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Hey guys I’m back with episode no 39.I hope you like it.

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episode 39
The episode starts with Emi and Vitki getting angry and going.Everyone smile seeing their cuteness.
Mishti:Di they are really so cute.But got angry.Now you’ll have to convince them.
Ishaan:Ya but how much time will it take,Moti will go to them, will do some childish acts,say sorry,hug them and they’ll forgive her.
Mishti:Oye defect ki dukaan can’t you keep your mouth shut for sometime.Why always behind di?
Ishaan:Oh Mannerless.You don’t know when two elders are talking youngers should not talk in between?You really are mannerless and ha I’ve the right to tease her.You don’t come in between.She is my best friend.
Mishti:She is my sister.
Ishaan:Oh really then tell me what does she like to eat in desert.
Mishti:Ahhhhhh.Wait.She likes cupcakes…..
Ishaan:Oh really moti from when did you like cupcake so much.
Naira:Mishti wo..the thing is that…I don’t like cupcake that much.
Naira:Wo I like…
Ishaan & Karthik(together):Cheesecake..
Naitik:Really princess..
Naira:Ya..They’re right.
Mishti:See even tau ji does not know about it.So…
Ishaan:So what we knew about it.Even Emi and Vitki know about it.
They start fighting.They’re pulling Naira to each other’s side.
Naira stops them.
Naira:If you both want to fight then fight but leave me.I’ve to go to Emi and Vitki.
Mishti:Arrey di but…
Akshara:No nothing let her go.
Naira:Waise bhi if I stay here anymore you’ll make my two parts by pulling me.
She goes from there to convince Emi and Vitki.Akshara follows her.
Naira comes to Emi and Vitki who have kept angry faces.Seeing this Naira turns them towards her and sits on her knees.
Naira:I’m very sorry kiddos.Mumma did very bad with you na.(Naira holds her ears)See I’m holding my ears also.Now please forgive me.
Emi:Mumma why you did not talk with us since you came?
Vitki:Yes mumma you didn’t even see us.We were about to come to you when…
Naira:I know.I did wrong.I’m very bad.Give me punishment but please forgive me na.
Emi & Vitki(smiles):Okay then we forgive you but you know the punishment.
Naira makes puppy face.Emi and Vitki laughs seeing her.
Naira:Ya my kiddos have only 1 punishment to give their mumma.Okay done.
They smile and Naira hugs Emi and Vitki and kisses them and they both kiss on her cheeks.
Akshara sees them and smiles at their bond.
Naira turns and sees Akshara.They with smile at each other.
Emi and Vitki hold Naira’s hand and go in the hall.Akshara also comes there.
Akshara:Btw what punishment they gave you?
Naira:Arrey mumma the same one that I cannot go away leaving them for 48hrs and even if I have to go I’ll take them with me.

Akshara(smiles):They really you very much.
Naira:I know mumma.
Mishti:So Emi and Vitki you come with me.
Naksh:No Emi and Vitki you come with us.Don’t go with her.
Mishti:Emi and Vitki you tell with whom you wanna go with.
Naksh:Yes tell.
Emi & Vitki looks confusingly at Naira.They then get an idea.
Emi:We’ll stay with both of you.
Naksh & Mishti:How?
Vitki:Arrey we’ll stay here with everyone and you both will also be here.So we’ll be with both of you only na.
Naira:Very intelligent.Just like me.
Everyone look at her and smile.
Naksh & Mishti:Its not fare.
Emi & Vitki:Everything is fair in love and war.
Vitki:And we have both love and war here so double fair.
Naksh and Mishti looks at them questioningly.
Emi:Arrey simple.You both are fighting with each other so war.And fighting because you both love us so love.
Naksh(smiles):Ya you both are right.
Mishti(pulls their cheeks):You both are too intelligent.
Naira:Aakhir bachche kiske hain.
Emi and Vitki(shouts):YOUR….
Naira:Ya I know.Told na.Intelligent like me.
Karthik:Its not fare.When they d something good then why every time your kids.
Naira:Its like that only Karthik.
Karthik:Why just like that?
Mishti:Ya di jiju is right.Why every time they become your kids?
Naira:Oye jiju ki chamchi.How come suddenly you came to your jiju’s side?
Karthik comes to Mishti.
Karthik:Because everyone is not like you.
Emi:Ya papa no one can be like mumma.
Vitki:Yes she is the best.
Naira(giving a victory smile to Karthik):Dekha…
Ishaan:Ya ya bhai.No one can be like moti.
Naira expects that Ishaan will again insult her but he…
Ishaan:She is the best in everything.Bhai you know you’re very lucky to get a wife like her.
Naira gets shocked.Even Karthik gets shocked.
Naira rubs her ear.
Akshara:What are you doing Naira?
Naira:Arrey don’t know mumma what is happening?You know I heard Ishaan praising me.Some problem with my ears I think.
Ishaan:Moti I really praised you.There is no problem.
Naira(in disbelief):Really you praised me.Ishaan praised me.Wow I didn’t know I watch dreams with open eyes.Can someone pinch me please.
Karthik comes there.
Karthik:You pinch me first.
They both pinch each other.

Naira and Karthik:Ouch..
Naira:It hurt.That means we’re not watching dream.They looked at Ishaan shocked.They immediately rush to Ishaan.Naira touches his forehead and checks temperature while Karthik sees his eyes and tongue.
Naira:Temperature is normal.No sign of fever.
Karthik:Ya eyes and tongue also okay.
Naira:I think some internal problem may occur.
Karthik:Ya ya I think you’re right.I’ll call the doctor.
Ishaan(irritated):Arrey what you both are doing?I’m completely fine.
Karthik:No my brother if you were fine you could not say such things.
Naira:Ya you can never praise me in right condition.Something must have happened.
Ishaan:Why you both making this a big issue?I did it just for a change.
Naira:Achcha you did not think for this change in 10yrs and suddenly it came in your mind.
Ishaan(joins his hand):Galti kardi meri maa.Forgive me.I’ll never praise you again.And btw thoughts come suddenly only.
Naira:Ya don’t praise me like this Ishaan else I’ll get heart attack.
Karthik:Me too.
Emi & Vitki:We too.

Everyone look at them.
Ishaan:Made for each other family.
Everyone burst out laughing seeing their childishness.
Akshara:You all are really very funny.
Ishaan:I think moti we should charge money from them.
Naira:First time you said something right idiot.
Naitik:Why princess?
Karthik:For showing this full time entertainment family drama papa.
Naitik feels happy and look at Karthik when he calls him papa.
Karthik realises and looks at him.
Karthik:I think I can call you..
Naitik:Arrey Karthik beta.There is nothing to ask in it.We already told you that we consider son-in-law as sons only.
Akshara:Ya and you’ll call us what Naira calls us.Okay.
Karthik(happily):Okay mumma.
Naira gets happy to see Karthik happy and getting parent’s love.She gets teary eyed.
Mishti:Ya and you can consider me your sister jiju.
Ishaan coughs before Karthik can answer.Naira understands it.
Naira:Of course Mishti.Actually tomorrow is raksha bandhan so I was thinking why don’t you to our tie raakhi to Karthik and Ishaan as well.
Ishaan looks at Naira with horrified face while Naira winks.
Ishaan(instantly):No way.

Everyone looks at him questioningly.
Ishaan:I mean woh..I’ll not tie raakhi from this mannerless girl.
Mishti:Oh and if I’m dying to tie you raakhi.Di this defect ki dukaan can’t protect himself only then what will he protect me.I’ll tie only to jiju.(to Ishaan)You stay raakhiless.
Ishaan:For your kind information I’ll get raakhi and by none other than your di only.
Mishti:What?Why di?
Ishaan:Oh mannerless.You don’t know she ties raakhi to me every year since 10yrs.
Naira:Ya and this time again I’ll tie three raakhis.
Akshara:Three raakhis?But how three?Ishaan and Naksh is two only na.
Karthik:Ya Naira mumma is right.He looks at her.You’ve only two brothers,i.e.Naksh and Ishaan.
Naira get teary eyed but controls herself.
Naira:Ya right bhai and Ishaan are my brothers.
Akshara:I think you got excited and miscounted.
Naira:Whatever.So tomorrow after completing raakhi in MM, I and Karthik will come here and then Mishti can tie raakhi to Karthik and I’ll tie to bhai.
They all make plans and then have dinner.Then Karthik and Naira bid everyone bye and goes to MM.

Recap:Raksha bandhan special.Major revelations and suspense.

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