YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 40 part 1)


Recap:Raksha bandhan special.Major revelations and suspense.

So guys I’m back with the next episode and I’ll reveal about the mystery man today but suspense still remains.So just wait and watch guys.

Link for previous episode:Episode 39

episode 40 part 1
The episode starts in SM.
Everyone is busy preparing for raakhi as after so many years Naira will come and tie raakhi.
Meanwhile in Naksh-Tara’s room,Naksh is busy selecting clothes and gifts.
Naksh is taking out one kurta after another and throwing it on bed.Tara comes there and sees this.
Tara:Hey bhagwaan..What are you doing Naksh?You’ve created such a mess.
Naksh:Arrey Tara I’m not liking any of the kurta.None of them are that special.And Naira is coming to tie me raakhi but I haven’t decided what to wear till now.
Tara:But Naksh you have so many kurta wear one na.
Naksh:No Tara.Today is raksha bandhan.I want to look special.After so many years my sister is going to tie me raakhi.I need something special.
Akshara comes there with her hands behind her back.
Akshara:Arrey duggu room ka kya hal kiya hai?

Tara:Ma see na Naksh has taken out all his kurta but saying that he is not liking any of them.
Naksh:I’m saying na no one is that special.
Akshara:Okay see if this one looks special.
She shows her hands.She is holding a beautiful kurta in her hand.Naksh gets happy seeing it.
Naksh(happy):Wow mumma.Its very beautiful.Perfect.I love it.I’ll really look very special today.
Tara:Ya mumma Naksh is right.It is really very beautiful.
Akshara:Achcha…and what about this?
She shows her other hand.It contains a beautiful lehenga for Tara.
Tara:Wow maa its very beautiful.Thank you so much.
She gets teary eyed.
Akshara:Arrey Tara what happened?

Tara:I was wondering if my real mother was there then she would also have given me lehenga today.
Akshara(cups her):So what?I’m also your mum na.
Tara hugs her happily.
Akshara(releasing the hug):Now get ready and Naksh you also get ready and drop Tara to her maternal home.She’ll also have to tie raakhi na.
Tara:Its okay ma I can go after completing raakhi here.
Akshara:No need Tara beta.You first go there.Here raakhi celebration will start only after Naira comes and she will also take time as she has raakhi there also na.Till she reaches here you can complete raakhi and come.
Tara:Okay ma.
Tara goes to get ready.Akshara is about to go when Naksh stops her.
Akshara:Yes duggu.
Naksh:Woh mumma I need your help.Actually I want this raakhi to be very special especially for Naira so I want to plan something and need your help in that.
Akshara:Yes beta of course tell ma na.
Naksh:Wo maa I’ve thought to….
Naksh tells his plan to Akshara(plan is muted).

The scene shifts to MM.
Naira is seen busy preparing for rakshabandhan.She comes to the room and sees Karthik confused.
Naira:What happened?
Karthik:Arrey jaan tell me na which kurta I should wear.
Naira:Wear anyone no.We’ll look good in all of them.
Karthik pulls Naira close to him.
Karthik:Thanks for the compliment jaan.But please help me na.I want to look goo else what your family will think about me.
Naira pulls him away.
Naira:Dramebaaz.I think you got inspired by Ishaan.You’re acting that if my family don’t know you and you’re going to meet them to ask my hand for marriage.If you don’t impress them they’ll not let you marry me.

Karthik:I know they don’t stand any chance there because we’re already married and in bonus have two kids as well.But your sister is also going to tie me raakhi.What will she think that her brother-in-law don’t know how to look good also.
Naira:Okay baba.If I don’t select you’ll keep eating my head.So let me select.
Naira selects a kurta for Karthik.
Karthik(looks at it):Perfect.Just like you.That’s why I asked you to select.
Naira:Okay now go and get ready.Even I’ve to select lehengas and get ready.
Karthik:Actually you don’t need to do that as I’ve cut short your work.
Karthik shows her a beautiful which he had selected for her.
Naira takes it and likes it very much.
Karthik back hugs her.
Karthik:Did you like it my jaan?
Naira:I loved it Karthik.
She turns towards Karthik.

Karthik:But I love you.
Karthik hugs her.Naira reciprocates the hug.
Naira:I love you too..I love you two three four and infinity.
Saying this Naira kisses on his cheeks and Karthik kisses on her forehead.
Naira:Now let me go and get ready.
Karthik:Arrey but I’ve to get ready also.I’ve an idea.
Naira:I don’t want your any idea.I know very well what kind of ideas you give.There are many rooms here.Go in any of them and get ready while I’ll get ready here.I also have to make Emi and Vitki ready and btw have you brought raakhi gift for vitki.
Karthik:Ya of course.How can I forget?
Naira(teasing him):Asking or telling?
Karthik:Come on jaan.I’m not such big bhulakkar.
Karthik:Jaan you..
Sying this he begins to run behind Naira and Naira to begins to run.Naira runs and goes inside washroom and bolts the door while Karthik stands outside and scratches.
Karthik:Thsi girl really makes me crazy.
Naira(from inside):I heard you.
They both smile.
Soon both Naira and Karthik get ready and Naira makes Emi and Vitki ready and they come down.Ishaan also comes down.
Naira:First Vitki will tie raakhi to Emi then I’ll tie Ishaan.
She gives raakhi to Vitki.Vitki ties raakhi to Emi’s hand.Naira makes her do some puja and then Vitki makes Emi eat sweet and Emi makes Vitki eat sweet.
Vitki:My gift?
Naira signs Karthik.He brings the gift.She gives the gift to Emi.
Naira:Emi.Take this.Give the gift to your sister.
Emi gives the gift to Vitki.

Emi:Mumma I also have something to give Vitki.
Vitki:But you gave no.
Emi:Arrey this one toh papa brought for you.I’ll also give you something which I did by my own.
Vitki:Really?What you got?
Naira:Ya Emi show us what you brought for your sister.
Emi shows them.It is a beautiful drawing of Emi and Vitki(Guys beautiful for there age only actually you can call it cute drawing).
Naira:Wow Emi it is really very beautiful.
Ishaan:My bhatijaa is really very talented.
Emi:Did you like it Vitki.
Vitki:its very nice Emi.Thank you sooooo much.
She hugs her.
Everyone smile seeing their bonding.
Emi:Mumma now you’ll tie raakhi to chachu na.
Naira ties raakhi to Ishaan and makes him eat sweet.Ishaan also makes her eat sweet.
Naira:So Mr.Ishaan Malhotra today I want a special gift from you.
Ishaan:For today I’m gibing you full independence.Ask for anything you want.
Naira:Okay then you have to promise me something.
Ishaan:Okay I promise.

Karthik:Arrey Ishaan forest listen what she is going to tell.
Ishaan:Its okay bhai let her ask.Afterall it is rakshabandhan today.
Naira:Okay then promise me that you’ll always be like this.My best friend and brother.You can fight me and tease me as much you want but trust me.I don’t want to lose my another brother.
Naira gets teary eyed saying this.Ishaan understands the reason.He goes to her and hugs her.
Ishaan:Don’t worry moti.I’ll always trust you.I’m not like that so called..
Naira stops him showing Emi and Vitki.
Emi and Vikti asks Naira’s permission to go their roo and play till they have finished.Naira allows them and they go from there.
Naira:Ishaan control yourself.Don’t talk about him in front of Emi and Vitki at least.
Ishaan:I can’t Naira.I just can’t.And I know even bhai can’t.
Naira:Don’t hate him so much Ishaan.He is not at fault.
Now Karthik became very angry.
Karthik clutches Naira’s hand and turned her towards him.
Karthik:So much happened Jaan.Still you’re saying he is not at fault.Why?Tell me why?
Naira(shouts):BECAUSE HE IS MY BROTHER.HEARD.He is my brother.She breaks down and cries.

Karthik holds her and hugs her tightly.He feels very bad for her.Ishaan also feels very bad.
Karthik:Jaan why are you giving yourself pain like this?No matter how much you love him it will not change his hatred for you.
Ishaan:Yes Naira.Leave behind sister.He considers you as his enemy.He considers both of you enemy when you’re not even at fault.
Karthik:And Jaan how can you forget.He tried to kill you.And you…
Naira:You only tell me Karthik.If he wanted to kill me why he would have sent you the message to save me.
Ishaan:Oh really if bhai got even 1 sec late then he would have been succesful in his plan.
Naira:You forgot Ishaan.He knows all of us very well.He very well knows how much Karthik loves me.Therefore he was sure that no matter what, Karthik will surely save me.
Karthik:Enough jaan.Enough.No matter how much we try to show you the truth.You will never believe it.
Ishaan:Stop watching such dreams Naira which can never be true.It will only increase your pain.
Naira:How can I Ishaan?How can I?Even after knowing how much he hates me and what he thinks about ma I can’t stop myself from considering him my brother.You know na.Both of you know na.He was not only m brother he was like a god to me.My mother and father both.He loved me more than his real sister but…
Ishaan:But just due to one misunderstanding he hates you..I still can’t believe he thinks….

So guys what he thinks?
Who is the person whom Naira loves so much that even after getting repeated hatred she is going against Karthik to support him?
What might have happened due to which the person who loved her the most now hates her the most?

Recap:Second part of Raksha Bandhan.

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