YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 40 part 2)


Sorry guys.Actually I posted the episode yesterday night and went to sleep but telly updates didn’t post it.It is giving me much pain.So that was yesterday’s episode and now I’m posting today’s episode.I’m posting it on 22nd august don’t know when telly updates would post it.

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episode 40 part 2.
The episode starts with MM.
Ishaan:I still can’t believe that he thinks you are responsible for TANU’S & BIG B’S DEATH.How can he hold you both responsible?He knows how much you loved and still love Tanu.
Karthik:MR.KARAN KAPOOR has lost his thinking ability due to his hatred.Or else you only think na how can he hate Naira so much when he loved her the most.More than his real sister TANU.He used to….
Naira:Call me doll.He used to call me doll and also cared for me as if I really am a glass doll.His love for me was clearly visible.I still remember our first raakhi.

Naira is sitting sadly with a raakhi in her hand.She is 13yrs old.A boy of 15yrs old sees her and comes to her.He is Karan
Karan:What happened doll why are you sad?
Naira:Nothing bro I was just…
Karan:Are you missing your brother?
Naira nods with tears in her eyes.
Karan(cups her face):I know I can’t take his place.But I’m also your brother.Won’t you tie me raakhi?
Naira gets happy.
Naira(excited):Really I can tie you?
Karan:What question is this doll?You call me bro that means I’m your brother then why you’ll not tie me raakhi?
Naira gets happy and ties raakhi to him.She does his aarti and then makes him eat sweet and he also makes her eat sweet.
At that time another girl comes there.She gets happy seeing Naira happy but thinks to act angry.
Girl(fake anger):Cheater you both.Started raakhi celebration without me?
Both of them turn toward her.
Karan:TANUUUU.Nothing like that.
Naira:Yes Tanu you also come and tie raakhi to bro na.
Tanu:Achcha first you tied raakhi,finished everything and then telling me.
She keeps angry face.
Naira goes to her and holds her ears.
Naira:Sorry na Tanu.Forgive your sissy this time please.
She keeps puppy face.Tanu and Kara laugh seeing her.
Tanu(holding her stomach and laughing):Stop it sissy.Don’t make that face else I and bhai will explode due to laughing.
Karan:Okay now tie me raakhi.
Tanu comes and ties raakhi to Karan,does aarti and makes him eat sweet.
Naira & Tanu(together):Our gifts..
Karan takes out two beautiful and fashionable handbags of Christian Dior company.(Girls might know that they are one of the costliest and most fashionable handbag company in the world.One of my personal favourite).
Naira and Tanu gets very happy seeing the bags.They both hug Karan.
Both:Thank you bro/bhai.We love you.
Karan:I love you too.
Tanu goes from there to drink water.
Naira is about to go when Karan stops her.
Karan:I have another gift for you doll.
Naira:What bro?
Karan handover her a packet.
Naira opens it and is elated to see it.
It is the latest iPhone model.(I don’t know guys what was the latest model 10yrs before.Lol.)
Naira happily hugs him.
Naira:Thank you so much bhai.But how did you know I wanted it?
Karan:I heard you talking to Tanu about it.She even told you to buy it but you refused then so I thought I’ll only buy for you.
Naira:You’re the best bro in the world.
She kisses on his cheeks.(Guys don’t get bad meaning.Brother sister you see).
Karan:And you’re the best sister in the world.
Tanu:And what about me?
They turn around and see Tanu standing looking dangerously at them.They both get afraid and gulp in fear.
Tanu starts laughing vigorously seeing them.
Tanu(laughing):Hahahahaha….Look at your faces guys.Hahahahaha.You’re so afraid of me.Oh god I’ll die today laughing.
Naira & Karan together(shout):TANU.
Naira comes to her and hugs her.
Naira:How can you say about dying.How many times we’ll have to tell you that never say such things even in joke but you…
Tanu:Naira wo…
Karan:She is right.Never say such things.
They both get on angry mode.
Tanu(to lighten the situation):Arrey you both are very ajeeb.A moment before you were afraid of me and now scolding me.Very bad.
Karan:Wo actually we thought.
Tanu:What you both thought that I’ll get jealous seeing you giving iPhone to only sissy.I know bhai you love her more than me but you also know na I also love her more than everything.Then how come I get jealous.
Naira gets teary eyed.She hugs them both tightly.
Naira:And I love you both more than anything.You both are my everything my family.
They all smile hugging each other.
Flashback ends.

Naira:When that day Tanu talked about her death I never knew that one day God will play such a game with us and snatch my Tanu from me.Not only God snatched my Tanu he also snatched my bro from me.He hates me Karthik.He hates his doll.(Naira sobs).
Karthik:Naira even Tanu will not forgive him for blaming you for her death.I wish he could see the truth.
Naira:And what about you Karthik?You too are blamed for your brother,my jiju’s death na.
Karthik:Leave all this Naira.I don’t want to recall it.I’m not angry on him for not trusting me because I was not the person he loved the most you were the one.If he could not trust you.How come he trust me?
Naira:But Karthik whatever maybe.I still consider him my brother.So…
Karthik:Don’t tell me like every year you’re going to send him raakhi this year also.
Ishaan:Are you mad moti.I know that you are but this is too much.You’re sending raakhi to one to protect you who is the one and only problem in your life.How will he protect you when he himself is the harm?
Naira(angry):I don’t want to listen anything.I’m sending means I’m sending.She leaves to her room.
Karthik comes to Ishaan.
Karthik:Don’t feel bad Ishaan.You know na how much she loves him.
Ishaan:You also know that I’ll never feel bad due to her.I also understand her.I’m feeling bad for her and I’m also feeling pity on that Karan Kapoor who could not understand our Naira and lost this much love.
Karthik:You’re right Ishaan.
Ishaan:Bhai you got to her.She needs you.Don’t let her break.
Karthik:I’ll not Ishaan.I’ll never let her break.
Karthik goes from there to the room.

The scene shifts to SM.
Naksh come to the hall where everyone is busy in works of Rakshabandhan.Even Mishti is there.
Naksh comes there.
Naksh:Attention everybody.
Everyone look at him.
Naksh:After so many years my sister will tie me raakhi therefore I thought of making this raakhi special.
Mishti:Really bhaiyo then tell what plan you have.
Naksh:Okay I’ll tell.He tells the plan.
Bhabhimaa:Lalla its very good idea.
Mishti:Super idea bhaiyo.
Naitik:Naira will get very happy.
Everyone likes Naksh’s idea.
Naksh:So everyone understood no what you need to do?
Everyone nods in yes.

The scene shifts to Kaira’s room.
Naira sitting in her room and thinking about Karan Tanu.
Flashback shows their love
Their bonding.
Their masti and trust for each other.
Then it shows Karan slapping Naira.
Then the recent happenings are shown.
Naira cries.
Karthik comes there and sees her.He also cries seeing her.He goes to her and hug her tightly and kisses on her forehead.
Karthik(wiping her tears):No Jaan please don’t cry.Achcha okay if you want to send him raakhi.Send him.I’m sorry on Ishaan’s behalf.
Naira:No Karthik.There is no need for you or him to be sorry.What he said is true.I know that but….
Karthik(cups her face):I understand Naira.But you’ve to be strong.If Emi and Vitki sees you like this how will they feel?And also Tanu is seeing you from above.She is feeling very sad by seeing you like this.Please don’t…
Before he can say anything else Naira hugs him tightly.
Karthik can feel his t-shirt getting wet but he does not stop Naira but let her cry.After sometime Naira stops and wipes her tears.
Karthik looks at her lovingly and with care.
Naira:I know Karthik you love me very much.And I also know though you don’t say anything that you too feel bad when you’re accused of jiju’s death.You also miss him very much na.
Karthik(trying to control):Its nothing like that Naira.I’m okay.
Naira rests her head on his shoulder and holds his hand.
Naira:I know you’re not.From 4 yrs you’re controlling yourself and pretending in front of me so that I don’t get hurt further.But what did you thought I never understood.I very well knew how much it hurts you but never said anything.
Karthik cups her face.
Karthik:Its okay Naira.Still we’re with each other no power can break us.We’ll always be together then every problem will be simple.
Karthik smiles at Naira while Naira smiles back at him.
Karthik:Chalo now wipe your tears or your family wii file domestic violence case against me.
Karthik:Arrey if you go in this way they will think that I’ve beaten you and then file domestic violence case against me.
Naira:Kuch bhi.They know you very well.They can never think.
Karthik:Oh so you want to go there like bhutni.Okay if you want so.
Naira:I did not tell that.I’ll just wash my face and come okay.
Karthik:Okay Jaan.
Naira was about to go when Karthik holds her hand.Naira turns around.
Karthik kisses her forehead.
Karthik:I love you jaan.
Naira:I love you too Karthik.
Naira goes to washroom.

Recap:Raakhi celebration in SM.Naira asks about Gayu.

Guys I thought to complete raakhi in this part only but it was long and I didn’t want to cut short raakhi in SM.So will upload it in next part.

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