.Then call her na.We’ll start.
Naira:Arrey mumma what’s the hurry.And.. yes.Let Tara bhabhi also come.Then we can start.
Akshara:Ya Naira.You’re right.Lets wait for Tara.
Naira:Okay you all talk.I’ve to make an important call.I’ll just come.

Naira comes to side.She calls someone.The person picks up the call.She gets emotional hearing the voice.The person on the phone also get emotional.
Person(emotional):How are you doll?
Naira(emotional):I’m fine bhabhi.How are you and…(Guys the person is none other than Naina).
Naina:What could happen to him as he got a sister like you.After so much happened still you sent him raakhi.
Naira:Bhabhi I still consider him my bro.He might be angry with is doll but that does not mean that I’ll forget my bhai.
Naina:But you also know Naira that what he is doing and what he has done to you is not right.
Naira:It okay bhabhi.Just can you make him wear the raakhi by some means.And I’ve also sent a raksha dhaaga for him.
Naina:Don’t worry doll.I’ll do something and make him wear it.
Naira:Bhabhi wo..I’ve raksha dhaaga for you also but..
Naina:I know you want to tie me with your hand na.Don’t worry I’ll do something and let you know where to meet.I too want to meet my doll.
Naira:Thank you bhabhi.
Naira:kay no sorry no thank you.
Naina:Good.Okay doll I’ll hang up now.And I’ll let you know when and where to meet.
Naira:Okay bhabhi.Bye.Love you.
Naina:Love you too doll.
Naira cuts the phone and wipes the tears which has come out after talking to Naina.

She comes to the hall.By the time Tara also came.
Naira comes and hugs.
Naira:We were waiting for you only bhabhi.
Tara:Thank you Naira for waiting for me.Now lets start.
Akshara:Ya..I’ll just..
Naira:I’ll go and call Mishti and Ishaan.
She goes to Mishti’s room and sees the door locked.She knocks the door.
Naira:Mishti Ishaan come out.Everyone is waiting for you for raakhi.
Mishti comes outIshaan also comes out and they quickly lock the door.
Naira:Arrey what you both were doing inside closing the door.
Mishti:Nothing di.Achcha I’ll go.Everyone is waiting for me.
She goes from there.
Ishaan:Ya we should also go moti.
Ishaan also begins to go but Naira stops him.
Naira:1 minute devar ji.First tell me what you both were doing closing the door.
Ishaan:We were romancing.Happy.
Naira:I know you can’t do now as you don’t have the guts to.And even if courage comes in you then also before you can do anything…
Ishaan:Your sister will kill me.Then why you are asking moti?
Naira:Ishaan I did not ask whether you were romancing with my sister or not.I asked what were you doing?
Just then Akshara calls them.
Akshara:Naira Ishaan come down fast.
Ishaan(sighs in relief):Arrey see now aunty also called you.Now lets go na please.
Naira:I’m going now but I’ll surely find out about it later.
She goes.
Ishaan:After you tie raakhi.I myself will tell you about it.
They come to the hall and start raakhi.
First Naira comes and ties raakhi to Naksh.She feeds him sweet.Naksh also feeds her sweet.Both of them get emotional celebrating raksha bnadhan after so many years.
Mishti:Arrey you both stop being emotional.I’ll also have to tie raakhi na.
They smile and Mishti ties to first Naksh and then to Karthik.
Mishti:Okay guys now time for our gifts.First bhaiyo you will give.
Naksh takes out a packet from his phone and give it to Mishti.
Mishti opens it and gets very happy.Its new iPhone 6s+.
Mishti happily hugs Naksh.
Mishti:Thank you so much bhaiyo.How did you know that I wanted it?
Naksh:I heard you talking with your friend so I thought to buy it for you.
Naira remembers the raksha bandhan with Karan and Karan giving her iPhone and gets emotional.Karthik holds her hand and signs her.Mishti sees them.
Mishti:Oh ho jiju.At least leave my Naira didi here.Or are you thinking to gift me with another bhanja or bhanji or both?
Everyone starts laughing.
Naira pulls Mishti’s ears.
Mishti:Ah didi its hurting leave me na please I’m sorry.
Naira leaves her.
Mishti:But tell ma di it can happen na.And Emi and Vitki you only tell me you also want another brother or sister na.
Emi:Yes mumma we want bring us one.
Vitki:Yes mumma bring us now.
Naira:Emi Vitki I’ll buy you two baby dolls from super market.You play with them okay.
Emi & Vitki:But we want real.
Naira:Ya Mishti I was also thinking.Even Emi and Vitki want brother or sister so..
Mishti:Didi you too.
Naira:So why don’t you bring us one.
Mishti:Didi,kuch bhi ha.
Naira:Arrey what such bhi.Karishma chachi you only tell me Mishti should marry now na.
Karishma:You’re right Naira.Even I’m searching boys for him but not getting anyone.
Naira:Don’t worry chachi I also know many good boys.I’ll search for Mishti.Many Ishaan’s & Karthik’s friends are there.
Ishaan coughs hearing her.
Naira(mocking Ishaan):What happened Ishaan?Caught cough suddenly or what?
Ishaan:No actually I was thinking who will marry this mannerless?
Naira:Don’t worry if I don’t get anyone I’ll make you marry you sister.What do you think Karishma chachi.
Karishma:Actually it can be.
Mishti:Please I’ll die before marrying this defect ki dukaan.
Ishaan:Me too.
Naira:Literally Ishaan.
Naksh:Okay okay guys.Now time for my gift to Naira.
Naira:Ya bhai give it.
Naksh:Take it.
Just then they hear an alarm sound.
Naksh:Get your gift.
Naira follows the sound while everyone follows her.
Naira reaches the place and gets shocked as well as happy to see it.
It contains a lot of chocolates for her.
She then turns to Naksh but just then hear another alarm sound.
Naksh:Keep following.
Naira follows the sound and sees beautiful dresses and sarees kept for her.
Naira is now going to hug Naksh but she again hear alarm sound.
Naksh:Lat but not the least.
Naira follows the sound and reaches another place where another big projector has been set up.
As soon as Naira reaches there lights turn off and the projector is switched on.
The projector shows Naira’s namkaran,her birthday celebration with Singhanias,the last rakshbandhan she had with them and then there was a scene after she left where everyone was telling about their feelings for Naira asking her to come back.
Naira becomes emotional seeing and goes and hugs Naksh.Naksh hugs her back.
Everyone become happy seeing then especially Ishaan and Karthik after morning incident.
Naira:I’m so happy bhai for what all you did and sorry for..
Naksh:For what?For leaving us?
Naira:No for forge…
Karthik:Arrey you all girls become so emotional.Its time to celebrate not to cry.I’m very happy for you too Naksh that after so many years you got your both sisters.
Naira:Achcha coming to sister.What about Gayu di?
Everyone get shocked listening Naira.
Naira:I mean I know she is not here.But she must have send raakhi na and also she did not call me also since I came.She knows about me or…
Akshara:Woh Naira Gayu…
Naksh:Gayu knows na,She knows everything.But she said when she comes here then she will talk to you.
Naira(feels something strange):Ok.Are you all hiding something?
Everyone gets tensed.
Naksh:You’ll never change 007.Karthik she does this jasoosi with you all also.
Ishaan:Arrey Naksh bhai every time.You know we also call her 007 sometime due to this.
Naksh:Now stop jasoosi and celebrate.
Ishaan:Moti come with me for a minute.
Naira:But what happened?
Ishaan;Just come na.
Naira:Okay lets go.
Ishaan takes Naira to a side and gives her a gift.Naira opens it and is shocked to see it.

Recap:Naira meets Naina.Singhanias reminisces Gayu.

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